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Yesterday, Larry Birkhead spoke about seeing his daughter for the first time. The guy seemed genuinely touched.

Now, sources tell TMZ that Virgie Arthur arrived at Horizons - the Nassau house where Howard K. Stern is looking after the child -around 8 PM last night, and left about 50 minutes later.

Birkhead, Baby!

Reportedly, she looked and acted "distraught" upon leaving, while being accompanied by a bodyguard and a driver, as well as a brunette woman described as a "relative" after meeting Dannielynn Hope for the first time.

The fact that Birkhead and the mother of Anna Nicole Smith have now met up with Dannielynn suggest that a compromise may soon be on the way. Stern appears ready to admit that he's not the father after all.

His denial all along has been akin to Kim Kardashian shooting down sex tape rumors. Was there ever any doubt these two were lying?

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Larry Birkhead finally met his daughter this week.

To others, the five-month old is known as Dannielynn, but we all know that Birkhead is the real father of this adorable tyke.

Sliding for Attention

In their time together, Birkhead fed the baby, burped her â€" and she threw up on him, according to a interview and profile for Bravo TV, part of which was aired on the Today show Tuesday.

As for his memories of Anna Nicole Smith, the Los Angeles-based celebrity photographer says that he most cherished his private time with her.

"Every moment that we got together was kind of ... that's what everything's about. To me, it wasn't about the money. [Being with her] that was like gold to me, you know?" Birkhead says in the interview, which was taped before he met Dannielynn.

To Howard K. Stern, of course, actual gold is a lot more like gold.

When the Larry and Annae found out she was pregnant, he recalled: "She just had this different look about her. It was really weird, because her skin, everything looked different. Everything was weird. And as soon as she went to sleep, I took my hand and I went â€" you know, I kind of felt over and I just laid my hand there [on her stomach], because I just knew at that moment that she was pregnant."

Wow. Smart guy. Too bad people such as Kim Walther continue to make the permanent Birkhead/Dannielynn reunion difficult to achieve.

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If you have recently procreated with Anna Nicole Smith, have we ever got the shirt for you!

That's right, Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead and all the rest - wear your paternal rights with pride.

Sliding for Attention

A clothing company has come up with the shirts pictured here. They may seem disrespectful, but once Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern learns how to read, she'll finally know who to call "daddy." And that's gotta mean something.

Sadly for Jayden James Federline, though, there's no piece of attire to tell him who his mama is. He just has to look for the bald, drunk woman.

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Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern isn't going anywhere.

The multi-fathered baby will be staying in the Bahamas after a judge slapped Howard K. Stern with a court order forbidding him from taking her out of the country.

Dannielynn in OK!

After an impassioned plea from Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, Justice Stephen Isaacs granted a request for an injunction preventing Stern from whisking her away from the island, according to the New York Daily News.

Arthur - like just about every other human being - blames Stern for the deaths of her daughter and her grandson, Daniel.

A source said the estranged mother believes "there's two common denominators in the deaths of her daughter and her grandchild â€" drugs and Howard K. Stern."

It's safe to assume Larry Birkhead agrees with that assessment.

Meanwhile, Stern told Entertainment Tonight that he's the executor of the late Anna Nicole's will, and is the legal guardian of Dannielynn. The 5-month-old is the sole beneficiary of Anna Nicole's fortune.

As one would expect, this makes her more popular than a Kim Kardashian sex tape.

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The death of Anna Nicole Smith would be tragic enough on its own.

But there's a baby involved - and the whereabouts of Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern is a question on everyone's mind. Here's the answer:

Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn

She is now in the care of her wanna-be father Howard K. Stern's mother and sister in the Bahamas.

Meanwhile, Stern, who is listed on Dannielynn's birth certificate as her dad, is in Florida, where police earlier Friday said that there was no evidence that a crime had occurred in Smith's death.

"Of course he wants to be with her," says Howard's lawyer, Ron Rale, of Stern and Dannielynn, "but I don't know exactly when he will get there."

Also in the Bahamas Friday: Anna Nicole's mother, Virgie Arthur, who was spotted at police headquarters in Nassau.

