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A note found at the scene of Kurt Cobain's death was made public by Seattle police today, revealing some unkind final words directed at the Nirvana frontman's infamous wife, Courtney Love.

Kurt Cobain Suicide Note

Scribbled on stationery from the Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco, the note was disclosed by police following a recent re-opening of the investigation into Cobain's 1994 suicide.

Courtney likely wishes it had stayed hidden.

"Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your lawfully shredded wife," reads one scathing portion. "Even when she's a b!tch with zits and siphoning all yr money for doping and whoring."

Not exactly a love poem, but many have pointed out that there is no way of determining when the note was written or if the heroin-addicted singer was in his right mind at the time.

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Man, it must REALLY suck to be rich! All that money and absolutely NO IDEA what to do with it! That's IT! Spend it all in one place, just like your mama said NOT to do!

While this certainly happens to regular people, when it happens to celebrities it's pretty epic. Watching stars who bring in millions and millions per picture have no money at all is sort of weird.

And yet, it happens. Often. Celebs file bankruptcy like some of us change our underwear. Maybe they wouldn't have to file bankruptcy if they bought normal-priced underwear?


Here are 15 stars who went broke (some will surprise you, some won't), because having a lot of money doesn't mean they know how to spend it wisely.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan used to make serious bank! But she spent it all on blow and had to have her move to New York bankrolled by Oprah Winfrey.

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Why didn't we just ask Courtney Love for help before?

She's clearly found Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 ... or at least she has a pretty good lead on it. Just check out the evidence she posted on Twitter this week.

This is some compelling stuff here, you gotta admit:

Courtney Love Finds Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

Wow. It COULD NOT BE more obvious than that, right?

To think, 25 countries, 43 ships and 58 aircraft have searched for over nine days to find any sign of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, coming up empty.

Yet as soon as Courtney Love was on the case? BAM.

How did she do what every major nation couldn't?

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Courtney Love is on Team Miley.

With the 20-year old artist under heavy flak for an arguably racist VMA routine - followed by a raunchy, naked "Wrecking Ball" video - the former Hole singer told The New York Post last night that critics have been too hard on Cyrus.

  • Courtney Love on the Street
  • Miley Cyrus: Smiling in London
  • Katy Perry Grillin

"That hillbilly Miley Cyrus is sort of punk in a weird sex way," Love told the crowd at the Dream Downtown during a set to celebrate Scott Lipps’ book “PopLipps," adding of Miley's infamous Video Music Awards performance:

"It was openly sexual...  like dark and hillbilly and [bleeped] up."

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Not unlike Amanda Bynes, there is nary a dull moment with Courtney Love.

The 48-year-old Hole singer recently Tweeted photo of herself in makeup that mimicked the traditional appearance of Japanese kabuki actors.

It's not the first time we've seen her bloodshot eyes, tousled hair and overly made-up face with black circles ringing her eyes ... but it is the strangest.

"My inner geisha, following sex with mad kabuki warrior face," she wrote.

Courtney Love Face

And that's about all we've got for you.

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Amanda Bynes has made two new enemies on Twitter.

Temporarily over her feud with Rihanna (who she referred to as deserving of her Chris Brown beating, though later claimed she did no such thing) and her bashing of the NYPD, the messed up actress has now taken aim at Chrissy Teigen and Courtney Love.

  • Courtney Love Photograph
  • Selfie
  • Chrissy Teigen Pose

First, in response to Love telling Bynes to "pull it together" over Twitter, the ex-Nickelodeon star shot back:

“Courtney Love is the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen. To be mentioned by her at all makes me and all my friends laugh!"

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Courtney Love is being sued for a former assistant who alleges malice, evil motives and despicable conduct on behalf of the Hole singer. Anyone surprised?

Jessica Labrie was hired by Love in June 2010 as an administrative assistant / "forensic research aide" for $30 an hour. Not a bad gig if you can get it!

Well, unless your boss is Courtney Love, a bona fide nut job whose own daughter emancipated herself and who makes Horrible Bosses quotes look tame.

For the Love of Courtney

Long story short ... do not work for this chick, bad job market or not.

Among Labrie's allegations, per the legal complaint:

  • Love had her working 60-hour-plus weeks without overtime
  • Love asked her to hire a computer hacker
  • Love directed her to send fake legal correspondence
  • Love promised to help with Labrie's Yale tuition and did not, nor did she pay any promised bonuses or land her a promised job on the set of a Nirvana biopic.

Labrie also states that, in addition to repeatedly asking for the money she was owed, she voiced concerns about the musician's unethical and illegal activity.

She is seeking damages for wrongful termination, failure to pay wages, negligent misrepresentation, breach of contract and infliction of emotional distress.


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Mother's Day is a wonderful celebration honoring our moms and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society in general.

Here at THG, this means a little tribute to some of the celebrity moms we've come to know and love ... and also a bunch who could use some improvement.

On this 13th day of May, take a look at a 13 popular THG celeb moms (and 13 more who also have kids) in the poll below and vote for your favorite (and least favorite):

  • Blue Ivy Photo
  • Jessica Alba and Daughters
  • Obama Family Portrait 2011
  • Jennifer Garner and Daughter
  • Will, Jada and Family
  • Brangelina, Kids Pic
  • Jim Toth and Reese Witherspoon

Who's your favorite celebrity mom?


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Courtney Love apparently realizes the error of her celebrity gossip-reading ways.

Who knows where she even heard the rumor, but Love angered her daughter by claiming that former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl hit on Frances Bean Cobain.

Dave and Frances denied this vehemently, and Love, Kurt Cobain's widow, says she regrets spreading the rumor. Courtney apologized, again on Twitter.

Courtney Love is Insane

"Bean, sorry I believed the gossip," Love tweeted Saturday. "Mommy loves you."

Frances angrily answered her mom's accusations late last week saying:

"While I'm generally silent on the affairs of my biological mother, her recent tirade has taken a gross turn. I have never been approached by Dave Grohl in more than a platonic way. I am in a monogamous relationship and very happy."

Frances is engaged to Isaiah Silva, frontman of the band the Rambles.

Grohl also said the claims were "offensive and absolutely untrue."


Courtney Love Biography

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