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Event planner David Tutera and his ex-husband, Ryan Jurica, are making headlines because of the custody arrangement they worked out after splitting.

Tutera is raising his biological daughter Cielo. Jurica, will raise his own biological son and Cielo’s fraternal twin, Cedric. Yes, they're splitting them up.

Tutera, whose breakup occurred while a surrogate was carrying the twins, says it was "very confusing time" and their situation was far from ideal.

“The divorce happened so quickly after the [embryo] transfer was successful that there wasn’t time to mourn the loss of raising a second child," he said.

"I was mourning the loss of my relationship.”

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David Tutera is the host of My Fair Wedding on WE.

But long-time domestic partner Ryan Jurica - who is expecting a surrogate to give birth to twins on behalf of the couple in July - has a problem with a very different form of hosting done by Tutera:

He has accused his husband of entertaining escorts as part of an alleged sex addiction.

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Jurica filed documents in Connecticut last month to end his civil union with the television personality, writing in the papers:

"After repeated attempts at marriage counseling and therapy, we have been unable to save our relationship due to [David's] addiction to sex."

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