David Hasselhoff  has made a serious comeback. Sort of. But he's at least in the celebrity news headlines a lot.

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Justin Bieber has been through a lot in his relatively short time atop the music world.

And the 19-year old is now using those experiences to advise former Baywatch hunk David Hasselhoff on how to handle the fallacious snark of the celebrity gossip universe.

It started when Hasselhoff took to Twitter yesterday to debunk the rumor that there were photos of him out there "naked, surrounding himself with cheese."

  • Justin Bieber Brazil Concert Pic
  • David Hasselhoff at Tegel Airport

The 61-year old linked to this odd claim and wrote: I NEVER posed naked surrounding myself with cheese THIS REPORTER IS A CHEESEY LIAR."

Pretty good, right?

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Mr. Real Estate Developer, do NOT tear down this wall.

David Hasselhoff has joined a group of protesters in Germany who are standing up against plans to tear down one of the two remaining sections of the Berlin Wall in order to make a path for luxury housing residents.

David Hasselhoff in Germany

"It's like tearing down an Indian burial ground," Hasselhoff told The UK's Daily Mail on Saturday following an address to adoring fans. "It's a no-brainer.

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On the bright side, this may make people forget about that whole drunken-hamburger video...

Actor-turned-singer-turned-occasional-trainwreck David Hasselhoff performed a show at the IndigO2 in London over the weekend, singing songs in a variety of get-ups, from a lifeguard costume to a long-haired wig to an Adolf Hitler mustache and suit.

Wait... what? No, really, it's true:

David Hasselhoff as Hitler

In the Hoff's defense, he was singing a song from the movie The Producers, which is based around a play titled "Springtime for Hitler." But still. There are a lot of plays out there from which he could choose a number.

It didn't help that Hasselhoff reportedly forget the lyrics to the track and that an attendee referred to the show (via The Sun) as "complete shambles."

What do you think of Hasselhoff dressing as Hitler?


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David Hasselhoff of Baywatch/AGT/YouTube fame popped the question to his gorgeous girlfriend Hayley Roberts yesterday. Did she accept?

That we don't know.

But, based on the Twitter pics he shared below, taken on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the 59-year-old got down on one knee, and ...

  • David Hasselhoff, Hayley Roberts
  • David Hasselhoff Engaged?

... they kissed afterward! So that's something!

In the first Twitter picture, we see Hasselhoff on bended knee proposing to the Welsh stunner, 32, and in the second one, we see the couple kissing.

The cute couple has dated for nearly a year after meeting when Roberts asked for his autograph at Britain's Got Talent auditions in Cardiff, Wales.

If they are in fact getting hitched, this would be the Hoff’s third marriage.

He was previously married to actress Catherine Hickland from 1984-1989. The same year he divorced Hickland, Hasselhoff married actress Pamela Bach, with whom he has two daughters, Taylor and Hayley, but divorced in January 2006.

Congratulations, we're sort of guessing!

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David Hasselhoff got into a blow-out argument with his girlfriend last night, and hotel security had to intervene - right before his 59th birthday party.

Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts were at the Wynn in Vegas to celebrate his birthday. Friends were throwing the bash for him at Blush, inside the hotel.

Earlier in the evening, however, Hasselhoff's girlfriend made a call to security and one source says she appeared to have been in some sort of distress.

Hayley Roberts and David Hasselhoff

Security came, and for a while there was some question as to whether David would make it to his own party, but as seen above, he did indeed show.

Everyone then calmed down, no arrests were made and no charges were pressed against Roberts or the former America's Got Talent judge.

Happy birthday, The Hoff.

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The Hoff is taking off.

David Hasselhoff, who was let go from America's Got Talent last season in favor of Howie Mandell, has signed on to replace Simon Cowell on the British version of this reality competition.

"David is super excited about the move [to England]," an insider tells Pop Eater. "He's in London over the holidays going theater and looking at apartments for when he moves full-time early next year."

It's the Hoff!

Things are looking good for Hasselhoff these days, as his family's reality show premiered on A&E last week.

"It's a brand-new start for David and he couldn't be more exited," says a friend. "His new reality show is bound to be a hit and now he is returning to TV in the show that found Susan Boyle. What could be bigger than that?"

Nothing. Absolutely nothing could be bigger than that.

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It's said that all good things must come to an end. So, too, must David Hasselhoff's attempt to bust a move on Dancing With the Stars. It was simply not to be.

Hoff gets credit for self-deprecatingly giving it his best on the season premiere, and are surprised his enthusiasm and name recognition didn't carry him.

The German contingency must not have hit the phones.

David Hasselhoff and Kym Johnson Photo

David Hasselhoff is Dancing With the Stars' first casualty.

Once again, our faith in predicting these results shows is nill. We expected Margaret Cho and Michael Bolton to be at risk, but they were safe right off the bat.

This is because the show tells you who from the bottom dancers is safe as well as the top performers in random, disjointed order. Oh well. Keeps you tuned in.

In the end it came down to Kurt Warner, Kyle Massey, The Situation and the Hoff, with the latter bidding adieu. Do you think voters made the right call?

Who are you rooting for with the Hoff down?


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Will David Hasselhoff compete on the 11th season of Dancing With the Stars this fall? That's the latest casting rumor emerging from the show, via Us!

Is it true that David will don Dancing shoes? Will Bruno dare to hassle the Hoff? Will he attempt to tango after getting belligerently drunk backstage?

We'll have to wait and see. The cast will be unveiled on Bachelor Pad next Monday night. Who else will be competing with Hasselhoff for the MirrorBall?

David Hasselhoff judges America's Got Talent. Does he have any, though?

Also making their way to the dance floor, according to insiders: Jersey Shore's Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino and The Hills alumna Audrina Patridge.

Singer Brandy also is in "serious discussions." Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez are likely OUT, meanwhile, despite Bachelorette tie-ins with ABC.

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A woman claiming to be David Hasselhoff's girlfriend says she plans to sue the star for domestic abuse, even though he claims they've never even met.

These things happen when you are an international sex symbol and revered for your role in the epic, long-running television drama known as Baywatch.

Shelly Thompson, who also goes by Shane Starlet, is alleging she was physically hassled by the Hoff and has engaged a high-profile Hollywood lawyer.

If Thompson is to be believed (a big if) her story is no joke.

She says she began living with Hasselhoff in 2007 until their relationship came to an end this July, when he threw her out of his car onto the street.

“My mother and I were on our way down to San Diego with David for his Comic Con appearance,” Thompson recalled. “He was drunk, we got into an argument and he pulled over on the side of the road and told us to, ‘Get the f*%k out!’”

Who does he think he is, Mel Gibson?

No photo evidence of Thompson and Hasselhoff together is know to exist, despite her claims that she and Hasselhoff - who is famously battling alcohol and other problems - dated for nearly three years. Quite fishy, no?

Another hole? Thompson claims the incident occurred on July 24. There are photos of Hasselhoff at a Comic Con event in San Diego with his daughter on July 22 – two days before Thompson says she went to the event with him.

Hasselhoff's legal team says this reeks of a shakedown, claiming “he has never met” Shelly Thompson, “doesn’t know anyone by that name” and the whole story “is absolutely not true.” The accuser says it is true, and there are witnesses.

We'll see.