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Hubba. Hubba.

Those are the only two words that come to mind, as we ogle the latest topless photos of David Beckham, courtesy of a new Emporio Armani Underwear campaign.

The soccer stud's tattoos, seen prominently below, translate from Chinese into: "Death and life have determined appointments, riches and honors depends upon heaven."

Well... d'uh!

  • Tattooed and Topless
  • Beckham for Armani

Check out more David Beckham underwear pics now!


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In our previous showdown of studs, we asked readers to choose between Zac Efron and Joe Jonas. Sides are still being taken in that battle - go weigh in with yours now!

Today, though, we're shifting from the small screen to the soccer field.

David Beckham Armani Underwear Ad

For years, David Beckham was considered the prettiest on any pitch in the world. Take a look at the Los Angeles Galaxy star shirtless below and it's easy to see why:

But Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo is now challenging Beckham for the honor of Hottest Soccer Player on the Planet. Here's a look at this half-bare baller:

Study these pics closely and let us know:

Who is the better looking soccer player: David Beckham or Cristiano Ronaldo?


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It may not be another ad with David Beckham in underwear, but the following Sharpie commercial is still worth viewing.

The reason? Well, David Beckham.

Becks and Wife

You can still see the soccer stud's face and all...



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The recent shots of Gisele Bundchen topless and bottomless were meant for our male readers.

But we haven't forgotten about you, ladies!

Here's an almost naked David Beckham, doing nothing but lounging around in his Emporio Armani Underwear. As a member of the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team, it's safe to say Beckham is out of this world.

David Beckham, Underwear

Only a David Beckham nude photo can top an image such as this.


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While Suri Cruise gets all the press, let's not forget that Tom Cruise has two teenage adopted children, Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13.

Much as we love to rip on Tom, we like that he's always spending time with these two, including over this past weekend, when he took Isabella and Connor to see his soccer star buddy, David Beckham, at the Home Depot Center ...

Tom, Connor and Isabella Cruise cheer on their man.

As we reported last week, young Connor Cruise will soon be making his film debut as a young Will Smith... or at least the young version of Will Smith's character in the upcoming drama Seven Pounds. Sounds like fun!

No word on whether they were the only fans at David Beckham's game. But here are more photos of them - and Becks shirtless - from Saturday night ...

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It's hard to blame a man for ogling.

After all, when you sit courtside at an NBA game, the simple fact is that there are gonna be buns. Tight ones. In your face. At very close range.

Beckham Loves Basketball

But if you're David Beckham, and you're one of the most scrutinized peeps in Hollywood, if not the world, you may want to be a little subtle.

Or take a picture, as it will last longer...

GREAT SEAT: David Beckham closely inspects a hot cheerleader and reacts as many males would at the Los Angeles Lakers-Sacramento Kings game last night.

Let's hope for David's sake that Victoria Beckham doesn't see this pic ...

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We love the state of Oklahoma.

Our favorite celebrity, Carrie Underwood is from there, as are more than three million wonderful, honest-to-goodness, hard-working Americans.

We'll give them a mulligan on Sally Kern.

Our point is that we love Oklahoma and mean no offense by the photos below ... we just had to pass along this funny creation of Planet Hiltron.

Follow the link to that site for many more doctored photos like these, which morph some of our favorite celebrities into honorary "Oklahomans" ...

ABOVE: A frighteningly realistic, Oklahoma-style Britney Spears - ding, dang, y'all! - and a permed-up Ashlee Simpson. BELOW: Oklahoma Tom Cruise (nice pants, guy) and his close friends and neighbors, David and Victoria Beckham.

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David Beckham shirtless. Victoria Beckham nude.

To these Brits ever keep their clothes on?


Don't answer that, Lucy Pinder.

Anyway, back from what he called a humbling visit to Africa, a partially naked David Beckham returned to a more playful pastime Tuesday, enjoying a little soccer on the beach at Cabo Sao Roque, a luxury resort in Brazil. 

David Beckham: Eat your heart out, Matthew McConaughey shirtless.


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Looking for David Beckham in his underwear?

We're got the photos.... under here!

Awful puns aside, the truth about this soccer star's ad campaign for Emporio Armani is that it won't officially launch until March.

Nevertheless, reports state that British department store Selfridges witnessed a 50 percent leap in sales of Armani white men's briefs after the press reported Beckham would be the new body of the line.

Therefore, it's apparent that Beckham's anti-Britney Spears approach of actually wearing underwear is paying off handsomely. Similarly, his belief in being a good father is resulting in responsible children.

Nearly Naked David Beckham


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We already know how scintillating a David Beckham nude picture can be.

But the soccer star makes it apparent below that he doesn't have to bare it all in order to cause hot flashes.

As the latest model for Emporio Armani Underwear, Victoria Beckham's husband and Tom Cruise's best buddy is looking mighty fine.

David Beckham... in Underwear!

A friend of David Beckham, no wonder Katie Holmes buys such expensive underwear. She has to compete for her hubby's attention with the scantily clad man above!