Say hello to Crystle Stewart. Miss Texas 2007 was fortunate enough to win the entire ball and wax in 2008. Indeed, Crystle Stewart is...

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Venerable actor Bill Murray, 58, is a much happier guy post-divorce - and cozy dinners with 27-year-old beauty queens can't hurt a gentleman's mood.

The man known for Groundhog Day and Caddyshack quotes was spotted at a hip Chicago restaurant with Crystle Stewart - also known as Miss USA 2008.

The Chicago Sun-Times reportedly sighted the couple. Crystle Stewart is the girl who took that awesome spill in the Miss Universe competition in July.

Bill split up with his wife, Jennifer Butler Murray, this summer. She accused him of being addicted to marijuana, alcohol and sex. He paid her $7 million.

CRYSTLE CLEAR: Divorce behind him, Bill Murray's sights are set on Crystle Stewart.

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On Sunday night, Crystle Stewart became the second consecutive American contestant to trip and fall during the evening gown segment of the Miss Universe pageant.

"I think I'm going to have to take some walking classes," Crystle Stewart told The Associated Press, just hours after her mishap was broadcast. "I would never have thought in a million years that I would fall down at the Miss Universe pageant... right after Miss USA fell last year."

Fortunately for Stewart, her stumble was almost overshadowed last week by the stumbling of John McCain when asked about his stance on health insurance companies covering Viagra, but not birth control.

Crystle, who is attempting to get into acting and guest-starred on Days of Our Lives in June, is taking an optimistic approach to the misstep. She's ready to move on.

"Things happen. I"m perfectly fine. I'm going to move back to New York and get on with my life."

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Someone as famous - and insane - as Britney Spears can land a guest starring role on a hit sitcom such as How I Met Your Mother.

Other celebrities, however, have to start smaller. Or at least earlier in the day.

Hip hop sensation Ne-Yo, for example, will be appearing on All My Children on May 21 and May 22, performing a couple hits from his latest album on the soap opera. Here's a look at him on set:

Follow the jump on this article, meanwhile, to read about another rising star that will be appearing on a daytime drama...

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Crystle Stewart is the new Miss USA.

The 26-year-old Miss Texas conquered 50 other aspiring beauty queens in the pageant televised live from Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

Almost immediately, the contestants were narrowed down from 50 to 15. The finalists included Miss Missouri - and sister of Chace Crawford - Candice Crawford. But even her sibling's star power was not enough to deny Stewart from her destiny.

At the end of the night, Crystle overcame runner-up Leah Laviano and second runner-up Tiffany Andrade to succeed Rachel Smith as Miss USA.

Congratulations to the new Miss USA, Crystle Stewart.

"I want to talk to people about how to set a goal and achieve it," she told The Associated Press after the show. "Because I just achieved my goal."

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Say hello to Crystle Stewart. Miss Texas 2007 was fortunate enough to win the entire ball and wax in 2008. Indeed, Crystle Stewart is... More »
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