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Move over, David Beckham. Adios, Juan Pablo Galavis! The 15 hottest players in the 2014 World Cup are ready to be ogled! Or play football. But we prefer ogling.

From Sweden to Spain, the U.S. to Cameroon, football is full of smoking hot dudes. Is it all that running back and forth that keeps them in such amazing shape?

Are they just this genetically gifted to have glorious abs and chiseled features the likes of which might prove they are descended from Greek gods?


So get a fire extinguisher (or a cold shower) ready and settle in as you scroll through photos of the 15 hottest players in the 2014 World Cup. Who's ready to score??

Andre Schurrle
Andre Schurrle, from Germany, is pumped to be on this hottest players list!

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Portuguese soccer god Cristiano Ronaldo is giving last month's Carly Rae Jepsen first pitch fail a run for its terrible money ... and he's a pro athlete!

Throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at the Dodgers game in Los Angeles last night, Ronaldo showed fans why he's made millions with his footwork.

He airmailed the catcher by a good five feet. Take a look:

Cristiano Ronaldo First Pitch

We'll give him a pass for at least getting it to the plate. Perhaps he was overcompensating out there, with Carly Rae's epic fail in the back of his mind.

Also, at least he didn't fall down fist-pumping a la Chad Qualls.

Check out the full video of his Ronaldo's first pitch below:

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Attention male and female readers: stop whatever you are doing. It would be dangerous to be operating heavy machinery, or even eating a piece of fruit, while viewing the following videos.

Produced by Armani, they feature Megan Fox and Cristiano Ronaldo... in their underwear! Talk about a serious choking hazard.

  • Utter Hotness
  • Armani Underwear Ad

Double gulp...

While the company has already released photos of these gorgeous stars in their skivvies - drool over Fox HERE and Ronaldo HERE - nothing beats seeing them actually strut around, barely clothed and entirely sexy.

Find out for yourself below, as Armani has given both genders a chance to sit back, wide-eyed, for 90 seconds and simply ogle Fox and Ronaldo in all their hotness. Enjoy!

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An early World Cup exit may have plunged Cristiano Ronaldo into an existential crisis, but Portugal's national team captain does have other reasons to smile.

The soccer stud announced today that he recently became the father of a baby boy, born in June to an anonymous American - and he has exclusive custody!

Unfortunately, the mother is not Kim Kardashian.

The news appeared on the website of his employer, Real Madrid, and Ronaldo's Twitter and Facebook pages, and does not appear to be a hoax ... we think.

"It is with great joy and emotion that I inform I have recently become a father to a baby boy," read the statement from Ronaldo, who is 25 and unmarried.


HAPPY BABY DADDY: While it's not surprising in the least that Ronaldo impregnated some random girl, the fact that he has sole custody comes out of nowhere.

"With the agreement of the mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, I will have exclusive custody of my son," added the world's highest paid soccer star.

"I request everyone to fully respect my right to privacy [and that of the child] at least on issues as personal as these are," Cristiano Ronaldo added.

Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manha says Ronaldo's mother and sisters were completing the paperwork necessary to bring the child to Portugal.

Ronaldo, whose penchant for group sex and hookers is as well documented as his on-field mastery, sure knows how to score around a goaltender.

Congratulations to the new, proud papa!

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Cristiano Ronaldo is causing quite the commotion at the World Cup - and we're not talking about today's key matchup between Portugal and the Ivory Coast.

We're talking about his newest ads for Emporio Armani. Images of Portugal’s hot team captain modeling the line's fall/winter campaign have been unveiled.

Mya Fashion Choice

Shot on location in Madrid, where the 24-year-old sex symbol also serves as a forward for Real Madrid, the sultry shots will make their global debut in July.

They will be on billboards in major cities including New York, Los Angeles and London, where they may cause massive car accidents due to the raw heat:

Here is Cristiano Ronaldo shirtless, wearing only Emporio Armani underwear. The Portuguese soccer star really needs no introduction, so just enjoy the images.

As if that weren't enough, ladies in Milan will be treated to an image from Armani Jeans featuring Cristiano this week on June 17 on a billboard on the Via Broletto.

Come September, a short film and online commercial featuring Cristiano will also be released. We're almost talking about too much hotness to contain at this point.

This is a guy who's smokin' even as a wax replica. That speaks volumes. He's pretty decent at football, too, from what we hear. Can he take Portugal to the title?

Either way, perhaps Kim Kardashian should give him a second look. Ronaldo may like group sex and hookers, but at least he's not a cheater like Reggie Bush.

