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Debbie Rowe and Paris Jackson have forged an unlikely but genuine bond of late.

As followers of the frequently and uniquely bizarre family saga know, the former dermatology nurse was married to Michael Jackson from 1996-1999.

She then gave MJ sole custody of Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson Jr., 16, and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 15, and virtually disappeared.

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Rowe, 54, took a large financial settlement and steered clear of the famous family, including after Michael's 2009 death. But recently, that all changed.

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Michael Jackson's 16-year-old son Prince reportedly has no interest in forging a relationship with his mom, Debbie Rowe, as his sister Paris has done.

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Paris Jackson has recently developed "an intense bond" with the woman who birthed her, a bit of a surprise in that Rowe has been out of their lives.

Prince has no curiosity or desire to develop the same, however - but there's also no beef with either his mom or sister. He's just not feeling it yet.

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With Debbie Rowe set to testify in the Michael Jackson wrongful death case, lawyers are wondering what she might reveal under oath about his kids' paternity.

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson

Lawyers for Katherine Jackson have been making a number of inquiries on the eve of the trial, in which the family attempts to win billions from AEG Live.

Katherine's legal team worries that Debbie will testify Michael is NOT the biological father of Prince and Paris Jackson, which has long been rumored.

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Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson has secretly and surprisingly reestablished ties with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe, according to a TMZ report.

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Paris, who turned 15 Wednesday (happy birthday!) spent the day with Debbie Rowe, who was married to MJ and is mother to Paris and Prince Michael.

Their younger brother Blanket was born to an unknown surrogate.

A source says, "The two just hung out. They've gotten really tight."

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Debbie Rowe, the woman who gave birth to two of Michael Jackson's children, stating she supports the new guardianship situation, with one caveat:

She WILL intervene if things don't work out.

Rowe filed documents in L.A. County Superior Court saying she has reviewed and signed off on TJ and Katherine Jackson sharing responsibilities.

She'll be keeping her eye on it, however.

Former Mrs. Michael Jackson

Debbie Rowe warns that "Should the arrangement sought by TJ Jackson and Katherine Jackson become untenable, unstable, unsafe, or become in any way contrary to the [children's best interests], Ms. Rowe will seek court intervention."

Rowe claims her concern is for the health, safety and well-being of HER children; and says she will continue to ensure their needs are met.

TJ Jackson, the 34-year-old son of Tito Jackson, was appointed temporary co-guardian of Prince, Blanket and Paris Jackson after last month's fiasco.

When TJ first petitioned for guardianship, the judge said Debbie must be notified. That has clearly happened, and she is satisfied, for now.

It's unclear what recourse Debbie Rowe even has after relinquishing all custody to Michael Jackson years ago, but hopefully we won't have to find out.

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As Tropical Storm Debby continues to rain down on Florida, we decided to take a look at some famous Debbys (Debbies) who have taken the celebrity world by storm:

  • Debbie Rowe. Former wife of Michael Jackson; mother of his two older kids.
  • Debbie Clemens. Wife of Roger Clemens; alleged HGH user.
  • Debbie Gibson. '80s teen pop sensation (pictured).
Debbie Gibson Photo
  • Debbie Allen. Actress, dancer, director, recent Grey's Anatomy guest star.
  • Debbie Reynolds. '50s Hollywood icon; mother of Carrie Fisher.
  • Debbie Van Pelt. True Blood Season 4 werewolf killed by Sookie.
  • Little Debbie. Mmm. Delish.

Who's your favorite Debby/Debbie? Did we forget any? Tell us in the comments! And for up-to-the-minute storm updates, here's a link to the NOAA storm forecast.

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On the third anniversary of Michael Jackson's death, his daughter Paris is still mourning his loss, while remembering all the good times she had with him.

The pop star's only daughter, now 14, paid tribute Monday morning, tweeting, "RIP Michael Jackson ... Dad you will forever be in my heart."

Paris also Tweeted a pic of Michael with Debbie Rowe, the nurse who famously wed Jackson in 1996 and bore two children, Paris and Prince Michael.

Mommy and daddy <3," Paris wrote in a caption of the pic:

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson

Debbie Rowe married Michael Jackson in 1996. The couple divorced in 1999, after which she gave full custody of both Prince and Paris to the pop icon.

Dr. Arnold Klein, Jackson's longtime friend, has long been rumored to be the biological father of both children, although this has never been proven.

MJ's third child, Blanket, was born in 2002 via an unknown surrogate.

Whatever you might think of him, he apparently excelled at parenting. Paris, Prince and Blanket have gone on to become outstanding young people.

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Debbie Rowe is the mother of Michael Jackson's two oldest kids, Paris and Prince Michael. Supposedly. How they were conceived and by whom is debatable.

In any case, she was married to MJ, and is listed as their mother. But it's the current condition of Michael's youngest child, Blanket, that has Rowe riled up.

Prince and Blanket

Rowe claims she's "worried" about her kids' younger brother, whose real name is also Prince Michael Jackson, after the recent taser drama where he lives.

During a shopping trip Thursday, Rowe told cameramen she knows nothing about the stun gun incident at the Jackson compound or investigation thereof.

Michael's three children have been living there with their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, since he passed away, as have the children of Jermaine Jackson.

Debbie Rowe: The former Mrs. Michael Jackson. Weird.

Debbie did admit she was aware of the reports that Jaafar Jackson was trying to use a stun gun on Blanket after buying one with a credit card at Ralph's.

