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New cast member Deena Nicole Cortese from Jersey Shore has a crush on fellow MTV star Pauly D, she revealed to Ellen DeGeneres in an interview airing today.

Who doesn't, really?

Big Time Baggage

Asked who she was most intimidated by coming in, she said, "I always thought Pauly was good looking. I was a little more intimidated to talk to him at first."

Asked if she's interested, Deena said, "Yeah, well I always though Pauly was good looking." Ellen's response" "Well, it seems like it. Pauly, she's interested."

As for her feelings toward another member of the Shore house, she said, "Whenever I was drunk for some reason I always thought Mike was good looking."

The following, hilarious exchange follows:

Ellen: When you're not drunk, you don't think he's good looking?
Deena: No, when I'm not drunk, I'm like a normal person. When I'm drunk, I look embarrassing. I'm like, "Oh, hi Mike." I'm like, "Oh no. Here we go."
Ellen: You can rectify that if you don't drink. It wouldn't be like that.
Deena: I know.
Ellen: But he's got a Situation going on there.

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Sammi Giancola has become that which she abhors.

Granted, as a miserable human being and very painful individual, Sammi Giancola abhors a great many things. But Angelina Pivarnick might top the list.

Having turned herself into the house pariah and destined to hitch a ride out of town before long, Sammi has morphed into Ange 2.0. It's sad and wonderful.

As always, THG breaks down all the best Jersey Shore quotes and scenes from last night's installment of the "reality" show in its patented +/- recap below:

Fists of Fury

Last week's epic smackdown resumes in the opening moments.

Plus 16 for the resumption of the fight that ended last week's season premiere. Girl pulled out some of JWoww's hair. Not a wise move if you want to live.

The boys go to the gym. Having no friends, Sam tries to go with. Minus 5.

Ronnie and Sammi seem to hate Jersey Shore more than the faction of fans on THG's Facebook who want to GET THIS TRASH OFF THE AIR!!!!!!!!!! Plus 7.

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How long did it take newcomer Deena Nicole Cortese to immerse herself in her new lifestyle? About halfway through the Jersey Shore season premiere.

Before throwing down with Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola - who she later called the "C-word" - the 4-foot-10 firecracker performed an impromptu striptease.

Even The Situation was thrown off when she "mistakenly" pulled off her bikini bottom. That's saying something. Here's Deena Nicole Cortese in action:

Deena defends getting in Sam's grill, as she “felt the need to stand up for [herself]. As for the NC-17 show above? Nope, no explaining that one away.

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"I'm just so excited to get back into my house, pop some bottles and hook up with my roommates." - Snooki

With those words, a new season of MTV's guiltiest, most unsanitary pleasure is upon us. We are back in Seaside Heights, N.J., and it feels like we never left.

As always, THG breaks down all the best Jersey Shore quotes and scenes from last night's installment of the "reality" show in its patented +/- recap below:


We know, Sitch. We totally know.

Plus 50 for Deena Nicole Cortese's first 15 minutes at the house, shown above.

Why bother pretending these are normal people, though? Minus 9 for Snook briefing Deena on the roommates, like she hasn't seen every freaking episode.

Sammi on Deena: "I thought she was gonna be hot. I'm all taken aback." Girl, she's friends with Snooki. No offense, but come on. Minus 3 for cluelessness.

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As Pauly D told THG, Deena Nicole Cortese will be shaking things up on Jersey Shore. The Garden State native makes her debut on tonight's Season 3 premiere.

In a new interview with TV Guide, the new girl in "the family" dishes on BFF Snooki, all of the drama, why her parents were all for her joining the show and more:

Sammi Giancola, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

Excerpts from Deena's Q&A below ...

CLASS IN A GLASS: That's Deena Nicole Cortese for you.

On joining the cast: "I love the show and wanted to do it because I go down to the shore all the time, and I'm like 35 minutes from Seaside. When Snooks asked me to come down, I was like, 'Yeah, let's do this. I'm down.'"

On being the new girl: "I was a little nervous, but I wanted to get to know everyone and I was excited. I was going to try to get to know everyone and be myself. I came in, they really opened their lives to me and it was awesome."

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So Deanna Nicole Cortese may be dating Chris Manzo. That's right, the newest Jersey Shore guidette and The Real Housewives of New Jersey product.

Foul-mouthed Deena, who we have yet to see on the Shore, was seen with Chris, the son of Caroline Manzo, at a hot New Jersey nightclub recently.

The unlikely duo ran into each other in the VIP section of hotspot, 118 Lounge, this past Saturday, where they got down and dirty on the dance floor.

Deena and Chris

When E-list Garden State reality stars collide ... fists are pumped.

Deena Nicole Cortese "was basically humping Chris in front of everyone,” said one onlooker. Hey ... you gotta beat up the beat 'til you lose control.

Chris Manzo, whose penchant for naughty girls was an important storyline on the RHONJ, apparently has taken quite a liking to the Jersey wild child.