Just saying. Here's another image from his Emporio Armani campaign:

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Global hunk and sports icon Cristiano Ronaldo of the Portuguese national soccer team was spotted prepping for his team's opener in South Africa yesterday.

Or was he?

The 25-year-old Ronaldo, who's been linked to both Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian sexually in the past year, is looking a little stiff in the image below.

Perhaps we're just used to seeing him shirtless and sweaty. Or perhaps he's just a wax replica. What do you think? Tell us in this edition of Real or Wax!

Vote below!

Cristiano Ronaldo: Real or Wax?


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Last week, Kim Kardashian was spotted snogging Cristiano Ronaldo.

A harmless, fun rebound, following her break-up with Reggie Bush? Anonymous friends fear this isn't the case. They are scared that it's a lot more, and the relationship could mean trouble for Kim. Cute suspenseful music...

Citing Ronaldo's reputation for "call girls and group sex," the latest issue of Life & Style reports that those close to Kardashian are afraid of what she's gotten herself into. This is a man that has allegedly hired prostitutes and slept with 80,000 women, according to one insider's laughable permutations.

"Cristiano loves to party," said British journalist Debbie Manley, while another source adds: "I just don't think he'll ever settle down and be faithful to one woman."

Kim... in Danger!

Even more distrubing that Ronaldo's past discretions? The fact that this is the THIRD week in a row that a different Kardashian sister has graced the cover of a tabloid, bragging about her weight loss.

Seriously. Look here and here.

Do these magazines really have nothing else to do but pay these talentless sisters money for getting airbrushed and posing in a bikini? Have all the orgies you want, Cristiano!

Kim doesn't deserve you anyway.

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Reggie Bush may be moving on with Jessie James, but Kim Kardashian isn't standing around and letting her large breasts go to waste.

One of Great Britian's leading tabloids reports that Kim was spotted this week with soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo - and the pair were snogging up a storm!

"She and Ronaldo were kissing and very affectionate," an onlooker told The Sun. "They looked to be getting on really well, laughing the whole time."

Glasses vs. Boobs

But the hook-up didn't end there: witnesses claim Kim jumped into a chauffeur-driven Mercedes G-Wagon later in the night, followed Ronaldo (in his Audi) back to his place, and stayed for approximately four hours.

She left the next day for the States, seemingly content with lapping up the sloppy seconds of her former BFF. If Ronaldo had planned on tapping the backsides of Kardashian and Paris Hilton, one might say he's accomplished his GOOOOOAAAAAL!

(One might also recommend a trip to the free clinic.)

  • Perpetually in a Bathing Suit
  • Just Lounging Around
  • A Nice Body

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The world’s priciest footballer has given The Sun (UK) the exclusive on his recent night in Paris Hilton, and needless to say, it was action-packed.

He says: “She was a really cool girl and we had a great time talking.”

Is that what they're calling it these days?

Clearly they had a lot to discuss, spending the entire night together at posh nightspot My House Hollywood before heading to Nicky Hilton's pad.

Pretty Paris Pic

Ronaldo added of the hotties' alleged fling: “I am a young man and Paris a young lady, and us talking in a club is just what normal people our age do.”

Just don't expect the soccer star to start a "relationship" with her - even though he reportedly spent a second night in the Hilton later in the week.

“She lives thousands of miles away and is busy, and I am busy in Madrid so I am not sure if we will be able to see each other,” Cristiano lamented.

He added: “I am just making the most of the short summer I get.”

Indeed he is.

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Late last week, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo spent a night in Paris.

This is not the sort of behavior we condone, however, such a huge number of dudes have fallen victim to the ho-tel heiress' money and fame charms over the years, we understand, at least in theory, how such a mistake might happen.

Spending a second night in the Hilton, though? That's just baffling.

Less than 24 hours after their first steamy night together, Paris Hilton held a smaller, private party at her Beverly Hills home, according to The Sun (UK).

Cristiano Ronaldo was among those invited.

A source in Paris’s gated community said: "Paris was tired after that night [with Ronaldo] and held a little private party. Ronaldo came by after midnight."

While he reportedly left before 5 a.m., unlike their previous encounter, you have to wonder what compelled the baller back into her disease-laden lair.

1 NIGHT IN PARIS was apparently not enough for Ronaldo.

Of course, Paris' first night with Ronaldo came a year after a failed attempt to seduce the star - and just hours after she split from her douche boyfriend.

Paris and Doug Reinhardt broke up on Tuesday after she flew into a rage upon discovering he was partying in L.A. with Texas beauty queen Kendhal Beal.

A spokesman for Paris insisted Kendhal Beal was not involved in the break-up. Of course, ice and fruit thrown at her by Paris seem to suggest otherwise.