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We can only imagine Rick Solomon's horror over the idea of Pamela Anderson nude in Playboy.

The former Paris Hilton sex tape partner and rumored new boyfriend of the Baywatch actress must be disgusted over the thought of Pam baring it all for the world to see... NOT!

Pam Anderson

This juicy piece of celebrity gossip isn't limited to Anderson. A source states that she and Denise Richards have been approached by Hugh Hefner's magazine about posing naked together for the January 2008 issue.

The price for doing so? A cool $1 million.

"Neither Pam nor Denise has committed yet, but they're seriously considering it," the insider said.

Will Denise Richards follow the lead of Kimberly Bell and get naked in Playboy soon? We'll let you know more when we do.

These two celebrities became friends last year in Canada when they shot the movie Blonde and Blonder.

They've each also disrobed for the publication before: Charlie Sheen's ex stripped down in the December 2004 issue, while Anderson has appeared nude a record 12 times in Playboy.

So you've got a long way to go, December cover girl, Kim Kardashian.

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Put the women and children to bed before reading about the latest court filings in the Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen divorce case.

The actress recently asked for full custody of the pair's daughters. On what basis? Well, according to documents Perez Hilton has posted...

Sheen, In Disguise

- Richards claims that Sheen still exhibits "inappropriate behavior… and conduct," including "his attraction to underage women and his sexual explicitness on the Internet, including revealing his private parts." In other words: look out, Hayden Panettiere.

- She alleges that her children don't enjoy their time with their father and don't want to spend the night at his house.

- What about Sheen's new fiancée, Brooke Mueller? Richards takes exception to the way the two handled their engagement, claiming the kids first heard of the father's plans to marry another woman via a TV interview. In the filing, Richards claims Sheen and Mueller told her they "did it for the press… he wanted to get the cover of People and Us magazine."

- The filing also includes a declaration from Richards' childcare provider, Diana Alvarez, she says she has witnessed Sheen hit the family dogs, while claiming the couple's daughter has told her Sheen has threatened to hit her.

Alvarez also alleges Sheen "yells… and routinely curses" in front of the children, and "completely ignores" the youngest daughter, Lola.

Which sounds fortunate for her. Better to be ignored than the victim of a Michael Vick-like attack.

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Brooke Mueller says Charlie Sheen is awesome.

Denise Richards does not share that sentiment.

Fight On Charlie!

The cease fire between Sheen and Richards, who endured a famously nasty divorce in 2006, is apparently off.

The two were recently photographed together enjoying family outings with their daughters, Sam, 3, and Lola, 2. However, according to the New York Post, the amicable days are done.

A friend close to Sheen, 41, tells the Post that, while the Two and a Half Men star is trying to haul Richards into L.A. Family Court to get looser visitation rights that won't require him to be supervised.

Denise Richards is opposed to the plan.

"She's doing everything she can to keep his visits supervised by her nanny, because her nanny spies for her," says the source.

Another Sheen pal denies reports that Richards recently went shopping with Brooke Mueller, Sheen's new 29-year-old socialite finacee.

"Denise set it up," says the friend. "Brooke did get a call from Denise saying, 'It's an emergency, come meet me now.' When Brooke met her, there were four paparazzi waiting to take their picture. After the pictures were done, Denise told Brooke, 'It's been taken care of.'"

Richards denies the sources' claims.

"This is disgusting," she told the Post's Page Six. "He is doing this now because he's not happy with me and the custody arrangement."

Richards also was quick to shoot down any celebrity gossip or rumors that she's withholding the couple's children from their father.

"My mom is going through chemotherapy and I asked Charlie if my mom could see the kids before she got really sick. That's a valid request. He doesn't stick to the schedule he has with the kids," Denise Richards said. "That's not my fault."

"I did ask both Charlie and Brooke to lunch to see the kids - he hadn't seen them in two weeks - but only Brooke took me up on it. The paparazzi were already following me, as they do every day, and they took a picture. That's that."

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Some celebrity gossip you just never see coming.

Like Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock calling it quits.

Denise and Daughters

Or Spencer Pratt coming up with some new PR scheme.

Similarly, Denise Richards and Richie Sambora have broken up, her rep says, and unlike in the case of her pal Pamela, it didn't take an appearance by Borat to kill the relationship.

Although they were no longer a couple at the time, last month they attended the funeral for Richie Sambora's father, who died of lung cancer on April 21 in his native New Jersey.

"Denise ended things but wanted to be there for him as a friend," a source close to Richards tells People.

A Sambora source calls the split "amicable."

"They did break up about a month prior to Richie's dad's death," says the source. "She came to the funeral to support him. He needs to focus on his daughter, Ava, and wishes Denise and her kids all the best."

Richards' mother has kidney cancer, and she told People in February she and the Bon Jovi guitarist were important in helping each other cope with their parents' illnesses.

Richards, 36, and Sambora, 47, began dating in April 2006 after splitting from their respective spouses.

Richards' four-year marriage to Charlie Sheen officially ended in November when she got pissed about his addictions to drugs and prostitutes.

Sambora and Heather Locklear finalized their own divorce in April. Since then, the former Melrose Place star has been linked to David Spade and Johnathan Schaech, whoever that is.

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Just as it appears Prince William is about to tie the knot, and Rupert Friend may finally suck it up and pop the question to Keira Knightley... another celebrity couple is finalizing its divorce.

Guzzling Tiger Blood

Yes, it's true. Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen are officially single.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Marjorie Steinberg has approved their dissolution of marriage, effective as of November 17.

The couple will share joint visitation rights of their two children, Sam, 2, and Lola, 1.

Sheen and Richards were married in a Catholic ceremony at the home of a Spin City producer on June 15, 2002 (Sheen starred on the popular show for two years after Michael J. Fox left).

It was Richards first and Sheen's second marriage. The couple met filming the movie Good Advice in 2001.

While their separation was ugly, the two have warmed a bit in recent months, with Sheen going as far as to say that he "digs" Denise's new man, Richie Sambora. Richards filed for divorce citing "irreconcilible differences" when she pregnant with their second child.

THG NOTE: "Irreconcilable differences" is code for "Charlie Sheen is really addicted to drugs and sex with prostitutes, and I need a restraining order."

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We don't even know where to begin with jokes involving blondes and/or breasts, so we'll just cut to the chase. The lovely Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson tease it out on the Vancouver, British Columbia, set of their forthcoming Dumb and Dumber-inspired buddy comedy, Blonde and Blonder.

Pam Anderson Cleavage

The only question remaining here: What would Charlie Sheen and Kid Rock think if they could see this? Probably that they'd want to hit that.

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Sometimes, the best thing for a dysfunctional family to do is hang out as if nothing ever went wrong. And for the cheating, drug-addicted, porn-loving, bastard of an ex-husband to bring along his new girlfriend. No -- actually this is not a post about Sara Evans, believe it or not.

Nice Hat, Charlie

With their divorce behind them, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards take the next step -- spending a day together with their daughters Sam, 2, and Lola, 1, in Los Angeles. Note that the actor's girlfriend, Brooke Mueller, joined in on the family outing. Hey, what are a few prostitutes between former spouses?

One wonders why Denise didn't bring along Richie Sambora for the heck of it -- this couldn't get much weirder.

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See, kids, this is how you work out a marital dispute. It may have taken Denise Richards a few weeks to figure it out, but restraining orders are rarely the answer.

Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards and Kids

Richards and ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, have come to an agreement that actually allows the Two and a Half Men star to come withint three football field of his former flame. The order of protection that had previously limited him to a distance of 300 yards has been terminated.

Isn't that sweet?

As the couple's divorce proceeding drags on, the pair will try to reach agreement on child custody, as well. There's little truth to the rumor that the troubled tyke would prefer to live with Britney Spears over either of these lunatics.

Finally, Richards and Sheen will try to hammer out a property settlement agreement. The only stumbling block? Who will receive the syndication money for Two and a Half Men. The other question on hand is:

Who decided to syndicate Two and a Half Men?

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Denise Richards will appear nude in the upcoming August issue of Jane magazine, but unlike her famous threesome scene in Wild Things, this is for a good cause.

The actress is bearing all to support the Clothes Off Our Back charitable foundation, which benefits various children's charities, such as UNICEF and Cure Autism Now, through online auctions of celebrity attire.

Photo of Denise Richards

"I am not quite sure what I will be wearing. I think I will be wearing clear balloons. Jane has done this before, so I think it will be a pretty issue," Denise told Entertainment Tonight.

With only three balloons blown up, Richards wasn't sure she would have a lot of coverage, but it turns out that her nudity was concealed in part by a blanket. Boo!

"I ate my face off this week," said Richards, admitting she made no special effort to prepare for the photo shoot.

"I was in Europe," she added.

Denise also didn't do any additional exercise, laughing as she says everything can be fixed by retouching. She does exercise on a regular basis, though, with Pilates and kickboxing among her favorite forms.

"I do exercise regularly. I love the way it makes me feel. It is my time to myself. I like to mix it up to shock the body. Trainers have told me your body gets used to it [if you do the same routine all the time]," she said.

The mother of two daughters, whose turbulent sex life and recent divorce from Charlie Sheen have been the center of tabloid frenzy, recently sold her home and is looking forward to a fresh start in life. After all she's been through, it would be nice if the media would just move on. Excuding us, of course. The Gossip is not going anywhere.

Clothes Off Our Back will decide which children's charity will be the recipient of this year's donations later this month.

Also appearing in the magazine's "No Prudes Allowed" photo spread and article are Rachel Blanchard, Sanaa Lathan, Jenna Fischer, Gretchen Blieler, Rachel Miner, Brittany Snow and cover girl Heidi Klum. Gulp.

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We'll say this for Denise Richards: she's not afraid to talk about her crazy love life. As she tells People, Charlie Sheen's ex is trying to move on by selling the Westlake Village home she bought last year.

Is it a coincidence that the 7,400-sq.-ft., six-bedroom house that Richards is leaving also happens to be around the corner from Heather Locklear? You know, the former pal whose husband she's now tanging on a regular basis?

Denise R.

Yes, folks, Richards is officialy dating Locklear's ex, Richie Sambora. As she seeks part of Sheen's Screen Actors Guild pension, full custody of their daughters and more than $100,000 a month in child support, Richards has already bought a home in a more "kid-friendly" neighborhood near Los Angeles, according to a source.

Meanwhile, those that think Locklear and Richards were best friends are WAY off base.

"People have gone on - 'Would you date your best friend's husband?' " Richard said. "You know, she wasn't my best friend. She was a close friend in the last couple of years."

Phew. That makes it perfectly acceptable.

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