Deandre Brackensick tried out for season 10 of American Idol in San Francisco. The 16-year old says he's inspired by his family and is a...

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Jessica Sanchez took part in an Internet U Stream chat yesterday and while the American Idol runner-up touched on various aspects of that show and her career, it was a personal revelation that has fans buzzing today:

The singer is dating DeAndre Brackensick!

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“I got a secret and I want you guys to guess. I’ll nod if it’s no or yes,” Sanchez told fans during the interview.

After one asked if she had a boyfriend, Jessica answered in the affirmative, referred to Deandre by name and replied: “Hahah. He’s my boyfriend. Love you guys. Byeeee!”

The new couple is performing all summer long, alongside eight other Season 11 finalists, on the American Idol tour.

On the professional front, meanwhile, Sanchez may guest star on Glee this season.

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Throughout his run on American Idol, which came to an end on last night's results show, Deandre Brackensick was easily the most polarizing contestant on season 11.

And the long-haired crooner knew it, based on an interview he gave to E! News soon after Ryan Seacrest broke the bad news to him on national television.

"My style, you either love it or hate it," Brackensick said. "And, you know, R&B is so unappreciated right nowadays and I really want to bring it back, so I kind of had a feeling somewhat. Things happens for a reason and it's not the end. Just gotta keep fighting for it."

Deandre Brackensick Sings

Jennifer Lopez said she tried to save Deandre last night, but she was outvoted by Randy and Steven.

Still, you won't hear this aspiring star complain. Quite the opposite, in fact.

"I understand where the judges are coming from. I've already been saved once and you only get so many chances, so I wasn't ready for America right now. I agree with them 100 percent. I agree with the judges, I agree with Jimmy [Iovine] and what happened. I'm just grateful I got to this point."

Do you think Brackensick should have been sent home this week?


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Captivating. Super great. Amazing.

These were all descriptions the American Idol judges bestowed on DeAndre Brackensick last night, following his take on the 1980s Debarge track "I Like It."

Are you on board with these praiseworthy critiques of Brackensick's falsetto? Or are you wondering just what Jennifer, Steven and Randy were smoking prior to DeAndre taking the stage? Judge the hair-flipping singer's latest performance now:

It's safe to say DeAndre was not our favorite. But, then again, compared to Skylar Laine and her version of "Wind Beneath My Wings," everyone was singing for second this week.

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Oh, DeAndre Brackensick. You're making this way too easy.

The high-pitched American Idol finalist covered a somewhat random Eric Benet track last night, "Sometimes I Cry," giving critics far too obvious of an avenue to mock the contestant. As in: yes, DeAndre, sometimes you make us cry, especially when you rely so heavily on a falsetto that pierces our ear drums.

The judges were on board with the performance, however, giving Brackensick a standing ovation. (Note to Randy, Steven and J. Lo: you stood up and applauded for five finalists this week. Five! Out of nine! Pick and choose your spots a bit more carefully or else a standing O won't exactly be considered special any longer.)

Will DeAndre escape the bottom three this week? Will he pack his bags and head home? It will all be based on this audition:

Clearly, we didn't love Brackensick. But here's a look at our three favorite performances from the top 9:

  1. Phillip Phillips telling us it's "Still Rainin."
  2. Elise Testone showing a "Whole Lotta Love."
  3. Joshua Ledet belting out a heartfelt "Without You."

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This just in: DeAndre Brackensick is no Billy Joel.

The curly-haired American Idol hopeful took to the stage last night as part of the top 10, but clearly struggled through one of Joel's best known tracks, "Only The Good Die Young." Perhaps Tommy Hilfiger's advice for DeAndre to let his hair hang all the way down threw this singer off his game.

Because he appeared to only enunciate about half the words. Watch the performance now and see what we mean:

Brackensick isn't devoid of talent by any means, but when you compare him to Colton Dixon and that finalist's "Piano Man," it's like we're watching two different shows.

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With the American Idol top 10 taking the stage again tonight, and with this shaping up to be one of the more hotly-contested seasons to date, it's time for the first THG Power Poll of the season.

Who do you see as the favorite right now?

American Idol Top 10

10. Deandre Brackensick: Would have been our choice to leave after last week's debacle. He can hit the high notes... and that's about it.

9. Heejun Han: Love the personality, don't see anything on stage that makes him standout above the rest. It's solid and nothing more or less.

8. Elise Testone: Might suffer some likability issues. Did you notice her NOT applauding for Erika last week? Or not hugging Skylar? Yes, we're forced to nitpick when the talent is this even. We did love her version of "Let's Stay Together."

7. Joshua Ledet: We expect plenty of disagreement here. It's not a question of his voice, just of his theatrics. Ledet's "When a Man Loves a Woman" may have been the single best of any contestant this season, but we can see his act growing old.

6. Skylar Laine: She has the energy and the attitude, that's for sure. She also has the identity: a rocking country chick. She just lacks the range.

Continue Reading...

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American Idol viewers may see the last of DeAndre Brackensick, his hair and his falsetto this week.

That's because the season 11 finalist struggled mightily last night, at first trying out "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" for Will.I.Am and Jimmy Iovine, only to be told it was the wrong song choice. Tough start.

But the eventual decision to go with "Endless Love" didn't result in a marked improvement, as Randy referred to it as too "boring and safe," while it was clear DeAndre never seemed comfortable on stage. Might this be Brackensick swan song?

Among American Idol men who did impress last night? Colton Dixon.

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We're down to it now on American Idol: the final 13.

With more live performances scheduled for this week and the votes entirely in the hands of viewers, we're comparing various contestants to get an idea of who you think has the best chance to win.

Solid Scott

Phillip Phillips or Colton Dixon? Jessica Sanchez or Hollie Cavanagh? And now we present a matchup between two very different singers, Deandre Brackensick and Joshua Ledet. Compare their styles and their voices and choose who you think will go the farthest on season 11.

And the Winner is?

They are two of seven men remaining. Will Deandre Brackensick or Joshua Ledet advance farther on season 11 of American Idol? View Poll »

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It's safe to say Deandre Brackensick might be the most polarizing contestant on season 11 of American Idol.

The high school senior - who could easily pass for at least 25 - possesses a unique look (that hair!) and a unique sound (that voice!), both of which caused the judges to fall all over themselves with praise. Randy even said Brackensick was one of the most commercially-ready contestants the show has ever had.

Really? Would you buy a Deandre Brackensick album? The contestant covered Earth, Wind, and Fire's "Reasons" for his live performance and we highly recommend giving it a listen below. It's... different.

How does Deandre stack up against fellow men Phillip Phillips and Reed Grimm? You tell us!

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American Idol has named its final 12 men on season 11.

Okay, yes, there will actually be 13 men, but if the show is keeping the final semifinalist secret until he performs on Tuesday night then he can blame producers for being left off this list.

While we still have a slew of live auditions to go through, it's never too early to start choosing sides. Are you going with the 15-year old dubbed the next Justin Bieber? The guy so nice his family named him twice?

Browse through the following promotional photos now and then cast a vote for your favorite...

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  • Adam Brock Photo
  • Chase Likens Picture
  • Colton Dixon Photo
  • Creighton Fraker Photo
  • Deandre Brackensick Photo
  • Eben Franckewitz Photo
  • Heejun Han Photo
  • Jeremy Rosado Photo
  • Joshua Ledet Photo
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