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Cynthia Jorge is not the new Tom Cruise girlfriend.

But the 26-year old restaurant manager would have considered going on more dates with the actor, a friend tells The New York Daily News, if not for the media maelstrom that has taken over her life.

Tom Cruise girlfriend?

"She is freaked out, just so freaked out right now. She wasn’t looking for all this attention," the insider tells the newspaper, adding that Jorge has no idea how In Touch Weekly discovered she had drinks with Cruise:

“She’s really upset. She says she did not leak the story and she’s confused about how it came out."

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Don't start planning another wedding for Tom Cruise just yet.

With rumors circulating that Cynthia Jorge is now dating the action star - following a night out a a club and the following tabloid headline - a friend of the restaurant manager tells Perez Hilton that, yes, Jorge knows Cruise.

Tom Cruise girlfriend?

And, yes, alcohol was shared between the two.

HOWEVER: "Cynthia told me they went out for drinks and it was nothing but a casual night out. She said he's a nice guy."

The insider added that there's no romance between Jorge and the A-lister, who is in the market for a new young gal pal after splitting with Katie Holmes.

Not to worry, though. The Church of Scientology is all over it.

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Has Tom Cruise found a new girlfriend?

According to celebrity gossip reports, he has, though conflicting reports cast doubt over whether he and N.Y. City restaurant manager Cynthia Jorge ever even met.

In any case, here's a photo of her!

Cynthia Jorge Photo

Cynthia Jorge reportedly caught the Jack Reacher star's eye recently after she slipped him her card when he was eating at her restaurant, Beauty & Essex.

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