David Weintraub is Hollywood agent and friend of Randy Spelling and Sean Stewart. He's a complete idiot.

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Hayden Panettiere is barely old enough to drive.

Heck, for another 100-plus days, she can't even fornicate with boyfriend Stephen Colletti without subjecting the Laguna Beach alum to a prison term.

Immature But Hot

But that doesn't mean the 17-year old TV cutie isn't wise beyond her years. In an impromptu interview with TMZ, she dished out some advice for avoiding a jail sentence like Paris Hilton was just served with.

Out and about in New York City, Hayden Panettiere was momentarily flustered when she was asked what she thought about the slutty socialite's jail sentence.

But instead of commenting on the situation, our beloved cheerleader launched into full public service announcement mode, telling the cameraman:

"Don't drink and drive … or drive without a license!"

Sage advice, indeed. Meanwhile, in L.A., Sons of Hollywood star David Weintraub and one of his gal pals had the best tip for Paris:

"Get a driver!"

Seriously, why didn't Paris think of that? Think she can afford it? David's bud, Sean Stewart, a law-defying alcoholic in his own right, couldn't be reached for comment. 

Other Team Paris players at Mr. Chow last night included Paris' aunt, Kyle, as well as Full House hottie Lori Laughlin and former baller of the Los Angeles Lakers (and Vanessa Williams) Rick Fox, who stated simply:

"No one should go to jail, man."

A noble statement, Rick. One Tom Sizemore certainly agrees with. Anyway, it was clear that just about everyone interviewed by TMZ in L.A. last night relished the chance to rail against the judge tossing Paris in the can.

We'd give him an earful, too - she (like Jason Wahler) should be going away for a hell of a lot longer, and not to some minimum security resort like she's headed for, but to a federal, pound-me-in-the-a$$ prison.

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Considering all the MySpace accounts out there, David Weintraub could have separated himself from the online profile account in one easy step:

Post a picture of good friend Sean Stewart, nude.

Fortunately for all of mankind, the agent and co-star of the new reality series, Sons of Hollywood, avoided taking such a naked leap.

Instead, his MySpace page focuses on life in California with childhood pals Stewart and Randy Spelling.

He also blogs about life as a representative of various actors and actresses, as well as a list of traits he looks for in potential clients. David cites "uniqueness" as number-one, ensuring that Marilyn Manson has a long, successful career in front of him.

For more insight into Weintraub and his fellow Sons of Hollywood, click here.

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David Weintraub is Hollywood agent and friend of Randy Spelling and Sean Stewart. He's a complete idiot. More »
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