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Welcome, Danielle Deleasa, to the world of celebrity gossip.

Now that you've been officially outed as Kevin Jonas' girlfriend, your life is about to be picked apart like never before. We're sorry. But it's what the public wants.

Selena and a Fan

For instance, you're bound to be compared to another young cutie in Hollywood, another starlet with whom you've reportedly gone on double dates: Selena Gomez.

The Disney star is dating Kevin's brother, Nick, and we wanna know which member of The Jonas Brothers you think made the best choice.

Who would you rather date: Selena Gomez or Danielle Deleasa?


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Danielle Deleasa isn't exactly a celebrity.

Until now!

The girlfriend of Kevin Jonas, who grew up next door to Kevin in Wyckoff, has been quietly dating the pop singer for months. Yesterday, the couple shared a passionate kiss while walking across the shoreline at Point Mugu, California.

This must have been some serious tonsil hockey, as the couple captured the spit swapping on camera for themselves:

Sorry, ladies. Danielle Deleasa has her arms - and mouth - around Kevin Jonas.

Danielle Deleasa Biography

Danielle Deleasa and Kevin Jonas Photo Danielle Deleasa isn't exactly a celebrity... until now! Why? Danielle Deleasa is married to Kevin Jonas. She grew up in Wyckoff, New... More »
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Danielle Deleasa
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