He better not do her wrong, though. Otherwise, JWoww is gonna throw the f*%k down and you do NOT mess with that HGH-fueled rage-a-holic.

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The Jersey Shore cast's newest member, Deena Nicole Cortese, hit the red carpet at the MTV Video Music Awards this weekend with the rest of the crew.

"Oh my God, it's surreal!" Cortese said. "I have fan pages already, and people Twittering me, and I'm just like 'I just got out of the house two days ago!'"

J-Woww and Snooki Picture

Her episodes haven't even aired, as we're still on Season 2 in South Beach (see THG's recap of last week's Jersey Shore). Season 3 airs later this year.

ALL NATURAL: Deena Nicole Cortese's skin tone matches that of her BFF Snooki. Yup, she's gonna fit in perfectly down at the Shore. [Photo: Splash News Online]

"When I went in the house I was expecting something completely different," she says. "Everybody shocked me, in a good way, and I feel like I fit right in."

"They welcomed me with open arms, and I'll appreciate those kids until the day I die," adds Deena. "Season 3 is going to blow everyone out of the water."

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Early in Season One of Jersey Shore, Angelina Pivarnick got fired from the boardwalk T-shirt shop, tossed her belongings in the trash and fled Seaside Heights.

None of the other cast members cared.

In fact, they were so apathetic about the "Kim Kardashian of Staten Island" that seeing her in South Beach during the Season 2 premiere led to double-takes.

People were far from pleased. Girls in particular.

"I just feel like she didn't fit into the family," Snooki (Nicole Polizzi) told MTV News. "When I saw her in the house, when I walked into Miami, I was like, 'What is this girl doing here? Why are you here? We could have brought [Deena] in.'"

  • A Snooki Pic
  • Angelina Pivarnick Pic

There's no love lost between Snooki and Angelina.

That would be Deena Nicole Cortese, Snooki's BFF who joined the show for Season 3. The South Beach antics are considered Season 2, before the N.J. return.

"I'm different because I'm just a personable person," Deena, Ms. Class in a Glass, said. "I don't take things to heart. People can make fun of me 'til the day I die, and I will just take it in and be like, 'Yeah, you know what? Whatever.'"

Whatever indeed. But before Deena Nicole comes aboard, we're going to have to watch the crew run Angelina Pivarnick out, and it's not gonna be pretty.

"You're a f*%king white rat and you're f*%king pale and you're nasty" was one of our favorite Snooki quotes from the Season 2 premiere a few weeks back.

"Angelina, she just didn't fit in with anybody, she didn't really open up to anybody," Snook says. "I feel that's why nobody could really connect with her. We gave her a second chance. And she did what she did with it. You're going to have to see."

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Watch out, Seaside Heights. And call the police in advance.

Why? There's a new Guidette in town: Deena Nicole Cortese.

MTV has confirmed that Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's real-life BFF, who has also been referred to as simply Deena Nicole, will join the Jersey Shore cast in Season 3.

The new cast member has been all but confirmed in recent weeks, but the network has not acknowledged bringing her on board until now. What can we expect?

Cortese describes herself as "class in a glass and party in a body," so you know it's going to be good. She's already started filming and partying with the crew.


Deena and Snook are totes BFFs.

Deena has been seen shooting scenes with her girl Snooki, as well as the classy likes of co-stars Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and Jenni "J-Woww" Farley.

"Deena Cortese embodies the quintessential Jersey Shore archetype," Jersey Shore casting director Doron Ofir recently told The Examiner of his new star.

The new star, who is single, "is a Jersey native, proud to live, play, love at the shore. I hope America loves her as much as I do. Get ready for 'Rockstar'!"

Live, Play, Love. In other words, Scream, Fight, Bone.

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Jersey Shore's second season premieres tonight on MTV.

You will not be seeing Deena Nicole on it.

Still with Angelina Pivarnick out for Season 3 (she was apparently back for Season 2 after being out for Season 1), there’s room in the Seaside Heights enclave for a hot new guidette, and they've apparently found one in Snooki's friend.

Deena Nicole, real name Deena Nicole Cortese, is reportedly filming the reality show’s third season in N.J. Here's the brief rundown on her ...

Deena Nicole Pic

Watch out, Jersey Shore. Deena Nicole has arrived.

Real Jersey girl. Unlike The Situation, Snooki, Ronnie, Vinny and Pauly D, Cortese is the real deal. She hails from New Egypt, N.J., in Ocean County. Wonder what New Jersey's Governor, who hates the show, thinks about that.

Snooki's pal. Cortese goes way back with Jersey Shore leading lady Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, according to the Newark Star-Ledger. The pickle-loving reality star even reportedly helped Cortese get cast on the show. Cute.

Single status. Before deleting her Myspace page, Cortese posted that she was a single lady. But - sorry guys - one that's currently "not looking for anything."

Forget GTL, it's BBB. “All I need is beats, my broads, and booze,” she posted on Facebook before she began filming. NOTE: Become a fan of THG on Facebook!

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