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The World Cup may over for fans of the U.S. Men's National Team.

But David Beckham is giving us a reason to remain excited over soccer.

The ridiculously attractive British baller is posing for a new H&M ad campaign, showing off some seriously ripped abs and an overall impressive physique on behalf of the clothing company.

"I'm really excited about my new Bodywear collection," Beckham says in a statement. "It has a heritage sportswear feel, with a focus on function and, of course, a great fit. As with everything in my collection, quality pieces with a masculine edge are key. I hope everyone will love them as much as I do."

When David Beckham underwear photos are at hand, we're pretty confident everyone will love them.

Click around and drool away now!

David Beckham H&M Pic
Thank you, H&M! The company has included this photo of David Beckham in its new ad campaign.

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Have no fear, ladies.

When it comes to stars donning half a birthday suit, THG is an equal opportunity website.

Earlier today, we published a photo gallery of 43 Stars Who Have Gone Topless in Magazines - and now we've returned to satisfy the fairer gender.

From ex-husband and ex-boyfriends of Kim Kardashian... to many professional athletes... to a pair of Twilight Saga studs... to, of course, Justin Bieber, many handsome men have posed nearly naked for national publications over the past few years/months.

But there's no reason to go snooping through your local newsstand like a crazy person trying go find them! We've compiled all these cuties below. Drool Click away!

Charlie Hunnam Shirtless Photo
Charlie Hunnam stars on Sons of Anarchy. And, after seeing this photo, likely in the fantasies of many women around the Internet as well.

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No disrespect to Richard Sherman, but if a shirtless David Beckham modeling underwear can't get you to watch the Super Bowl next Sunday, nothing can.

Especially since H&M, which will air a Beckham-themed Super Bowl ad, promises "a high-octane ride with tantalizing views of Beckham in never-before-seen positions."

Never-before-seen positions, THGers. You may drool on cue ...

David Beckham Underwear Photograph
David Beckham is shirtless and in underwear for H&M as part of his new ad campaign. Wow.

Yes. Becks, who models shirtless for various underwear advertisements more often than Americans watch soccer in a given year, is back at it again.

That's not a knock on the beautiful game, but let's be honest:

Which would you rather stare at: David Beckham pretty much nude, or an L.A. Galaxy snooze-fest? That's right. You'd choose the chiseled abs. Own it.

As for those positions, there are actually two ads, says H&M, which is still deciding which 30-second spot the fans will see on Super Bowl Sunday.

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David Beckham shirtless alert, ladies. David Beckham shirtless alert.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, we see the soccer star filming a commercial for H&M, promoting that brand's new underwear line by taking to East End rooftops, flying through the hair via a harness and wearing nothing but a small pair of boxer briefs.

He's also climbing across industrial pipes and is actually being directed by Guy Richie and... we had you with "David Beckham shirtless," didn't we?

Watch scenes from the fun spot now:

David Beckham Biography

David Beckham Underwear Photo David Beckham is almost too sexy for the soccer field. Almost. Everyone made a huge deal out of the fact that he joined the MLS in 2007,... More »
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David Beckham
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