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Don't cry for Hugh Hefner.

Granted, the Playboy founder has ended his relationships with Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt. But he told E! Online that a new set of girlfriends moved in to his mansion about two weeks after he became a single man.

In an interview with the entertainment network, Hefner was joined by those new gal pals - Karissa and Kristina Shannon - as well by the third blonde recently added to his busty brood: Crystal Harris.

Here are a few naughty nuggets from the conversation:

Hef's relationship philosophy: "The best solution to lost love is new love."

Crystal Harris, comparing herself to The Shannon Twins: "I'm much more reserved than the twins. They are much more outgoing, and I'm the type of person who likes to stay close to home. Hef has the best of both worlds with us."

Hef on Kendra's fiance, Hank Baskett:  "[He's a] cool guy."

Hef on not marry Holly, due to his previously failed marriages: "Those are not the happiest times of my life and I just don't want to screw up another. [Holly]... will make a good wife to Criss [Angel] or whoever she winds up with."

Hef on adding a new sex buddy
: We don't have anyone in particular, but it's always possible. There was one point when I had seven girlfriends."

Heck, when your sex mates look like this, why wouldn't you add as many as possible?!?

Click on the following photos for a Hugh Hefner girlfriend retrospective; from Holly, Kendra and Bridget to Karissa, Kristina and Crystal...

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  • Bridget Marquardt Nude
  • Karissa and Kristina Shannon Nude
  • Crystal Harris Nude
  • Crystal Harris Picture

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If you're the 82-year old owner of the world's most famous men's magazine, you needn't choose between busty young blondes.

You can go to bed with Crystal Harris, Karissa Shannon and Kristina Shannon every night of the week. And we have little doubt that Hugh Hefner does just that.

But if you're a reader of the country's most buzzed about celebrity gossip site, sorry, we're making you take sides in this battle between Playboy bunnies...

  • Crystal Harris Naked
  • Karissa and Kristina Shannon

With which of Hugh Hefner's girlfriends would you rather go to bed?


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Hugh Hefner's latest girlfriend is not a complete unknown. At least not to those that frequent

While Crystal Harris has never posed naked for the magazine itself (yet), she has bared almost all for its official website.

Hef's Ex-Fiancee

In fact, the San Diego State University student - under the name "Crystal Carter" - was named the Cyber Club's Coed of the Week for October 30, 2008. Her section of the site even includes a brief Q&A, which we've posted below:

What part of a guy do you study first?
Looks are irrelevant to me because I go for personality first. I never liked jocks or show-offs. Sweet, genuine guys capture my heart and make me smile.

What is your special talent?
I snowboard, can drive a boat and am addicted to frozen yogurt and Nintendo Wii.

We're guessing Hefner and/or the Shannon twins can name a few more talents possessed by Crystal.

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Move over, Karissa and Kristina Shannon.

Crystal Harris wants to make her presence as Hugh Hefner's third new girlfriend known!

The 22-year old busty blonde revealed on E! Online’s message board that she's moved into the Playboy mansion alongside the aforementioned twins.

“Hef gave me permission to fill people in on the new updates as a voice from the mansion,” Harris wrote, adding that only only her and the Shannons have replaced Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt and Kendra Wilkinson so far, though “there are a couple [other girls] that we have interest in."

Crystal Harris, The Shannon Twins

Crystal Harris, far right, poses alongside boyfriend Hugh Hefner and his other two new girlfriends, Karissa and Kristina Shannon.

As for details about Harris: she's a psychology student at San Diego State University. Her MySpace page paints her as a passionate romantic that loves a good cliche as much as a wrinkle-laden roll in the sack:

"I believe in opening your heart and letting your walls down, it is better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all."

Shockingly, Crystal Harris has posed for a number of scantily-clad photos. Click on each one below to enlarge it...

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  • Hugh Hefner, New Girlfriend
  • Crystal Harris Nude
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Crystal Harris Biography

Crystal Harris Photo Crystal Harris was one of Hugh Hefner's new girlfriends. The Playboy centerfold says she shares the famous mansion with Karissa and... More »
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Crystal Harris

Crystal Harris Quotes

I believe in opening your heart and letting your walls down.

Crystal Harris

I'm a good girl, for the most part.

Crystal Harris
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