Daimon Shippen is Britney Spears' new boyfriend (circa July 2007). Or driver. Or bodyguard. Or personal aide. We have no idea. But we are...

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Alli Sims was just the beginning.

Britney Spears' former bodyguard and reported boyfriend, Daimon Shippen, got subpoenaed by Kevin Federline's lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, on Monday night.

The subpoenas will require Daimon Shippen to testify in the couple's custody battle over sons Sean Preston, 23 months, and Jayden James, 11 months.

Daimon Shippen got served Monday night by the same server who delivered a subpoena to Spears' ex-assistant and "cousin," Alli Sims, on Saturday.

According to a source close to Federline, Shippen "was completely surprised to be served. He was dumbfounded and in a state of shock."

Then again, he sort of wears that expression on his face constantly. Just saying. We don't blame Sean Preston for his expression of abject terror in the pic below. 

Here are two people you would never have heard of if Britney Spears were sane: "bodyguard" Daimon Shippen (left, with Sean Preston), and lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan.

A Federline source believes Shippen "is in a unique position, having worked with Britney for a long time, with incredible knowledge of her parenting and comings and goings."

Of course. He was inseparable from Britney Spears for, like, five days?

That means he's got some incredible knowledge for sure. Unless they're talking about carnal knowledge of some sort, in which case Mark Vincent Kaplan could subpoena half of Southern California after he finishes deposing Shippen.

Anyway. The insider adds that Damon Shippen isn't the last - we can expect more people in her circle to be served. "This is an ongoing operation," says the source.

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Daimon Shippen is reportedly kind, soft-spoken, strong and good with kids.

He also may or may not have worked for a sex toy and Internet porn company.

Regardless of his past, People magazine reports that his relationship with Britney Spears is (yeah, right) purely professional.

"He's her bodyguard and manny," says a source familiar with Shippen, who was first identified yesterday by celebrity photo and news site X17. "They're not dating."

Shippen, a California native described by the source as "funny, but on the quiet side," is "tickled" by the attention from the media.

"But [Daimon Shippen] really wants to focus on his job: taking care of the kids and of her," says the source.

No word on whether "taking care of" Britney Spears involves making sure she wears underwear out in public, or performing any sort of wheelbarrow act.

Interestingly, People reports that Daimon Shippen was the security guard who helped catch Spears' son Sean Preston when the singer stumbled in New York in May 2006.

At the time, Daimon Shippen was working for a private security firm.

Shippen and the company parted ways soon after, but Spears recently rehired Shippen independent of an agency. In recent days he has escorted her to a production of Wicked and to church, carrying a crying Jayden James.

The 34-year-old, neckless hunk has also been spotted with Britney Spears at a Beverly Hills hotel where she has been staying recently.

A second source says that despite all the time they've spent together, it is "completely false" to suggest Spears is dating Daimon.

"She doesn't have a nanny," this source says. "When the kids are with her she takes care of them and she is a very hands-on mom."

Aww. How sweet. Too bad that's, like, never.

"[Daimon Shippen] also sometimes helps Britney with children," the source adds. "She'd like to have them for more time than she does, but Britney is willing to live with the agreement with [Kevin Federline] that she has now."

Riiight. She doesn't seem to be so interested in the kids that she'd stay home from the clubs and refrain from drinking once in awhile, but that's cool.

Spears and Federline, who is reportedly dating Liz Hernandez, currently share joint custody of their sons as per a temporary legal agreement.

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Everyone's been trying to figure out who Britney Spears new mystery man / new boyfriend is. Us Weekly kinda dropped the ball yesterday, but X17 came through: it's Daimon Shippen.

Yes, a source tells X17 that Daimon is the man - he last worked as a production assistant on the movie "Road To Red," which starred Chris Blasman (!?) - a guy Britney Spears was photographed with last week at the Chateau Marmont.

Wow What a Dick

The dirt on Daimon Shippen ...

  • He was fired from his former employment agency, Galahad Security, because he allegedly owned a sex toy / Internet porn website.
  • Following that firing, Daimon Shippen used a domestic service employment agency that doesn't perform background checks.
  • There's a rumor that Daimon Shippen may not be into girls (and Britney Spears' real "boyfriend" is named Sam, according to X17's source).
  • Daimon Shippen is rumored to have an apartment in Santa Monica, Calif. - a Mr. Daimon Shippen competing in a Santa Cruz, Calif., triathlon last year was listed as a Santa Monica resident, age 34.

Since Britney Spears and Daimon Shippen were first spotted together a week ago, celebrity news sites have been trying to decipher his identity.

Not to mention what the heck is deal is. Is the guy her driver? Assistant? A nanny? Escort? Boyfriend? The new man has been one of mystery. One that hasn't been fully solved yet.

Interestingly, on a side note, Britney Spears apparently doesn't even know John Sundahl, her supposed AA mentor who many thought was the man we now know is Daimon Shippen. Britney has been rumored to be dating John Sundahl since getting out of rehab.

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But, we can hear the masses asking collectively, "Damon who!?"

