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What is more awkward than 18-year old Courtney Stodden making out with 51-year old husband Doug Hutchison?

How about Courtney Stodden kissing her mother right smack dab on the lips? Twice!

That is was went down over the weekend, as Stodden, Hutchison and the large-breasted Z-lister's mom/manager attended some random party at a Hollywood nightclub, posing, preening and strutting for the camera.

Watch a full five minutes of these people in action below, highlighted (of course) by a number of shots that emphasize Courtey Stodden's boobs. Those puppies are hard to miss.

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We're very sorry, readers. A Courtney Stodden sex tape exists but will apparently never be released by the 18-year old Z-lister.

Still, Stodden has gone ahead and given fans a different kind of all-access look into her private parts... breast enhancement surgery style!

Yes, Courtney recently upgraded from a C to a DD and she filmed the entire process for some reason. Sit back and enjoy (?) the procedure now:

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Courtney Stodden would like to wish you a very happy Easter.

Okay, correction: Courtney Cottontail would like to wish you a very hoppy Easter.

The large-breasted reality star introduced fans to yet another persona yesterday - following Courtina and then Courtland - and this one was barely wearing a top.

Shocking, we know.

Click Play now to receive a holiday message from the poor woman's version of Kim Kardashian:


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Might it be time to seriously worry about Courtney Stodden?

For the second time in a few weeks, the 18-year old D-lister has introduced fans to an alter ego.

First, it was a "sister" named Courtina. Now, it's another named Courtland. But this personality actually refers to Stodden as a "slut," slamming her fake relative and acting even wackier than the previous version.

It's all very, very strange and worrisome. Watch now:

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What's next, will Lindsay Lohan turn down a drink? Justin Bieber keep his shirt on? Chris Brown treat women with respect?

In a truly stunning turn of events, 18-year old Courtney Stodden has rejected an offer from to create a more erotic version of her music video for "Reality."

The site had offered to reshoot the video with a larger budget and to give it a "Katy Perry meets Lady Gaga theme," while also incorporating a porn star as the leading man.

But even though Stodden is "flattered" by the proposal and even though it didn't require nudity, her mom/manager tells E! News:

"[Courtney] does not want her name associated with an adult website."

We're very glad to hear that, but we are then left to wonder: How does Courtney Stodden expect to get famous?!?

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For all of her breast flashing and old man marrying, Courtney Stodden is yet to truly make it big.

There's been nary a reality show made nor a sex tape scandal broken about the 18-year old.

But perhaps Stodden's sister Courtina will have better luck finding fame, as Stodden has recorded a video in which she introduces the world to this accented alter-ego.

Think Beyonce with Sasha Fierce or Miley Cyrus with Hannah Montana. Just far more inane and desperate. Watch now:

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Courtney Stodden has come out with her latest music video - and it's everything you could ever expect from the 18-year old wannabe star.

She's wearing a gold bikini. She's surrounded by men in thongs. She's being hoisted on their shoulders. She's singing really terribly.

It's a tour de trainwreck force in every way possible. Visit E! News now to watch the video and then check out our gallery of Courtney Stodden pictures.

Courtney Stodden Pose

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She insists her breasts are real, but Courtney Stodden donned some admittedly fake hair over the weekend.

Referring to a brown wig as her "dark side," Stodden Tweeted the following photo (right) to fans, adding along with it "Meow." Sounds about right for her, huh?

Compare color options on this 18-year old wannabe celebrity now and decide: Which look is her best?

Which Hairstyle Looks Best?

Courtney Stodden as a brunette or a blonde? Weigh in on this pressing question now! View Poll »

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Turns out, the Mayans were simply a few weeks early in their prediction...

Courtney Stodden has announced that the music video for "Reality" will premiere on February 9 during a party held for the reality star at Eleven Nightclub in West Hollywood.

We're gonna go out on a limb and say tickets are still available for the event.

Doug Hutchison - the 52-year old husband of this 18-year old - has teased that his wife is a "walking piece of candy" in the video, which sounds about right.

Look and listen to Stodden for too long and you'll definitely feel nauseous.

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