David Hans Schmidt is a porn and nude photo broker. One might refer to him as a sick f*%k who has made boatloads of cash.

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Kimberly Bell nude photos have yielded the former mistress of Barry Bonds lots of attention. But no money.

How come? Because the payments Bell received from Playboy went into the hands of recently deceased celebrity sex tape broker, David Hans Schmidt.

"Apparently the day after the funds went into his account, he was arrested by the FBI," Bell told Howard Stern on his show heard on Sirius satellite radio. "He used the funds for not only his bail, but his attorney and everything else."

Somewhere, Tila Tequila and Kim Kardashian are shaking their heads. You gotta make sure you earn your keep for taking off your clothes, sister.

Barry Bonds saw Kimberly Bell naked a lot. Now, thanks to a Playboy shoot, the whole world can do the same.

Bell said Schmidt accompanied her to Los Angeles for the Playboy photo shoot, but told her he was also "going to meet with Tom Cruise for the biggest deal of his life."

From there, we all know what went down: Undercover agents met with Schmidt as he offered to sell pics of Cruise's wedding to Katie Holmes.

The man responsible for the Paris Hilton and Dustin Diamond sex tapes was then sentenced to serve house arrested, and subsequently killed himself last week.

Bell said she had spoken to Schmidt days before his death and he "was very remorseful until the very end" about spending her cash.

She said she harbored no ill will toward her publicist because "I come from real humble beginnings and I learned a lot of lessons. This is another one."

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David Hans Schmidt, the self-proclaimed "Sultan of Sleaze," told the New York Daily News he tried to kill himself two weeks ago, prior to completing that task Friday.

Cops found the body of Schmidt, 47, who became famous and rich for peddling celebrity photos and sex tapes, in his Phoenix home, dead of apparent suicide.

David Hans Schmidt had been under house arrest after pleading guilty to attempted extortion involving the wedding photos of Tom Cruise.

"I did something really stupid," he told Daily News gossip columnist George Rush. "I put a belt around my neck in the shower. Fortunately, it didn't work."

"He was phoning me every other day," Rush said. "I kept saying, 'You got to get yourself some medication.' He said he was on some, but it didn't work for long."

David Hans Schmidt was arrested in July after obtaining pictures of Cruise's wedding in Italy last year from a co-defendant, authorities said.

Schmidt threatened to release the pictures if Cruise didn't pay up. Schmidt and his client, who allegedly stole the photos from the wedding photographer's laptop, were seeking between $1.2 million and $1.3 million from TomKat.

Schmidt, who had served time for violating a restraining order taken out by the mother of his daughters, was due back in court October 11 and faced up to two years behind bars. "I can't go back to prison," Schmidt told Rush.

"I tried to tell him how much he had to look forward to, that there was publishing interest in a book and he could use his time to write his memoirs," Rush said.

But David Hans Schmidt was evidently too depressed.

"He had to wear an ankle monitor. He couldn't leave the house, there were liens on everything he owned," Rush said. "He was getting stripped of everything."

David Hans Schmidt was famous, of course, for somehow getting hold of sex tapes and nude photos of celebrities, which he turned around and sold for big dollars.

David Hans Schmidt tried to sell off Paris Hilton photos (such as this one he is seen holding, which she later signed for him) from her L.A. storage locker.

He said he had the Dustin Diamond sex tape, featuring the cretinous actor who played Screech on "Saved by the Bell," and he sold topless shots of Army Pfc. Jessica Lynch, as well as Tonya Harding's wedding night sex video.

David Hans Schmidt also said he had nude pics of Gennifer Flowers, who once claimed to have had an affair with former President Bill Clinton

"He just loved doing these deals," said Rush. "When he had something in the works, he was pumped up. Full of energy. But he couldn't do it anymore. He was afraid the prosecutors would use it as evidence that he was unrepentant and continuing to be up to his old tricks... It left him with no income."

Cops said they found David Hans Schmidt dead at 3 p.m. on Friday after they noticed the tracking device he was wearing had not moved.

"He was a lovable rogue," Rush said. "Every time he was on the phone, you knew there was another wild story coming down the pike."

