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VH1 understands the concept of reality shows.

Why pretend these programs are anything but platforms for insane, insecure people to garner attention in any (mostly scripted) way possible?

Daisy de la Hoya Nude

With that in mind, the network has handed a starring role in its shows to Tiffany Pollard, Bret Michaels and, now, Daisy de la Hoya.

We couldn't be more excited for Daisy of Love, a dating series set to premiere this spring. In it, we can only pray that the cousin of boxer Oscar de la Hoya finds true love. It's worked so well for Pollard, Tila Tequila and other lonely reality TV stars.

What guy wouldn't sign up for a chance to hit this?

Here's the official VH1 press release announcing the debut of Daisy of Love:

Millions tuned in to see Rock Of Love 2 runner-up Daisy De La Hoya get her all-access pass to Bret Michaels’ heart denied. Now... Daisy, is determined to find her one man who will rock her world.

Daisy is on a quest for true love and this time she is giving her fans the chance to vie for her love and vote to help determine which contestant makes the cut for VH1’s
Daisy of Love Premiering Spring 2009.

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Recent gossip reports have linked Daisy de la Hoya with Dave Navarro and Tommy Lee.

Give us a moment to pretend to be shocked by either of these relationships...

Daisy de la Hoya Nude

Considering the dating history of each of the aforementioned men - they've been married to Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson, respectively - we can't help but wonder if Daisy would be a step down for Navarro and Lee.

What about you? Anyone who watched Rock of Love knows all it would take to get de la Hoya into bed is a video camera, a glass of wine and a bandana. That's like $45, max.



In case the alluring photo above isn't enough to help you answer the crucial question underneath it, consider the following images. Click on each now for larger, skankier shots of Daisy...

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There are certain things The Hollywood Gossip staff never thought we'd see. Like someone cheating on Shania Twain.

There are other happenings within the entertainment news world that we saw coming 10 miles away. Like Daisy de la Hoya dating Dave Navarro.

Daisy de la Hoya Nude

These two were spotted coming out of a Hollywood club together this week. And while "dating" may not be the proper word to describe what's going on here, this is a family website. So we'll just say Daisy and Dave are headed back to his place for ice cream sundaes.

No Bret Michaels? No problem! Daisy de la Hoya has found another washed up rock star.

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In a crushing blow to strippers and nieces of famous boxers everywhere, Daisy de la Hoya failed to fully capture Bret Michaels' heart on the Rock of Love season finale.

We might never know if it was the fact that Daisy still lives with her ex-boyfriend or that she strips to support him that cost this entertaining nut job the honor of becoming Mrs. Poison.

Daisy de la Hoya Nude

All we can do is cry ourselves to sleep tonight over the result.

Oh, the actual winner? Ambre Lake (pictured below, right).

We'd like to wish her and Bret all the happiness in the world. We'd also like to know when Rock of Love 3 begins shooting.

Daisy de la Hoya must go back to the reality show drawing board after losing Rock of Love to Ambre Lake.

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In response to a racy photo in which she allegedly flashed her "Britney," Rock of Love contestant Daisy de la Hoya is lashing out at TMZ.

Why? Because while the scandalous photo was "censored" with a star supposedly covering u beave, it turns out Daisy was, in fact, wearing underwear.

Daisy de la Hoya Nude

Now the sultry niece of boxing champion Oscar de la Hoya is letting her frustration out on her MySpace blog, making it clear that if you do see Daisy de la Hoya nude someday, you can bet your ass you're gonna be paying for it.

Daisy de la Hoya writes, with no apparent grasp of grammar or punctuation:

"This Is A Picture that is purely art!! Yes Its True... As Most of you know I am a Rock N Roll Bad Girl ... But Come On ... I Would Never Expose My Peek-a-choo ... at least not on Myspace (only in playboy where you can buy a glimpse of it) LOL ... Anyways Thanks TMZ for all the exposure... no punt [sic] intended!!!"

We're sorry, too, Daisy. Though we would have liked it had you given us props on MySpace too. We called you out for going all Britney Spears on us ... then we called you the Star Spangled Beaver! We are waiting to be chastised.

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Yesterday, we introduced you to Daisy De La Hoya, a.k.a. The Beave, from the new season of the hit reality TV series Rock of Love.

She's not actually nicknamed The Beave, FYI, except by our site.

Daisy D. Picture

Feel free to steal this nickname for the sexy celebrity if you like.

Or if you can think of a better one, pass it along as we'll consider.

Astonishingly, it turns out the niece of Oscar De La Hoya has a lot more talents than blowing lines of coke and flaunting her sweaty baby factory.

Here's a bootylicious Daisy De La Hoya singing national anthem on this week's Rock of Love. Almost makes you wanna watch that crap ...


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You know what they say.

Nothing says class like a sweaty vadge.

Britney Spears knows what we're talkin' 'bout!!

But seriously folks. Have you seen Daisy de la Hoya from Rock of Love? If not, this photo is sure to make you want to watch that crap... or drink Jack Daniel's.

Daisy de la Hoya enjoys pounding whisky and flashing vagina.

In case you were wondering at home, Daisy de la Hoya is the niece of none other than Oscar de la Hoya - the famed boxer and occasional drag photo participant.

With her axe wound and what appear to be several lines of cocaine on proud display, Daisy de la Hoya is just trying to keep pace with her famous uncle.

NOTE: She says it's "just flour." Come on, Daisy de la Hoya. You think Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil go to rehab for snorting lines of flour?

After all, if it weren't for Oscar and his ballerina outfit with Milana Dravnel, would we even talk about him? There's nothing like a racy photo scandal.

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Daisy de la Hoya Nude Per her super-cool MySpace page, this voluptuous babe's full name is Daisy De La Hoya, and she is the niece of boxer Oscar De La Hoya.... More »
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