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We didn't see this on the Courtney Love New Year's resolution list:

  • Date washed up rocker

Nevertheless, Kurt Cobain's widow has decided to follow such a course of action, as she's been seen around town on the arm of former Smashing Pumpkins singer, Billy Corgan.

Courtney Love Image

Having sort of seen Courtney Love nude, we can't exactly claim we know what Corgan is thinking on this one. Then again, since 1979 - the song, not the year - this frontman hasn't exacty been in demand, either.

Still, we imagine Billy and Larry Birkhead sharing a drink some time in the future and wondering what the heck they were thinking.

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The Hollywood Gossip's New Year's resolutions did not come true: We had to see nude Courtney Love photos.

The Hole singer herself recently posted a few promises for 2007, however. You can check out the entire list here - but we've included a few of our favorites below:

Insane in the Membrane
  • try this "thin" anthropoligical experiment - get to my goal weight healthily and stay there (THG Note: Nicole Richie could give Courtney a few tips.)
  • learn an asian language (THG Note: Rosie O'Donnell can lend a hand.)
  • have fantastic sex with commitment and honour with someone whoo treats me as i deserve and dont give my power away
  • another year, another year without even wine no matter how hard i try to justify that "wines okay" knw that is the demon voice and put it out of my thoughts (THG Note: Are you listening, Britney Spears?)
  • LEARN TO DRIVE (THG Note: Lindsay Lohan should make a similar vow.)
  • undertsnad who my enemeies are since a few exacs and bloggers out there seem to enjoy hirtiung me and using the Law let them find interest in another

Let's hope Love is referring to Perez Hilton with that last one, not The Hollywood Gossip. We've got nothing but affection for a singer that makes such solemn pledges.

Good luck, Court.


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"Say what you will about me, and I'm not passing judgment, but when I had my daughter, I stayed home with her almost every night for the first year of her life."
- Courtney Love (pictured, with daughter Frances Bean Cobain), on Britney Spears' recent partying

"I did this TV show so I wouldn't have to do sh-tty parts in sh-tty movies, so I'm not going to start now. I'm not that desperate."
- Ellen Pompeo, on why she signed on for Grey's Anatomy

Orange You Glad She Came?

"We live in a violent world. We all know that violence is a recurring theme in history."
- Mel Gibson, on the gratuitous gore in Apocalypto

"Jude Law and I spoke on the telephone a lot before we started shooting going, 'Oh, my God, what if we don't make them laugh; they're going to fire us.' "
- Kate Winslet, starring in the romantic comedy The Holiday

"Tom is one of my best friends, and we are committed to one another and to one another's families. .. He wants the world to be better, and he's dedicated his life to it. I support anybody who wants to do that and loves people that much."
- Will Smith on his friendship with Tom Cruise

"Back in the old days in comedy clubs, you could do anything on stage...I'm not saying what [Michael Richards] said was cool, but in the old days, you would've never saw that on the news.
- Eddie Murphy on how comedy has changed

"I haven't gotten any creepy weirdos yet, though people do ask me, 'What's your favorite way of dying?'"
- Hayden Panettiere, on her newfound fame on NBC's Heroes

"She said my performance was like a religious experience… She said, 'I'm so proud of you.'"
- Jennifer Hudson, on Oprah's response to seeing her performance in Dreamgirls

"I feel there's a nasty connotation when you say 'tell-all.' That is not what I plan to do. It's not about calling people out or telling negative stories about people. It's how I see things."
- Tori Spelling, on her forthcoming memoir

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We were hoping it was just a rumor. But thanks to the supposedly real magazine, Pop, nude Courtney Love pictures really do exist.

We've posted a large one below. Shield your eyes, young, old and moderately aged readers. Even though we've covered up the naughty spots, Love still makes Victoria Beckham naked look hot.

Courtney Love Image

The Hollywood Gossip staff can only hope rumors of a Britney Spears sex tape are true. Because we need to feel upbeat about bare female bodies again.


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Courtney Love is going buck.

We mean naked, not wild. Though perhaps she'll throw in a little of that, too.

Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain

Sources tell T.H. Gossip that Love is baring all for the bi-annual issue of the British fashion magazine Pop. The 42-year-old traveled to Ibiza, Spain, to pose for the publication, which is due out later this month.

In one of the pictures, the singer is shown standing with her legs apart and her breasts fully exposed wearing only "strappy designer panties." Another shot shows the blonde fully naked with her knees curled up to protect her modesty.

The widow of Kurt Cobain has always declined lucrative offers from men's magazines to pose nude. But she's apparently Game for this one. She has stated in the past that she loves her boobs, so it was only a matter of time.

Love boasted to ABC News Radio interviewer Dave Alpert, "How hot do I look?," showing him an advanced copy of the magazine. "Naked as the day I was born. Isn't that crazy?"

Yes, yes it is. Good job, Courtney. Not sure how this compares in craziness to that of a nude Mischa Barton on film, but it's definitely not anywhere close to the humor of a nude Britney Spears adorning a Tokyo subway.

Or, come to think of it pictures of a naked Marcia Cross being discovered and distributed by porn king David Hans Schmidt. That sick f*%k.


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Who says Mel Gibson is nothing but a raging drunk of an anti-semite?

Oh. Right. We do.

Mel Gibson and Some Sketchy Old Guy

At least one sensible, reliable source claims something different, however. In fact, Courtney Love says Gibson saved her from a life of drug addiction.

The former heroin addict - who was married to the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain - says she refused to seek professional help until the surly Mel forced her to

Love told Britain's Sunday Times magazine:

"I kept slamming the door in his face. There were two drug people with me who wouldn't leave so he couldn't get me to rehab. But because of Mel, the drug people ran off to have a cheeseburger with him, because he's Mel, and then my drug minder Warren could get me into rehab."

That's Mel Gibson for you, alright. Saving addicts one cheeseburger at a time. Too bad the same solution would never work for Kate Bosworth.

Love, 48, also confessed she still regrets breaking off her romance with actor Edward Norton, who she met while she was on tour with her band Hole.

But, wait, there's more from Kurt Cobain's widow! The outrageous singer admitted she can't stop herself from getting naked in public. This woman, who once flashed her breasts on David Letterman, may like her boobs more than Victoria Beckham.

"I'm in my prime, my body looks great. Nudity comes easy to me. I would drink before I go on TV and somehow my shirt would come off," Love said.

Can we get a cheeseburger while we watch that?

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