He's a resourceful little terror, that Jaafar.

When asked if she was worried about the littlest MJ spawn, Rowe said, "Of course I'm worried ... why would I not be about this child? He is their brother."

The Jackson family tried to downplay the tasing, but a couple of visits from the L.A. County Department of Child and Family Services make one wonder.

Rowe claimed she's never even been to the Jackson compound, but has been visiting Michael Jackson's tomb lately and tries to visit as often as she can.

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Katherine Jackson, 79, was awarded full, permanent guardianship of Michael Jackson's three children during a custody hearing in Los Angeles this morning.

Here's the hearing blow-by-blow from TMZ, which was on hand for the proceedings this morning. As you can see, everything went down more or less as expected, although there were some odd twists (and a Mark Vincent Kaplan sighting) in there ...

11:56 a.m.: Katherine, Randy and La Toya Jackson arrived and were escorted upstairs to the courtroom. Rebbie Jackson, Michael's older sister, also showed up. Reports suggest that, day to day, she will be the one taking care of Michael's kids.

12:14 p.m.: The judge took the bench, and said that he will be dealing with the guardianship settlement between Katherine Jackson and Debbie Rowe first.

12:17 p.m.: In a strange development, Mark Vincent Kaplan (K-Fed's lawyer) just showed up on behalf of Dr. Arnold Klein. Kaplan says Klein has a "long-standing commitment" to Michael Jackson and has concerns about Joe Jackson being involved.

There are reports Arnold Klein is their biological father, but he hasn't confirmed or denied that, only saying "to the best of his knowledge" he is not.

12:18 p.m.: The judge wanted to know what legal standing Dr. Arnold Klein has, but he ultimately ruled that Klein has no legal standing to lodge an objection, and that Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe are the parents of the children.

A Debbie Rowe Picture

Today's players: Arnold Klein, Debbie Rowe and Katherine Jackson.

12:26 p.m.: Debbie Rowe's lawyer, Eric George, just said he won't object to Katherine being appointed temporary guardian, but permanent guardianship could be delayed. Curious, given the supposed settlement between Debbie and Katherine.

12:37 p.m.: The judge named Katherine permanent guardian of all three kids, then granted her a financial allowance for six months. The amount wasn't discussed.

12:40 p.m.: Debbie Rowe will have visitation with her two kids and will continue getting spousal support based on the deal she struck with Michael years ago.

12:42 p.m.: The judge has just granted 83.5 percent of what was requested for the children's allowance. Specific amounts of the allowance were not discussed.

12:55 p.m.: The judge decided on the lesser amount because of concerns about duplicate expenses for the monthly allowance approved for Katherine Jackson.

2:58 p.m.: The judge has ruled that AEG, Michael Jackson's would-be concert promoter, has to provide a copy of their contract with him to Katherine Jackson.

3:00 p.m.: The judge just admitted Michael Jackson's 2002 will into probate. The will names John Branca and John McClain as co-executors. Katherine has an unspecified objection to this. Will she ask that she be named as a third executor?

4:55 p.m.: Katherine Jackson just withdrew her petition asking that she be put in charge of the estate. This petition was filed before she knew a will existed.

5:05 p.m.: Judge Mitchell Beckloff ruled that Jackson's longtime attorney Branca and McClain will continue to administer the star's estate until at least October.

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Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, will get custody of his three children under terms of a deal that's just been reached, according to reports.

According to reports, Debbie Rowe, the mother of the Michael's eldest two children, Prince Michael I and Paris Jackson, will get visitation, but no cash.

Though he did not go into specifics, Katherine's attorney Londell McMillan said on CBS' The Early Show Thursday: "It's an agreement, an agreement for the best interests of the children. This is not a money deal. This is not about money."

Since the singer's June 25 death, Katherine Jackson, 79, was named the legal guardian and has been in control of Prince, Paris and Michael's third child, Blanket.

Blanket (a.k.a. Prince Michael Jackson II) was born to an unnamed surrogate, though recent tabloid reports have suggested that his biological mother is Pia Bhatti.

That would be the mother of Omer Bhatti, MJ's supposed "secret son."

But back to Debbie Rowe. The singer's ex-wife has sent mixed signals on the subject of whether she wants to be the children's guardian since he passed away.

NBC's Today show reports that under the new deal, Debbie Rowe, who will not receive money, will retain her parental rights but has agreed not to claim custody.

Mother of Prince Michael

Katherine Jackson will raise Michael Jackson's kids, as he requested. Debbie Rowe will be allowed visitation with Prince Michael and Paris Jackson, her biological children.

NBC also reports that Prince and Paris know Debbie Rowe is their mother, and as a central part of the agreement, they will begin to have a relationship with her. A child psychologist will supervise the process, according to reports.

McMillan said , "We will be making an announcement shortly on that issue, and all the parties are resolved. There is no situation better for these children than for them to be raised and reared in the loving care of Mrs. Katherine Jackson."

He dismissed reports that crazy Joe Jackson shouldn't be involved in raising the star's children. Said McMillan, "I don't think it's valid at all. I think that Joe Jackson is the husband of Mrs. Jackson, but he is not living in Los Angeles."

Katherine Jackson was also left 40 percent of Michael Jackson's estate, whereas Joe and Debbie Rowe were omitted from the will altogether.

Michael appointed his two longtime business partners, John Branca and John McClain, as co-executors. Katherine wants to be included on all future dealings regarding the estate, but denies she is challenging the executors or will.

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