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This week's Dancing with the Stars results were a bit unfair to David Arquette, who did more than enough to stay in the competition at least one more week.

But rather than talking about how he should have outlasted Nancy Grace, he's taking the high road and praising the ABC show for the experience it gave him.

It's easy to see why, given that his seven-week run painted him in positive light, following a rough patch that had him making headlines for ... other reasons.

After a trip to rehab, a car accident, a separation from wife Courteney Cox, a fling with Jasmine Waltz and more details he'd just as soon forget, he now can.

"I learned a lot about myself on this show," the actor said after he and partner Kym Johnson were eliminated from the hit series on Tuesday night's program.

"I learned a lot about self-appreciation and finding joy in my life and doing things that are positive for me. Kym and I had the best time. We had a lot of fun."

Arquette, who says his votes are now going to fellow competitor J.R. Martinez, is "sad" about the dismissal, but is also looking on the bright side of leaving.

"I'm looking forward to spending time with friends, taking my daughter to school, going to ice skating with her, getting to play with her – just sleeping," he said.

"I woke up at 3:30 this morning, just amped up. It's just so much high pressure and stress. I'm looking forward to that lack of anxiety on Mondays."

Did David deserve to get the boot?


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David Arquette was dressed like a magician vampire on Dancing With the Stars last night, and while his routine wasn't pure magic, it certainly didn't suck.

The judges were spellbound by his performance, giving him eights.

Head judge Len Goodman even said on Halloween: "There were lots of tricks and lots of treats. I tell you what, you've turned yourself into a dancer here."

"You needed a bit more rhythm, but overall well done to you."

Proving they're still a strong family despite filing for divorce, estranged wife Courteney Cox and daughter Coco were there to cheer David on as usual.

Camp choreographer Bruno Tonioli added: "You've got the prestige, you're a natural at turning tricks." That's what they said about Jasmine Waltz ...

Anyway, Arquette's team lost the team dance-off, so he's still near the bottom of the Dancing With the Stars scores this week. Think he'll be safe?

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David Arquette really brought out the big guns this week on Dancing With the Stars. His passion, energy and moves earned praise from the judges.

His tango to Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" earned a score of 25 and a tie for second Monday night. More importantly, it likely won over many fans.

The 40-year-old seemed to have a blast as he whipped partner Kym Johnson around the floor wearing a black and silver Grease-inspired costume.

Ex-wife Courteney Cox, daughter Coco and sister Patricia looked impressed:

Family members weren't the only ones supporting David this week. He also had the vocal support of a very unusual friend as well: Charlie Sheen.

The former Two and a Half Men train wreck weighed in with this Tweet:

"Support my buddy @DavidArquette tonight On Dancing With The Stars 1(800)868-3406 U can call 12x from each phone line thanks! Let's WIN this!"

Arquette responded: "@charliesheen Charlie thanks so much for the support pal! You're the best - you really are the man thanks. That's real."

Anybody see that bromance coming? Either way, it is indeed real.

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Were it not for Chaz Bono, much more attention would be paid to David Arquette's stint on Dancing With the Stars, given the up-and-down year he's had.

Between his depression over separating from Courteney Cox, his banging of Jasmine Waltz and so many TMI interviews, we were wondering what state he'd be in.

The answer: A much better one than we thought:

As he danced the Viennese Waltz to Queen's "Someone To Love," David looked euphoric as Courteney and their daughter Coco cheered him on.

He scored an 18, one better than Bono and four behind the lead.

David said when he asked Coco if he should do DWTS, the little girl replied, "initially my feeling is no but let me go to school and speak to my friend Ashley about it."

Good thing for everyone that Ashley consented.

"It's just so beautiful to see her and she's the light of my life and I'm just happy she's here and I love her so much," David said of Coco. Sniff.

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Is David Arquette poised to join the cast of Dancing With the Stars?

TMZ, which is hardly ever wrong about anything, but did screw up a recent casting rumor regarding Snooki and Queen Latifah, says Arquette's in.

David showed up to the rehearsal studio just minutes ago, according to the entertainment news site, to meet his DWTS partner, Kym Johnson.

Partner in the professional sense, not the way he partnered with Jasmine Waltz. Man, we just remembered how funny that story was last year.

Anyway, the new season starts at the end of September. That's all.

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