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If the name Dan Bilzerian sounds familiar, it might be because you remember the incident that took place in April in which Bilzerian threw a porn star off his roof.

Turns out that's actually the most boring thing that Bilzerian has done in the past year.

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Yes, according to an interview that Bilzerian gave Howard Stern yesterday, the 33-year-old professional poker player and Instagram celeb is basically the Most Interesting Man in the World from the Dos Equis commercials come to life, incredible beard and all.

Bilzerian claims to have made $50 million playing poker in the past year, and that's in addition to the cash he makes from public appearances and his side gig as a venture capitalist.

So how does Bilzerian blows his gobs of cash? You guessed it - in the most awesome fashion imaginable:

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Dan Bilzerian may need to break out his checkbook.

A day after footage hit the Internet of this moronic, millionaire poker player THROWING A PORN STAR OFF HIS ROOF, the porn star in question has spoken out.

And it sure sounds like she has plans to sue.

In a Skype conversation with TMZ, Janice Griffith dances around many particulars of the incident, likely because an attorney has advised against her revealing too much at this juncture.

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Dan Bilzerian is a mega millionaire.

And a major moron.

Billed as “Instagram's Biggest Playboy,” Bilzerian - a professional poker player known for throwing ridiculous parties - was doing a Hustler photo shoot yesterday when he tossed a completely naked porn star off his roof and into a pool.

The adult film actress, 19-year-old Janice Griffith, ended up in the hospital as a result of this incident, breaking her foot in the fall.

Watch the absurd footage now: