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David Hasselhoff has pulled out of co-presenting the MTV European Video Music Awards after claiming the show's producers had no taste.

This from a man who used to talk to his car.

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The 1980s style icon was due to present the awards with Justin Timberlake on November 2nd in Copenhagen, but the Sunday Mirror claims the Hoff balked once he saw the night's script.

Apparently the 54-year-old, who recently climbed the UK chart with "Jump in My Car," was not prepared to deliver such set-pieces as ripping off his co-presenters shirt and remarking "you need to get some more chest hairs like me."

Another planned scene involved the girlfriend of Cameroz Diaz wondering where Hasselhoff had gone, only for the camera to pan out to a Jacuzzi offstage where the Baywatch actor was entertaining some ladies with champagne.

"It was all tongue-in-cheek stuff, but Mr Hasselhoff didn't find it funny," an MTV source said. "He told them he's a massive star in Europe - and doesn't want to be made fun of. MTV had spent a month on the scripts and are gutted the Hoff pulled out at the last minute."

So are we. But we can at least take solace in these Kristin Cavallari pictures.

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We never thought we'd say this, but: it's not a great time to be David Hasselhoff.

First, reports surfaced that the former Knight Rider and Baywatch star made up his daughter's suicide attempt. Now, it's becoming apparent that he may have imagined the crush Princess Di had on him years ago.

David Hasselhoff, Hayley Roberts

The butler for the late Princess of Wales seems to think so.

A couple weeks ago, Hasselhoff said in London that Diana "was smitten with me since I was so tall ... I probably would have gone after her if circumstances had been different."

Like, if she hadn't been a princess and you hadn't been a washed up 1980s TV star?

According to Paul Burrell, Di's former butler, however, Hasselhoff's talking complete and utter rubbish. Just like Nicole Richie every time she says she's healthy.

"There was never ever any hint of any date or romance between the two of them," said Burrell. "Such a suggestion is as far-fetched as a talking car called K.I.T.T."

Wow. Who knew butler's could be so witty?

Burrell stated that the young princes, William and Harry, were fans of Baywatch and that the Hoff sent them some autographed stuff from the show â€" including a picture of him in all his hairy-chested glory.

When Diana saw the photo, said Burrell, "I remember the princess laughing hysterically at the photo and turning her nose up."

Sorry, Hoff. If it makes you feel any better, we have the same reaction every time we look at a Kevin Federline picture.

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David Hasselhoff recently divorced his wife - but now the former couple has a far larger problem to deal with.

David Hasselhoff and Kym Johnson Photo

Law enforcement sources told TMZ that one of Hasselhoff's daughters tried to commit suicide Sunday night.

The incident took place in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles, at around 6:30 p.m. Sources reported that Hasselhoff called 911 from his home and reported that his 14-year-old daughter had "cut herself."'

He and ex-wife, Pamela Bach, have been going through a bitter custody fight. Hasselhoff had been accused of brutalizing Pam and restraining orders were issued - but many of the issues seem to have been resolved.

The actor has denied all allegations and is now just focused on the recovery of his daughter.

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It's a bittersweet week for David Hasselhoff. First, the former lifeguard rewarded an 11-year old with $1 million for winning America's Got Talent.

Then, however, the annoucement was made that the Hoff and his wife of 17 years, Pamela Bach, are officially divorced. The couple has two daughters, Taylor-Ann, 16, and Hayley, 13.

David Hasselhoff and Kym Johnson Photo

TMZ reports the duo will use the family piggy bank to cover a wealth of expenses, from vet bills to paying their well-compensated gardener.

Also being paid for out of the community pot: the bachelor pad Hasselhoff is renting for $10,900 a month, Bach's mortgage, the gardener's fee of $740 a month, security and pet expenses, their daughters' tuition payment of $24,590, as well as the $1,333.97 monthly payments that go towards Bach's Mercedes.

It's nice to see these kids getting along well, despite their marital differences. Perhaps Paul McCartney and Heather Mills should be taking notes.

