Dave Chappelle is very funny. But he may not be all there mentally. He'll hopefully return to TV at some point.

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"If North Korea ever drops a bomb on this country, I hope to God it lands on Hartford, Connecticut," Dave Chappelle said onstage in Chicago Tuesday.

The comic, who was heckled and walked off stage in Hartford last week, said he wanted to "pull a reverse Kramer" on the audience in that city.

Chappelle called the crowd a bunch of "young, white alcoholics."

"I don't want anything bad to happen to the United States," he said, but if North Korea were to launch a nuclear weapon at us, he'd choose Hartford.

He went on to reference an incident in which Seinfeld's Michael Richards hurled racial slurs at African-Americans in the crowd during a 2006 stand-up show.

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Dave Chappelle was heckled and suffered a mini-meltdown that ended with him walking off the stage at his comedy show in Connecticut last night.

The 40-year-old only been on stage for a few minutes when he began to get frustrated with the number of comments coming from the Hartford audience.

He stopped his routine, gave the crowd a lecture about heckling, and then quietly sat on a stool for the next 25 minutes before finally walking off stage.

At one point, Dave Chappelle told the crowd, "I f--ked up when I left my show, you know why? 'Cause my show only has to be 22 minutes of television."

"I could've went on, I could've read the phone book for 22 minutes and I would've got $50 million dollars. I shoulda done that s--t but my ego wouldn't let me."

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Dave Chappelle stars on Prince's "Breakfast Can Wait" cover art, dressed as Prince from one of his famous Chappelle Show skits. Hilarious stuff.

Prince "Breakfast Can Wait" Cover

Prince joined Twitter recently and despite his lack of awareness regarding what a selfie is, his sense of humor is on display with this classic cover art.

The image in question shows Chappelle in a frilly, layered purple look with curly black hair while staring longingly into the camera, a la Prince in his heyday.

Beside him, and under the song title "Breakfast Can Wait," is a plate of pancakes.

Genius. As for the song, it's real, not a spoof. Listen to a clip after the jump!

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We've mocked past celebrities for being "exhausted."

Skeletons such as Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan, for example, seemed to check into hospitals purely because they hadn't eaten in weeks. Or had sniffed massive amounts of coaine.

But it does appear as though Dave Chappelle actually has some physical or mental problems.

The comedian checked into to an emergency room in an undisclosed Los Angeles hospital Saturday because he was suffering from exhaustion.

According to a story in People, Chappelle was treated and released a few hours later.

"It was exhaustion; he had been traveling," his rep said. "He's fine."

This isn't the only time the comic has had health issues, however. He often ends up on his back more often than Paris Hilton beneath her latest boy toy (Tyler Atkins, as it currently stands).

In May 2005, Chappelle generated headlines when he walked out on a $50 million Comedy Central contract and abandoned his Chappelle's Show in mid-production.

As was eventually revealed, he spent two weeks in Durbin, South Africa, before returning to his farm â€" and his wife and two children â€" in Ohio. He said the escape was a "spiritual retreat," which sounds like a euphemism Jason Wahler should adopt every time he hits the bottle.

Chappelle has since resumed performing live standup; in April broke the endurance record at the Laugh Factory comedy club in Los Angeles by performing his routine for more than six hours. That's almost as long as Diddy can have sex for!

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Anderson Cooper is greedy. As if the first sit-down with Angelina Jolie after the actress wasn't enough, now the talk show host has nabbed another celebrity guest.

  • The Silver Fox
  • Dave Chappelle Hands Up

As Comedy Central begins to air Chappelle's Show - you know, without Dave Chappelle - Cooper interviewed the zany, rich comedian. The Gossip has recorded the transcript below ...

COOPER: And I'm very pleased that Dave Chappelle joins me live. Dave thanks for being with us.

CHAPPELLE: Man thank you, Anderson. Thank you very much. That was a tearjerker.

COOPER: So what do you think about these so-called lost episodes?

CHAPPELLE: It's funny, I have mixed feelings. I mean, 90 percent of me feels like I wish they wouldn't do this. There's the 10 percent comedian that's like, I hope the sketches do good.

COOPER: Really, so part of you kind of wants to make sure they do alright?

CHAPPELLE: Yeah, oh, yeah. But -- I think the thing that upsets me about it the most is that I was so public about not liking a particular sketch and from my understanding that's included in the three episodes.

COOPER: You talked on "Oprah" about some of the sketches that you were working on and that you felt that they were almost inappropriate or -- I don't want to put words in your mouth. But irresponsible --

CHAPPELLE: Socially irresponsible. In that case, I was speaking about one in particular, in where I appeared in blackface. It's funny but its like -- someone on the set while we were filming it laughed in such a way that I was like, I can't subject my audience to that.

COOPER: There was a white man on the set, one of the people working on the show who laughs --

CHAPPELLE: The way he laughed, made me feel like this guy's laughing for the wrong reasons. And I dared him to laugh Anderson, so that's my --

COOPER: Because people, I mean you want --

CHAPPELLE: It stirred something up in me emotionally that I was like, I don't want to subject anyone else to. And that will be included in the so-called lost episodes. That's one of the reasons why I said it's a bully move.

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Considering it would be hard to hide the fact that host Dave Chappelle isn't present for the new season of Chappelle's Show, Comedy Central is emphasizing the fact.
A preview episode sent out in advance of the July 9 broadcast tackles the issue of Chappelle's absence from the outset.

Dave Chappelle Hands Up

"Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for Dave Chappelle," the studio announcer says as the crowd goes wild.

Chappelle doesn't show, but Charlie Murphy and Donnell Rawlings, two of his cast members, appear. They serve as hosts for scenes that Chappelle shot before suddenly leaving behind a reported $50 million-plus deal for the critically acclaimed show. He's been in hiding for months.

The network, however, is trying to continue its hit. It's pieced together the sketches he did before bolting and named them Chappelle's Show: The Lost Episodes.

The clips in the first episode take direct aim at the news of Chappelle's sizeable raise. In the first, he's seen trying to convince a barber that he doesn't get paid much on cable. Just then, BET reports that he's getting $55 million. Suddenly, the price of his haircut goes to $11,000.

Chappelle's bodyguard is later shot and his last words are: "Your greed did this to me, Dave. ... You didn't have to do two more seasons. You know they're going to say it's not as good as last year."

Chappelle's told Oprah Winfrey his departure was due to stress and a feeling of disgust that his work he began to feel "like a prostitute."

The show will air Sundays at 9 p.m.

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