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Creighton Fraker is unique. Let's all agree on that. The guy conducted a sword fight with a fire hydrant during his pre-performance montage on American Idol last night.

But give the season 11 contestant credit for embracing his quirks and telling the audience: "You have to be who you are." Fraker then went out and sang the perfect song to go along with that theme: Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors."

"Dude, you can definitely sing," Randy Jackson told Creighton in response. It's clear the panelists want this different looking and different sounding hopeful to remain on the show, but will his act irritate viewers? We'll find out Thursday night. For now, just watch his cover of a 1980s classic:

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When in doubt, just make it up!

That was the approach taken by Creighton Fraker on American Idol last night, as the aspiring singer took a bus ride from New York City to Pittsburgh and used that time to come up with his own material.

Was it the most creative song? No. It mostly just mentioned the judges' names a few times. But the panelists were impressed with the vocals and Steven Tyler went as far as to give Creighton a "3 gazillion percent yes" vote, while Jennifer Lopez said he was kind of like Jamiroquai and Justin Timberlake's baby. Even odder? It sort of applies...

Fraker wasn't the only original contestant on the air last night. Reed Grimm actually received a Golden Ticket thanks to a sitcom theme song!

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Creighton Fraker Picture Creighton Fraker has resided in Astoria, New York for the past eight years, although he grew up in South Dakota as the son of a preacher.... More »
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