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David Cook returned to his old stomping grounds last night.

Before the American Idol results were announced, fans were treated to an energetic performance of the Season 7 winner's new single, "The Last Goodbye."

A month ago or so, he appeared on the show to do the Simple Minds classic "Don’t You (Forget About Me)," but this time he shared with us his own song.

Dressed in a dark suit and strumming on an oversized white guitar, Cook showed why viewers made him the next American Idol a few years back:

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It was a tough week for Lacey Brown on American Idol, as the singer became the first season nine finalist to be voted off the show.

But things went better for Ke$ha and David Cook on Wednesday night. Both stars took to the stage and performed their hits "Blah Blah Blah" and "Jumping Jack Flash." Enjoy both performances below:

[video url="" title="Jumping Jack Flash"] [/video]

On Tuesday, American Idol will return to the air. Will Siobhan Magnus continue her run toward a title? Tune in. Find out.

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David Cook is a busy man.

The American Idol winner is working on his debut album, aiming for a fall release for what ought to be a well-selling rock CD.

"David Cook is an extraordinarily versatile and talented artist with an impressive sense of musicality," said Tom Corson, Executive Vice President and General Manager, RCA Music Group. "He is a natural performer and a true star. We are thrilled to welcome him into our family."

Cook won't be able to relax much as he records this album. He'll be on tour all summer with David Archuleta, Brooke White and company as part of the American Idol's Live extravaganza; it begins July 1.

Meanwhile, David took a break from all things business this week when he visited season seven performer Luke Menard in the hospital. Menard has been diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

"I love Luke and I just wanted to show up and make sure that he understood that I love him and know that if there's anything I can do for him and his wife, sign me up," Cook said.

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No one on the planet can relate more to David Cook that last year's American Idol champion, Jordin Sparks.

After being in attendance at the show's finale and seeing Cook knock off David Archuleta for the title, Sparks offered the rocker one piece of important advice:

Boston Hopefuls

"Sleep as much as you can because you don't get any sleep. It's a year later and I still haven't gotten a whole eight hours of sleep yet … I'm still reeling from winning last year. But, I guess I would say just try and enjoy every moment you have.

David Cook and Jordin Sparks have a lot in common.

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Every year, the American Idol winner is forced to sing a cheesy ballad in celebration of his/her victory.

This season was no different, as David Cook took home the title and then serenaded his fans with "Time of My Life."

Katelyn Epperly Promo Pic

Here's a video of Cook winning and then celebrating with his fellow American Idol finalists:


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The actual American Idol winner won't be announced until tomorrow night.

Following their latest performances, though, we wanna know which finalist our readers think will take home the crown.

Urban... Legend?

David Cook or David Archuleta?

David Archuleta sang Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me; In This Moment; and Imagine.

David Cook sang I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For; Dream Big; and The World I Know.

Who did a better job?

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The Hollywood Gossip staff is proud to bring you Tale of the Tape, a feature in which we break down prospective matchups within the celebrity world. The following is an obvious one.

Next week, David Cook will take on David Archuleta in what may be the most anticipated American Idol finals match-up of all-time. Forget Tuesday night, though.

Who will emerge victorious in the following 10 rounds? Let's find out. Ding, ding!


David Cook: Chris Daughtry
David Archuleta: Clay Aiken
Edge: Cook


David Cook: Cancer-stricken brother, Adam
David Archuleta: Insanely controlling father, Jeff
Edge: Cook


David Cook: David
David Archuleta: David
Edge: Even


David Cook: "Always Be My Baby"
David Archuleta: "Imagine"
Edge: Archuleta

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Before they compete against each other on American Idol tonight, David Cook, David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado watched others compete this weekend across the professional sports landscape.

Each American Idol finalist performed in front of thousands of fans, using the opportunity to ready themselves for this evening's pressure-packed semifinal round.

First up, David Cook sang "Take Me Out the the Ball Game" during a Kansas City Royals game. It was the most excitement the franchise has seen this decade. Watch the performance HERE.

David Cook threw out the first pitch before a Royals game.

Meanwhile, Syesha Mercado sung the National Anthem prior to a Tampa Bay Rays game. The star can only hope she remains as hot as this franchise, which has won five games in a row. Watch her performance NOW.

Who should Syesha Mercado make this out to?

How did David Archuleta fit into this sports-themed weekend? You'll have to follow the jump on this article to find out.

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As David Cook gets set to battle David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado on American Idol this week, he practiced by getting in the ring with equally tough competition:


Well, sort of.

The talented singer is actually shown below in a shot from a recent commercial he shot with fellow Idol finalists. Still, Cook looks comfortable in the outfit, doesn't he? It should be nice to know he has a back-up career if this singing thing doesn't work out.

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Yup, this headline pretty much sums up what went down in Las Vegas last week between the three remaining American Idol finalists and one very lucky mammal.

In between last week's performances and tonight's big final four showdown, David Archuleta, David Cook and Jason Castro all befriended a dolphin, of whom we're guessing millions of teenage girls are jealous...

Tonight, these three will join Syesha Mercado on stage for the latest set of American Idol performance. We'll have a full report on it tomorrow!

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