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In the immortal words of The Spice Girls, Michael Caine is telling David Beckham and his wife what he wants, what he really, really wants.

The respected British actor wants England to wait awhile before it awards the soccer star with knighthood.

David Beckham Armani Underwear Ad

Beckham is rumored to be in the running for a mention in the new year's honors list for his services to the sport and various charities, but Caine thinks it's a bit too soon.

"I've been Sir Michael for about 5 or 6 years now. [David] seems a bit young to me, I wasn't a Sir until I was 66! Sean [Connery] was 68 when he got his. Roger [Moore] was 75. How old is David? - About 30? He could at least wait until he was 33 or 34. Get a bit mature," he said.

It's hard to argue with that. But the disdain Caine expressed toward Victoria Beckham was flat out mean:

"She just goes along for the ride."

That's really not true, Sir Michael. She also wears shirts that accentuate her boobs. Nevertheless, you're entitled to your opinion.

Now let us express ours: don't ever go along for a ride with Lindsay Lohan. That firecrotch queen can't drive at all.

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They've conquered the world of spots (sort of). They've dominated the music universe (not at all). What's next for Victoria and David Beckham?

The perfume industry (oh gosh).

Indeed, the British couple has unveiled its new line of fragrances ,entitled "Intimately Beckham for Him" and "for Her." Posh Spice and the former English football captain appear in the perfume ad, featuring the duo entwined in a very sexy embrace (see below).

David and Victoria Beckham Underwear Ad

We can't blame Beckham too much for this less than manly foray. After all, Derek Jeter recently came out with a cologne. And, well, The OC apparently has a scent-filled product line now.

According to the ads, "For Him" keeps it masculine, with an aroma of patchouli and amber, while "For Her" aims to capture "the essence of Victoria known only to the people closest to her" by featuring a flowery incense layered with vanilla and sandalwood. Wow. Good thing she wasn't Sweaty Spice, huh? Huh?

The fragrances will be available September 1, but unfortunately you'll have to venture to England. While there, don't forget to smile for the camera of Heather Mills.


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As the world awaits a possible reunion of The Spice Girls, rumors are swirling that Victoria and David Beckham have an evern grander announcement planned:

They may be moving across the Atlantic. The rich and beautiful British couple were recently seen searching for homes in the Bel Air section of Los Angeles.

Beckham Loves Basketball

Further stoking such rumors is the fact that David stepped down as captain of the England soccer football team earlier this summer. He currently plays for Real Madrid, but is speculated to be in talks to join the LA Galaxy of Major League Soccer in the States.

The star's charity has already beaten him here. The David Beckham Academy, located at Southern California's Home Depot Center, trains local youths on the field pitch. A move to LA would also help boost Victoria's Hollywood career. It's no secret she wants to be in movies. Get it?

So look out, Brangelina! Take cover, TomKat! Run and hide, Bennifer! It may soon be time to make room for ... the Beckhams.

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