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Love Simon Cowell or hate him, you've gotta admit this: people love his shows.

We're not even talking about American Idol, although a few million fans seem to enjoy that program, too. It's Cowell's latest brain child, America's Got Talent, that has the nation buzzing. The cantakerous Brit has even been shocked by such success.

A Great Judge

"To be honest, we were not expecting it to do as well as it did," he told the New York Post.

Some of the show's popularity may be due to German favorite and ex-Baywatch star, David Hasselhoff. Simon hopes he can convince Kit's former owner to return as a judge, despite the fact that the Hoff has said he was only going to do the gig for one season.

"I like this panel, I think they're going to get more interesting," Simon said of Hasselhoff, Brandy, and Piers Morgan.

Of course, being an Idol judge himself, Cowel admits he's seen some acts on his own show that make him wish he were the one passing his own brand of bombastic judgment.

"It's been very tempting," says Cowell. "There have been times when I've watched the show and thought to myself, 'God I wish I was judging this.'"

America's Got Talent ends tomorrow with the crowning of a $1 million winner - but expect it to return in the future.

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He's the man behind the world's most successful TV show, as well as the owner of six platinum albums (!?) and is worth tens of millions.

But David Hasselhoff is tanking big time these days, hitting a new low this week when he was told he was too drunk to fly after staggering around a VIP lounge at London's Heathrow Airport. Scotland's Daily Record says the former Baywatch star was spotted drinking at 8 a.m. and babbling incoherently before ultimately being denied permission to board the plane.

It's the Hoff!

A spokeswoman for Hasselhoff said he was not drunk, but suffering from the effects of antibiotics. He caught a later flight, but the episode made a mockery of his claims that he had beaten the battle with the bottle. He attended the Betty Ford Clinic for alcoholism treatment in 2002, but was convicted of drunken driving in 2004.

Friends are blaming his fall from grace on the bitter divorce he is going through with actress Pamela Bach, which became official yesterday. The 16-year marriage crumbled in January, with divorce proceedings taking a nasty turn when Bach accused the Hoff of breaking her nose and screaming at her in front of their two teenage daughters.

"The only person who broke my wife's nose was a plastic surgeon," David hostilely shot back, also accusing his wife of drug abuse and filing for sole custody of their children.

She denied his claims and won a restraining order against him.

But the divorce isn't the only part of Hasselhoff's life to take a nose dive. Despite a vast personal fortune, his career seems to be spiraling downward as he lurches from one debacle to the next. They include being booted out of Wimbledon after trying to barge his way into the players' lounge demanding beer. Man, even Pamela Anderson hasn't let herself go this bad.

"All I want is a drink. Do you know who I am?" witnesses say the actor yelled.

That came only a few days after a bizarre accident in a London hotel, in which the star says he hit his head on a lamp, causing a shard of glass to sever four tendons in his hand. A member of staff nearly fainted when The Hoff emerged naked from the bathroom looking for help as blood poured from his dome.

Hasselhoff made a fortune by buying the rights to Baywatch from NBC and turning into the world's most-watched TV series. But since the days of Mitch Buchanan, the Hoff has lost his golden touch. He was offered the chance recently to be a judge on America's Got Talent, the new series created by Simon Cowell of American Idol fame.

But now he's got other ideas.

"It's not my cup of tea. Simon Cowell conned me into it. I'm trying to get a sitcom, or maybe even my own show, Travels With The Hoff," he said.

He's even planning to follow up his recent appearance in Chicago on the West End stage with a musical of his own life. Hasselhoff: The Musical is set to open later this year in Australia. His latest single, "Get Outta My Car," is also being released down under. The incredibly campy video sees Hasselhoff shamelessly sending himself up as he cruises around in KITT with a chick half his age.

This endless material for parody has seen him become a favorite on the Internet. In a recent poll, he was named as the celebrity most likely to be mentioned in an email, ahead of stars such as Brad Pitt and Britney Spears.

That's just as well because, if his current career path continues, self-mockery will be the only way he'll be in the public eye.

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