Arthur went to the Bahamas to locate Dannielynn Hope because she "feared for her granddaughter's safety," the Nassau Guardian newspaper reported. She went to the Ministry of Social Services to seek help in gaining protective custody of the child, but they were unable to assist her and she left in tears after a 45-minute meeting.

"I don't know what her expectations were, but I had to advise her to seek legal counsel to find out what course of action she can take," Reginald Ferguson, assistant commissioner of the Royal Bahamian Police, told the Associated Press.

Dannielynn was not with her mother when Smith died Thursday in Florida. Meanwhile, yet another man has somehow stepped up and claimed to be her father - and he's been dead for ten years: J. Howard Marshall.

Anna's half-sister, Donna Hogan, in a manuscript - aptly titled "Train Wreck" - alleges that her deceased sister froze the sperm of her 90-year-old husband before he died, and then used it to become pregnant as a "trump card" in winning the ongoing legal battle for the billionaire's estate.

Prince Frederick von Anhalt had joined the baby's daddy brigade a day earlier. We'll have more on all the confusion as it develops.

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The mother of the late Anna Nicole Smith predicted that the fight over her granddaughter would get "ugly," while dismissing Anna Nicole's rags-to-riches self-portrayal as mere myth-making.

In an interview on Good Morning America, a disconsolate, almost disgusted Virgie Arthur described Anna Nicole as "wild and crazy," and reiterated that she'd warned her daughter to stop using drugs.

Larry and Dannielynn

She added that she "really sincerely" worries about five-month-old Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, and wants her to be with her father.

Of course, it's unclear if that is Howard K. Stern or Larry Birkhead. Hence why Arthur, when asked about the pending paternity battle, said: "Oh yeah, it'll get ugly."

Oddly - and almost unprompted - Arthur also took the opportunity to debunk the myth that Anna Nicole's rise to fame was a classic rags-to-riches tale.

"Why do you tell people stuff like that?" Arthur said she asked Anna Nicole. "I'll do whatever it takes," replied Anna Nicole. "If my name's out there, I make money."

It's sad, but true. In many ways, Anna was just like Kim Kardashian and a handful of other pseudo celebrities. Famous just for being famous.

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Name your price.

That's basically the message Anna Nicole Smith has been sending to tabloids across the country, says a source, as she exploits her daughter's cuteness for financial gain.

Birkhead, Baby!

"After she sold footage and photos of the birth to a TV show, she starting seeing that child as a cash cow," says the insider of Anna and Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

"Howard K. Stern [Smith's lawyer and the man whom she claims is the father of the baby] takes the pictures and they sell them to the highest bidder."

Well, sure. Those millions Stern received from marrying an old, rich dude a few yeasrs ago can only go so far. Kind of like her lies about Dannielynn's actual father.

A paternity test has been mandated by January 23 for the menace. By that date, the real baby's daddy, Larry Birkhead, should be revealed. Until then, he's speaking out against his greedy former partner.

"I'm outraged that they're trying to pimp my daughter," Birkhead said. "If Anna wants to sell pictures of herself, that's one thing, but to conveniently put my daughter in every single photo to up the ante is sick and disgusting."

The Hollywood Gossip agrees, but wonders: Who would ever buy Anna Nicole Smith pictures?

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The pressure is really on Britney and K-Fed to produce Sutton Pierce Federline pictures now.

After all, even Anna Nicole Smith has managed to ignore her ghastly appearance long enough to produce pictures of her latest baby, Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern.

Chilling with the Paparazzi

Howard K. Stern - Anna's quasi husband - is listed on the Bahamian birth certificate as the father.

Whether or not that's actually true, however, remains to be seen.

"Based on the timing of it, there shouldn't be a doubt (of the paternity)," Stern said, referring to the lawsuit hanging over his head.

Photographer Larry Birkhead alleges he had a relationship with Smith in California and claims to be the father of the newborn. This paternity battle promises to be almost as exciting as a day in the life of Peter Sarsgaard.

But, seriously, Brit and Kevin Federline. Where is Sutton Pierce? How can Anna Nicole have beaten you to the baby picture punch?

We hope everything is ok.

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