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Curtis Lepore is free and clear in the eyes of the law.

The Vine star - who was accused of rape by ex-girlfriend Jessi Smiles toward the end of last year - agreed to a plea deal in court today and had his charges dropped.

Lepore pleaded no contest to the charges of sexual assault, which stemmed from an alleged incident last August.

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Smiles told authorities that she injured herself while filming a Vine video and Lepore - who she met via this social media/video-based site - volunteered to nurse her back to health at his home.

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The Twitterverse is once again showing its ugly side.

With Curtis Lepore - a viral Vine star who has amassed millions of followers over that video sharing service - facing accusations of rape, Internet users have turned their wrath toward Jessi Smiles, the ex-girlfriend at the center of this allegedly heinous crime.

Not long after the troubling story broke, Twitter followers went online and blasted Smiles, issuing death threats along the lines of the following messages:

  • Hows it feel to lie about being raped?
  • F**king bitch he didn’t f**king rape you dumb bitch.

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Curtis Lepore has released a brief statement in regard to the rape charges he faces for an alleged incident that took place between him and Jessi Smiles last summer.

Lepore, a viral star will millions of Vine followers, got to know Smiles online and finally met her in person about seven months ago.

The pair quickly became an item, much to the excitement of the Vine community, but they broke up in August.

A few days later, Jessi gave herself a concussion while shooting a video... Lepore offered to care for her... and then he allegedly forced himself on her when his ex-girlfriend was passed out.

News of Lepore's October arrest became public yesterday when he appeared in court to answer the charges.

Now, both sides have addressed the allegation.

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A relationship that started on Vine has ended in a major scandal.

Word has come out that Curtis Lepore was arrested in October on charges that he raped Jessi Smiles, a woman he met via the video service Vine.

Lepore was released on $100,000 bail at the time and appeared in court yesterday to answer the charge.

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