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Dean McDermott says he isn't proud of cheating on Tori Spelling, but hey, he's also not the first guy to ever pull such a move, so give him a break, will ya?

In an interview with ET Canada, the True Tori star and King of Excuses feels bad for himself and manages to make everything about himself, as usual:

Dean and Tori

"When you're at the checkout and you look over and you see one of these magazines and it's like, 'Dean McDermott's a monster,' I'm like, 'No, I'm not a monster.'"

"I'm a human being and I messed up. I messed up and I'm owning up to it and I'm getting help for it. But to label me a monster or evil is very hurtful."

"You know, I'm not the first person to ever cheat on his wife."

That's a great point, Dean. Why didn't we think of that?!

If you watch True Tori online, you know the entire premise is Dean messing around with Emily Goodhand last winter while on a business trip to Canada.

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As we've been saying for quite awhile here at THG, Dean McDermott doesn't cheat because he's a drunk or a sex addict or Tori Spelling sucks at sex.

He's a cheater because he's a cheater who goes through the motions when it comes to marriage, a longtime friend of his says in a new interview.

With Tori Spelling hospitalized for a nervous breakdown, it's no surprise that part of her is still struggling to understand why her husband strayed.

Well, according to his friend, it's not that complicated. He “went through the motions of being married,” and has “obvious issues” that go a long way back.

“Dean and I go back many years,” Toronto native Dan Kibsey says. “We were neighbors for 10 years ... [teens] until we were ready to move out of home.”

McDermott’s emotional problems began at a young age.

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Tori Spelling has hospitalized last weekend because she is in the throes of a nervous breakdown, according to people with close knowledge of her life.

Tori Spelling Hospitalized

As previously reported, Tori was hospitalized and quarantined (supposedly) at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A., having checked herself in there.

This prompted the obligatory Ebola questions - her rep even said that she does not have Ebola - but now sources say the whole thing was all a ruse.

A lie designed to cover up her crumbling marriage and personal life.

If you watched True Tori Season 2 Episode 1, you're familiar with how far she'll go to script what is written about her and what you see on television.

Still, these are the supposed reasons Tori is falling apart right now:

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Like it or not, True Tori is back for a second season on Lifetime, and the Spelling-McDermotts are bringing more drama than ever before!

On True Tori Season 2 Episode 1, we learned some things about Tori and Dean's relationship that we were probably better off not knowing.

For example, Dean used to masturbate to Tori when he was in his teens.

Yeah, it was that kind of episode.

But even that revelation wasn't as cringe-inducing as the bombshell Tori dropped when discussing the day she first met her future husband:

Yes, Tori and Dean slept together the first night they met, just hours after meeting, despite the fact that they were both married to other people. 

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A new season of True Tori kicked off on Lifetime last night, which means we're in for more cringe-worthy revelations from the horrific marriage of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Red Carpet Image

Last night, we learned that Dean masturbated to Tori before they ever met.

Yup, they went there.

You might have thought Tori and Dean set the bar too high in week one, but don't worry - there's plenty more awkward awfulness where that came from.

On next week's episode, Mary Jo Eustace pops back onto the scene to reveal - Surprise! - that Dean's always been a scumbag and he gave her the same BS lines that he's now feeding to Tori.

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Today in TMI: Dean McDermott's spank bank was once loaded with images of his then-teenage future wife! You're welcome!

Yes, even though Dean cheats on Tori these days, he claims he couldn't get enough of her back in the days when she was on Beverly Hills, 90210.

Way back then, Dean was just a lonely teen using self-administered friction to keep himself warm in the frozen tundra of Toronto ...

Tori and Dean Moment
Tori and Dean share a touching moment. So much to say about these two.

"I used to watch 90210 because I had a crush on Tori," Dean said on last night's enthralling, not at all scripted True Tori Season 2 Episode 1.

"Tori on 90210 gave me a lot of things for my imagination ... For me to use when I would do certain things that young men do." 

Gross. Anyway, now everything makes so much more sense:

  1. Dean allegedly cheated with Emily Goodhand.
  2. We always thought Emily Goodhand sounds like a fake name - now we know the moniker was inspired by Dean's late-night wank sessions.
  3. On last night's episode, Tori supposedly saw a photo of Emily Goodhand for the first time.
  4. Naturally, the viewing audience did not get to see said photo and now we now why ... it was probably just a picture of Dean's right hand!

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Has Dean McDermott's alleged Canadian mistress Emily Goodhand finally been revealed? If you believe the Season 2 premiere of True Tori, yes.

If you live in the real world, then probably not.

Tori Spelling on True Tori

Among the many scripted developments on True Tori Season 2 Episode 1 was Tori musing to a friend that sometimes she wonders what the mistress is like.

Right on cue, her friend shows her a photo.

A photo we never see, obviously, because no pictures of Emily Goodhand actually exist. She has the digital footprint of ... someone with no digital footprint.

Tori's reaction to the picture, which was probably a blank notepad brought in by a production assistant, was that she was not impressed. She mused:

"Am I a b!tch if I say she's unattractive?"

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After becoming an unexpected, albeit controversial and ridiculed summer smash True Tori is officially back and better (or worse) than ever on Lifetime.

What did we learn True Tori Season 2 Episode 1? Where to even begin ...

Tori begins the season by telling Dean she just took a pregnancy test.

After Season 1, they took a vacation to work on their issues, but the “totally unexpected” happened in Malibu: Tori totally fell in love with Dean again!

“We did everything together," she says. "We had sex like crazy!”

Hopefully he didn't think she's as bad at sex this time around.

It couldn't have been that terrible, since Dean tells their therapist that he did her 16 straight days while on vacation. The man has needs, as we know.

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On True Tori Season 3 Episode 1 tonight, viewers will watch in horror as Tori Spelling cries multiple rivers over the failing state of her marriage to Dean McDermott.

Is there any hope at all for these two, considering the latter has admitted to an affair and the former is, well, Tori Spelling? We doubt it.

What happened to the once-happy couple? To bubbly parents of four? Two simple words: Greed. Infidelity. Desperation. Annoyance. Reality. Television.

Jon and Kate Gosselin
Jon and Kate Gosselin spent years opening up about their problems in front of the camera. Hmmm... how did that go for them?

Granted, Spelling and McDermott are still technically married. But come on. They're totally doomed.

But at least they aren't alone. It's rare for couples who appear on a reality TV show together to actually stay together, as divorces have befallen everyone from a Teen Mom to a sex tape star to... whatever the heck Jon Gosselin does with his life.

So as you watch Kendra on Top online and as you wonder how such mighty pairings have fallen, hold your significant other tightly and be glad you aren't doing it with a camera in your face.

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In one of several new sneak peeks from tonight's Season 2 premiere of True Tori, we see just how much the embattled reality star has on her plate these days.

This is before Tori Spelling was quarantined with a mystery illness, too.

No, in addition to whatever disease landed her in the hospital, she's been worried sick over her finances for some time, as we see in one very emotional clip.

Watch her break down in this True Tori Season 2 Episode 1 scene:

As you can see, the actress weeps to husband Dean McDermott about how having so many kids has become a bit of a financial burden on the family.

"It's all become too much," she laments, fishing for sympathy.

Her friend asks her, “What has become too much?” Tori Spelling responds, “The responsibility of having to take care of so many people financially.”

Ouch, Dean. Then you go bone Emily Goodhand on top of being a freeloader and knocking her up four times in eight years? No wonder your girl's in tears.

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