Dasha Astafieva is a Russian model who is said to be intruding on Hugh Hefner. Or in other words: Hugh Hefner is banging Dasha Astafieva....

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In news almost as shocking as the Ikki Twins wearing anything more than a bikini, Dasha Astafieva recently posed for a photo shoot... in clothing!

The Playboy model typically bares it all for camera, and for elderly boyfriend Hugh Hefner in the privacy of his bedroom.

But it looks like Dasha can squirm her way into a dress almost as well as she can take one off. To wit:

Click on the following pics of Dasha Astafieva to see more of this suddenly pristine model...

A Playboy Model

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What does Hugh Hefner find attractive about new girlfriend Dasha Astafieva?

It's easy to see. Literally!

The Ukrainian model posed on the red carpet prior to Playboy's 55th anniversary party last week, and she did so in an outfit that Jenna Jameson might be too shy to wear.

And in case the see-through dress wasn't revealing enough, Dasha ditched her thong, giving photographers a glimpse of what Hef goes home to every night...

Dasha Photo

Click on the pictures below to see more - A LOT more - of Dasha Astafieva...

  • Half Nude Dasha Astafieva
  • Dasha Astafieva Strips
  • See-Through Fashion
  • New Playboy Star

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Hugh Hefner is a busy, horny man.

In June, the Playboy founder will be giving away ex-girlfriend Kendra Wilkinson, as she walks down the aisle with fiance Hank Baskett.

"We're going to have Kendra's wedding and reception at the mansion - a spectacular affair!" Hef  told Us Weekly over the weekend at the 55th anniversary Playmate celebration in West Hollywood.

Wilkinson will officially move out the Playboy mansion next week.

But don't think Hefner will be alone after that.

News of his sexual exploits with Karissa and Kristina Shannon have been well-documented, but sources also say Hef has been getting it on with Ukrainian model Dasha Astafieva. She has a pictorial in the 55th anniversary issue of Playboy.

“Hef is totally smitten with her. She is not his regular type, but Hef says something about her is really doing it for him,” said an insider.

Dasha Astafieva + Hugh Hefner = Astafner!

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The 55th anniversary edition of Playboy hits newsstands on December 12.

And we now know which beauty will grace the magazine's cover: Dasha Astafieva!

On last night's episode of The Girls Next Door, the model - who has appeared in the international issue of the publication; is a member of an all-girl band named Nikita; and was rumored to be having an affair with Hugh Hefner a few months ago - won the honor over two other aspiring Bunnies.

Dasha Astafieva Photo

Don't worry, fellas. Dasha Astafieva will take it all off in the next issue of Playboy.

Hefner said Dasha was “the most special” of all the models considered for the cover, which included Karissa and Kristina Shannon.

What do you think? Did Hef and company choose the proper Playmate?

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The bleach-blonde stars of The Girls Next Door can breathe a sigh of relief - Hugh Hefner seems content sleeping with the three of them. For now.

Rumors were circulating that 82-year-old Hugh was going to add brunette model Dasha Astafieva from the Ukraine to his Playboy posse.

That development was not smiled upon by Holly Madison (the #1 girlfriend, whatever that means) Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt.

This isn't the only rumor involving unrest at Playboy. This week, we reported the looming departure of the lowest member of The Girls Next Door totem pole - yes, Kendra Wilkinson naked may be soon be a thing of the past for Hef.

Dasha Astafieva Nude

Some reports said Dasha Astafieva had already moved in to the Mansion.

But Hef's rep is now saying that the compelling story is not true.

There are plenty of nude models there, but not this Eastern European.

"[Dasha Astafieva] doesn't live here at the Playboy Mansion. She lives in the Ukraine," said a Playboy publicist to celebrity news mag In Touch Weekly.

"She's not even here now. I haven't heard of any scheduled plans for her to come back to town," the rep cryptically added, implying she was in town.

Doesn't live here now, she says. Does that mean there was in fact a naked Dasha Astafieva wandering around there at some point? We may never know.

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The norm always gets boring - even if the norm is sleeping with (and living with) three unwed Playboy bunnies at one's leisure.

Yes, Hugh Hefner is reportedly falling for the "charms" of a woman outside his trio of girlfriends. The National Enquirer says he has been paying a lot of attention to a sexy, brunette Ukranian model named Dasha Astafieva.

That piece of info alone should raise a red flag - and not only is Astafieva a brunette, she may even have real boobs - but numerous European sources are also reporting Hef's hot and heavy romance with the Playboy mogul.

Check out these pics of Dasha Astafieva and you'll see why ...

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