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David Hans Schmidt, the celebrity sex tape broker who was facing prison time after pleading guilty to trying extort money from Tom Cruise, was found dead in his home yesterday afternoon, according to authorities.

Local ivestigators said it appeared David Hans Schmidt, 47, who was under house arrest in the Phoenix area pending sentencing, had committed suicide.

Schmidt was found dead in his townhouse around 3 p.m. Friday after police noticed an electronic tracker placed on him had not moved and he had not checked in with authorities as required, said Lt. Anthony Lopez.

It wasn't known when Schmidt, who was free on $100,000 bond, was to enter his plea in court. He also faced a $250,000 fine for trying to extort $1 million or more for stolen TomKat wedding photos August 24 in L.A.

David Hans Schmidt, 47, a notorious broker of compromising celebrity photos and videos (most recently, regarding TomKat) was found dead on Friday.

Schmidt admitted he was guilty of extortion after contacting reps of Tom Cruise and threatening to release wedding photos of the actor and Katie Holmes - which a client obtained illegally - if he didn't get between $1.2 and $1.3 million.

In the past, Schmidt had tried to auction off Paris Hilton's diary, as well as photos of her in various stages of undress and other items allegedly "stolen" from her.

The man also brokered deals to sell the rights to the Dustin Diamond sex tape, the amateur porn video of Tonya Harding's wedding night, topless shots of rescued U.S. Army POW Pfc. Jessica Lynch, and Jamie Foxx nude pics.

Schmidt was no stranger to the headlines his unusual line of work yielded him - in fact, he relished them. A "wall of shame" filled his office, with framed pics of the celebrities whose scandals paid the bills for the controversial "publicist."

David Hans Schmidt represented Gennifer Flowers when she came forward with allegations of an affair with former President Clinton. He also represented prostitute Divine Brown, famous for being solicited by Hugh Grant.

In a 1998 interview with The Arizona Republic, David Hans Schmidt said that days like when the scandal involving Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton broke were the kind of days and opportunities he lived for.

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A man known for brokering deals involving celebrity sex photos and videos has agreed to plead guilty in a plot to extort more than $1 million from Tom Cruise.

That "man" is none other than David Hans Schmidt.

The celebrity porn broker agreed to plead guilty to sending communications for purposes of extortion. He faces up to two years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

It wasn't known when Schmidt, 47, who is free on bond, might enter his plea in court. A phone message left for his attorney was not immediately returned.

A plea agreement for David Hans Schmidt's co-defendant, Marc Lewis Gittleman, who the authorities say helped recover photos from a computer hard drive, has been filed as well. He is also charged with conspiracy to commit extortion.

David Hans Schmidt (pictured) and Gittleman were arrested July 26. Gittleman obtained photos of Tom Cruise's wedding to Katie Holmes from the event's photographer.

Gittleman then made copies of the wedding photos on the drive. He contacted Schmidt after finding a site touting his abilities to broker celebrity photos.

No word if Gittleman read that on this very celebrity news site.

Starting in May, Schmidt had repeated contact with reps of Tom Cruise and threatened to release the photos if he didn't receive $1.2-1.3 million.

David Hans Schmidt began sending e-mails to the actor's camp, including one with 13 photos of Tom Cruise's wedding attached as proof that he had them.

The celebrity sex tape king said he had about 7,600 images and he hoped a "commendable and quiet arrangement could be reached" with Tom Cruise.

David Hans Schmidt attended a meeting with the actor's representatives and an undercover FBI agent July 24 in which he compared his actions to "legal extortion" and said he would "hunt down to hell and back" anyone who dared crossed him.

Guess he was wrong on the whole "legal" bit.

In the past, Schmidt has tried to auction off Paris Hilton's diaries, along with sexual photos of her and other items that were locked up in a storage locker.

Also in Paris' stuff was that now infamous pic of Cisco Adler naked.

Schmidt also brokered deals to sell the Dustin Diamond sex tape and a video of Tonya Harding's wedding night, among other tawdry items.

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David Hans Schmidt, the celebrity sex tape broker who's featured in this month's issue of Details, has profited immensely from the videos he's released â€" as well as the footage he hasn't.

Lying on his couch one afternoon in late February, Schmidt puts Oprah on mute, grabs his ringing phone, and raises an eyebrow.

"Where's 732?" He flips it to speaker. "Hans Schmidt."

"Er, hi. I had a look at your website," says a male voice. "I've got footage of Cassandra Peterson copulating in the '70s. She was Elvira, Mistress of the Dark? She's in negotiation to do a reality show ... "

This is how it is for David Hans Schmidt these days.

If there's a celebrity sex tape out there, it has a way of finding him. Porn on a plate. Such are the rewards of being America's premier peddler of celebrity porn.

At 46, Schmidt has put together an extensive résumé that includes the Gennifer Flowers Penthouse cover, Tonya Harding's wedding night video, Paris Hilton's private diaries, nude shots of Private Jessica Lynch, Amber Frey, and Jamie Foxx, sex tapes of Colin Farrell and Dustin Diamond â€" and, if the man on the phone is for real (Schmidt is still determining the tape's authenticity), Elvira.

"Tell me, is there full sex, fellatio, cunnilingus?" Schmidt asks, pacing around the room in stonewashed jeans and cowboy boots. The man claims there's 18 minutes of high-res action. In color. With a money shot.

"Excellent!" Schmidt exclaims. "Okay, first we enter into a broker's-fee agreement, which stipulates a period of time in which I can effectuate a deal for you. Then you surrender to me a DVD, which I show prospective buyers on my laptop. And then, my friend, we'll go for the high buck. Somewhere between Sunset Boulevard and Wilshire, we'll come to a deal."

They swap information, and Schmidt shuts his phone, grinning.

"What you have just witnessed is a moment of history," he exclaims, stroking his mustache. "What might be the first deal for David Hans Schmidt since he almost got f**king killed!"

Continue reading this Details article here ...

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Ah, Screech. He's not only a sick f**k, but a liar.

The Gossip has officially learned what it has been saying all along - that the release of the infamous Dustin Diamond sex video was no accident after all. Zoinks!

In shocking news, the man known best as Screech Powers now confesses to Details magazine that he was in on the release of the now-infamous sex video from the start.

While he did not mention whether there is a "package double" on the tape, Diamond says in the interview that someone was threatening to let the Screech sex tape (Saved By The Smell?) loose, so he called up Red Light District and struck a deal with them to beat the "sleaze guy" to the punch and make some money.

"We backdoored them," he said, pun possibly not intended.

So much for his war of words with celebrity porn broker David Hans Schmidt, the so-called "sleaze" who got his hands on the tape and has maintained that Screech was in on it from the get-go.

We could have told you that. Known for integrity and candor, David Hans Schmidt has shown himself to be a gentleman and a true professional. If he's not the personification of the American Dream, we don't know who is.

In any case, the Dirty Sanchez distributor is going to be an amateur porn star before you know it. Eat your heart out, Mary Carey.

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Yes, that's right. Dustin Diamond is back in the news regarding his infamous sex video, which we first learned of last fall.

The Saved by The Bell alum said recently on The Dr. Keith Ablow Show that he unsuccessfully tried to stop the video from being distributed.

The Dustin Diamond sex tape, says its star, shows him cavorting with (and performing lewd acts upon) two young women, but it was just a dare from some poker buddies, and never was intended to get out.

Sure thing, says the tape's owner, David Hans Schmidt, who got his hands on the thing shortly thereafter. Singing a different tune, David Hans says the alleged comedian known as Screech was "in on this deal from the start."

What's more, Schmidt said that he's not even sure that it's all Diamond - at least where it counts - in the graphic sex video.

"You never see his face and his [manhood] in the same shot," said Schmidt, the celebrity sex tape broker who added that he might sue if Diamond is indeed misrepresenting himself.

One possible theory: It's Mario Lopez on the tape, not Diamond!

But anyway, don't go filing that lawsuit just yet, David Hans Schmidt. Diamond's girlfriend - really, he has one, and it's not Lisa Turtle - tells the New York Daily News that she can vouch for the package.