Could it be acclaimed actor Matt Damon? Or Yankees outfielder Johnny Damon? Lost creator Damon Lindelof? What about Damon, that weird gay guy in Mean Girls?

Crack That Whip

Who's to say? Sure as hell not this celebrity news site.

Us Weekly, though, is a better blog than we. Well, this time. We give credit where it's due.

After all, they (sort of) solved the mystery behind Britney Spears' new boyfriend.

His first name, apparently, is Damon.

Whatever the hell is last name is, he might as well change it to Stepdad.

He and Britney Spears were recently spotted playing in the pool and then going to church services with her two sons.

Damon carried Sean Preston, 22 months, into the church (while Mom held a sleeping Jayden James, 10 months) and then comforted the toddler when he started crying.

The Hollywood Gossip Note: * sniff *

It was a week of wining and dining for Britney and her mystery new man, which included a July 4 candlelit dinner at the Four Seasons' Windows Lounge in L.A.

Damon then slept over at her Beverly Hills pad. One thing led to another, we have to think. Right? We're talking about Britney Spears naked, and not in the pool this time.

On July 5, Brit and the no-neck chauffeur took in a showing of the musical Wicked (well, part of it, they left after 45 minutes) and, later, stopped for drinks at L.A.'s Chateau Marmont hotel, where Spears giggled, kissing Damon as he touched her face.

How long will the romance last? Will "Damon" tell all to London's The Sun in a month? How does Kevin Federline feel about it? We don't know. But we sure will keep you posted.

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As Dr. Elliot Reid from Scrubs might put it, who the frick is this guy? He has been seen driving Britney Spears around town, but no one seems to know his name - or his frickin' deal.

Men seem to come and go in Britney Spears' life, after all. There's Perry the Manny, J.R. Rotem, Isaac Cohen, Jason Filyaw, Columbus Short, John Sundahl and the two losers she married.

Pink Bikini Pic

Now the buzz is building around the identity of the chiseled, square-jawed man with tousled brown hair who's been out with Britney in recent days.

This weekend marked the latest in a string of public sightings of Britney Spears with the mystery gentleman, who is often seen hiding behind dark sunglasses.

They turned up at Bel Air Presbyterian Church on Sunday, with Brit carrying son Jayden James, 10 months, and the man toting a crying Sean Preston, 22 months.

So he's handsome and good with kids. But who and what is he? Is he just a driver or has he seen Britney Spears naked? The Internet has been abuzz with speculation, but no ID.

No, the no-neck mystery man is just there, doing his thing, driving Britney Spears around in her black Mercedes and helping her with the kids.

The church visit followed some poolside frolicking and a night out with Spears in which they went to LA's Pantages Theater see the musical Wicked ... or at least the first part.

Britney Spears and the mystery man ducked out about an hour into the show. Classy/No offense was taken by the producers, fortunately.

"She came in late, and stayed for about an hour and left," says Wicked rep Tim Choy. "She loves the show. She's seen it several times."

Can you help us identify Britney Spears' no-neck new boyfriend / bodyguard / chauffeur / whoever he is? Please leave us a comment if you can give us the exclusive scoop!

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Our apologies to all fans who momentarily thought they could get a look at Britney Spears nude here today. Not gonna happen, sadly.

However, we offer you the next best thing. Britney and her no-neck mystery man frolicking in the pool at her Malibu estate with her two sons!

Drugged Up and Happy


Here, the naked Jayden James Federline is being handed off by the alleged man, who may be a bodyguard, chauffeur or boyfriend, or any or all of the above.

Meanwhile, Sean Preston Federline patiently waits his turn. What a l'il pimp! He doesn't need to cry or be passed around or wear pants. Pants are for suckaz.

It's either hard to find swimsuits for kids in L.A., or they've been reading too much about their nudity-loving mother in various online celebrity news publications.

Is Britney Spears dating this man? We have no frickin' idea. What is his name? No clue on that, either. Help us out if you can. But we can tell you two things:

  1. Amy Winehouse wears that hairstyle better. And can sing.
  2. Sean Preston and Jayden James' estranged grandma, Lynne Spears, was nowhere to be found.

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Looks like our girl Britney Spears got herself yet another new guy - or has decided to hire an expressionless, no-neck chauffeur off the street.

Seriously, look at that guy. Where's your neck, pal? We can't see it! Yeah. He's clearly a caveman, or hopped up on more steroids than Chris Benoit.

Dim Britney

The "singer" and train wreck looked downright calm at least. Well, for her. Britney rode (with) him to a 4th of July activity yesterday.

Her stubby-armed stubbly friend took the wheel, allowing Britney Spears time to make a few calls and adjust her makeup and "My Little Pony" hair.

Whoever he is, he's driving Britney Spears in his car. So you know what this guy's gotta be thinking: How he can get her into a wheelbarrow next? Eh? Eh?

The Hollywood Gossip challenges you, celebrity news readers, to identify this man. We need to know as soon as we can whether he is the next Isaac Cohen or Jason Filyaw.

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