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The actual American Idol winner won't be announced until tomorrow night.

Following their latest performances, though, we wanna know which finalist our readers think will take home the crown.

Urban... Legend?

David Cook or David Archuleta?

David Archuleta sang Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me; In This Moment; and Imagine.

David Cook sang I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For; Dream Big; and The World I Know.

Who did a better job?

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The big night is here. The favorite from the onset, David Archuleta has dispatched all but one singer as he closes in on the American Idol crown. But does Archuleta deserve it - or should David Cook win? That's the subject of today's Face-Off ...


David Archuleta at the Finale

YES by Free Britney

To paraphrase a line from the great MC Paul Barman, David Archuleta's voice makes even the most anti-choice granny's panties moist.

That may be a crude way of putting it, but there's no denying that young Archuleta has massive appeal - and is a star in the making.

The American Idol world has seen some amazing talent and some real cuties, but David Archuleta may take the cake on both fronts.

This kid is no novelty act, but a true prodigy.

His formidable fellow finalist, David Cook, has been lauded for his guitar playing, but don't forget that David Archuleta accompanied himself on piano during his renditions of "Another Day in Paradise" and "Angels." He's got game!

Oh, and what an inspirational story! Archuleta once suffered partial vocal paralysis (from which he is still recovering)! He's controlled by his insane father! He couldn't even go to his prom! What more can he do to win our hearts?

He's the only guy not named Jack Daniel to bring Paula Abdul to tears. Just "imagine" what he could do with an entire CD!

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The Hollywood Gossip staff is proud to bring you Tale of the Tape, a feature in which we break down prospective matchups within the celebrity world. The following is an obvious one.

Next week, David Cook will take on David Archuleta in what may be the most anticipated American Idol finals match-up of all-time. Forget Tuesday night, though.

Who will emerge victorious in the following 10 rounds? Let's find out. Ding, ding!


David Cook: Chris Daughtry
David Archuleta: Clay Aiken
Edge: Cook


David Cook: Cancer-stricken brother, Adam
David Archuleta: Insanely controlling father, Jeff
Edge: Cook


David Cook: David
David Archuleta: David
Edge: Even


David Cook: "Always Be My Baby"
David Archuleta: "Imagine"
Edge: Archuleta

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We hate to break it to you, David Cook - but you better get used to this.

Especially if you win American Idol next week, life as you know it will cease to exist. This is mostly a good thing.

But it also means that a trip to Sbarro with friends will become major celebrity gossip news. That's the way of our world. Welcome to it.

David Cook looks less than pleased to be photographed as he grabs a slice of pizza.

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Before they compete against each other on American Idol tonight, David Cook, David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado watched others compete this weekend across the professional sports landscape.

Each American Idol finalist performed in front of thousands of fans, using the opportunity to ready themselves for this evening's pressure-packed semifinal round.

First up, David Cook sang "Take Me Out the the Ball Game" during a Kansas City Royals game. It was the most excitement the franchise has seen this decade. Watch the performance HERE.

David Cook threw out the first pitch before a Royals game.

Meanwhile, Syesha Mercado sung the National Anthem prior to a Tampa Bay Rays game. The star can only hope she remains as hot as this franchise, which has won five games in a row. Watch her performance NOW.

Who should Syesha Mercado make this out to?

How did David Archuleta fit into this sports-themed weekend? You'll have to follow the jump on this article to find out.

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As David Cook gets set to battle David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado on American Idol this week, he practiced by getting in the ring with equally tough competition:


Well, sort of.

The talented singer is actually shown below in a shot from a recent commercial he shot with fellow Idol finalists. Still, Cook looks comfortable in the outfit, doesn't he? It should be nice to know he has a back-up career if this singing thing doesn't work out.

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Yup, this headline pretty much sums up what went down in Las Vegas last week between the three remaining American Idol finalists and one very lucky mammal.

In between last week's performances and tonight's big final four showdown, David Archuleta, David Cook and Jason Castro all befriended a dolphin, of whom we're guessing millions of teenage girls are jealous...

Tonight, these three will join Syesha Mercado on stage for the latest set of American Idol performance. We'll have a full report on it tomorrow!

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As most American Idol fans know by now, David Cook had tears in his eyes following his performance last week for a very good reason:

His cancer-stricken brother, Adam, was watching from the front now.

In an interview with B1027.FM, a radio station that helped facilitate the trip, Adam had the following to say about the experience:

"I am blown away. The support of the community made this possible, it literally just lifted my spirits to know I'm from Terre Haute. That might sound corny, but it's the God's honest truth. My feelings for back home were just amplified."

Deservedly so, Adam also received the VIP treatment.

"They came in and asked if it was okay if they seated Teri Hatcher and Minnie Driver next to us," Adam said. "When Teri sat down, I didn't even know who she was. She weighed all of 90 pounds. I expected her to be taller. But I'm not stupid. I figured it out. She's a desperate housewife and hey, I'm a desperate house something."

Tomorrow night, Adam and all other American Idol fans can hear David sing an Andrew Lloyd Webber song.

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We'll publish a more in-depth review of American Idol later on. For now, allow us to praise the singing specimen that is David Cook.

His version of Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby" was original, entertaining and professional-sounding. We rocked out to it.

So did Randy Jackson, who gave Cook his first standing ovation of the season. Paula and Simon agreed that it was the best performance of the evening and we can only hope David Archuleta fans agreed. Even they have to admit it at this point:

This David is seriously cooking.

What a Cook!

Check out David Cook rendition of "Always Be My Baby" right now. What do you think?

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Like an endorsement for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton from Al Gore, the support of Jordin Sparks should mean a lot to this year's American Idol finalists.

With that in mind, the two heavy favorites - David Cook and David Archuleta - should rest easy tonight.

"I really like Jason Castro," Sparks told MTV News from the orange carpet at last weekend's Kids' Choice Awards. "I like his look, and I love his vulnerability. He goes out there, and if he messes up, he's just like, 'Oops.'

But I like David Cook too. I think the guys are where it's at this year. I love you, girls �" please don't get me wrong �" and I could be totally wrong, because the show is so unpredictable."

I Won

Jordin Sparks won American Idol last season. Who will win this season?

Come on now, Jordin, pick a winner.

"It's going to be either David Archuleta or David Cook," she said, before sating that she ultimately believes David Cook will be America's next Idol.

We hope she's right!

David Cook Biography

What a Cook! David Cook was crowned the winner of American Idol, season seven. He was favorite throughout the competition, as the rocker was... More »
Full Name
David Cook

David Cook Quotes

I started this season — much to Simon’s chagrin — as the word nerd and I’m absolutely at a loss for words. Thank you guys. This is amazing. Thank you.

David Cook

David Cook: You know, everybody's got an opinion, and tonight was Archuleta's night. I have to concede it: The kid came out all three songs and nailed it. But I walk away from this with my head held high.

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