Who knew that more Screech sex tape controversy would arise. At least we know those nude Britney Spears pictures from last month are the real deal.

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The Britney Spears sex tape, or alleged Britney Spears sex tape, as we keep calling it, for lack of proof that it even exists, continues to fuel intense, filthy, lewd speculation.

The UK tabloid News of the World reported that Kevin Federline is shopping a four-hour sex tape featuring himself naked and "enjoying an uninhibited range of lovemaking" to his now-estranged wife, Britney Spears.

Still Shackled

The paper cites a source close to Federline saying, "They did nothing all day but have sex - and play the odd game of chess."

Huh? K-Fed plays chess? We figured him for the checkers type, if you know what we're saying. We're saying he's a stupid f*%k and not smart enough to play chess.

Neither Britney or Kevin has confirmed the tape exists, but notorious porn broker David Hans Schmidt, who has said he is willing to pay up to $100 million for the tape if it is authentic, tells Us Weekly that he has been in contact with the alleged video's seller and plans to meet him in person today.

Although the seller spoke to Schmidt from a phone with a scrambled number, the man known heretofore as the Celebrity Sex Tape God says that the seller "dropped all the right names that made me believe he had the tape."

At the same time, TMZ reports that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will get back together - just one more time, to assure the public they never made any sex tapes. Unlike Dustin Diamond. He made one. In which he gave some chick the Dirty Sanchez. Yuck. Please keep that Screech sex tape away from us, David Hans Schmidt.

A statement will be issued by Britney and K-Fed soon, the celebrity sleuths report.

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Porn king David Hans Schmidt has allegedly offered $100 million for a sex tape featuring Britney Spears and her estranged, worthless piece of $h!t douchebag of a husband, Kevin Federline.

Schmidt is the celebrity porn broker behind videos starring many famous people, including Fred Durst. Most recently, he's been in the news for getting his filthy hands on the (former Saved By The Bell star) Dustin Diamond sex tape, as well as some nude Marcia Cross pictures.

Rough Britney Spears Pic

Man, those must be hot.

Schmidt has proven time and again that if there is a celebrity sex tape out there, he will acquire it. He is a celebrity porn broker by trade, after all.

Whether it's real or not is anyone's guess, but a 19-second clip from a sex tape featuring someone looking like Britney Spears was recently leaked online, and allegedly shows her performing a sex act on a person thought to be (or look a lot like) K-Fed.

Fox News claims British newspaper News Of The World has offered $50 million for the full tape. But not to be outdone, David Hans Schmidt is ready to double that offer.

He tells Radar Online: "I'd offer $100 million if this tape is any good. What the f**k is News of the World doing trying to get into the porn-selling business, anyway? They're just trying to sling arrows into the dark to get some headlines. No way they'd make their money back."

Lesson Probably Learned: There is no Britney Spears sex tape.

Lesson Definitely Learned: If you're in the sex tape business, do not f*%k with David Hans Schmidt. The man has deep pockets. Deep, dirty pockets.

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First, the Dustin Diamond sex tape rocked everyone's innocent, Screech-like world.

Now, the man responsible for publicizing such sordid behavior is back - and he's got nude Marica Cross photos to show off.

Indeed, Phoenix-based agent David Hans Schmidt claims he has naked photos of the Desperate Housewives star.

Of course, he also claims he has a life, but it's based on such information as the red-haired actress' "carpet does match the curtains."

While this would mean Lindsay Lohan has competition for the Firecrotch team captain, it also means Schmidt is a complete loser.

The waste of space says he is representing the owner of a garbage hauling firm that found over 200 personal pictures of Cross - including her showering in the buff outside - in her garbage. Even though the actress is demanding their return, arguing that they are the copyrighted property of her and her husband, Tom Mahoney, porn king Schmidt says that the pictures "were not stolen."

"When you throw something away, you forfeit that property," he said.

Of course, Schmidt is not all a bad guy. He claims he also has the actress' tax returns, but "out of respect for Ms. Cross," won't discuss how much she makes.

That's sweet. Out of respect for our younger audience, we won't refer to Schmidt but all the names we'd like to. But we will say he makes Stavros Niarchos seem like an important part of society.

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