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Elizabeth Berkley was robbed on the Dancing With the Stars results show last night. Like Christina Milian and Snooki before her, only much worse.

So it goes. Fair or not, only five celebrities remain, and it looks like Corbin Bleu is in the driver's seat after a routine last night that was one of the best ever.

Corbin looked like the professional, particularly in the trio dance. The judges compared him to Bob Fosse, which may be excessive, but tells you a lot.

Take a look at his routine that earned the perfect score of 30:

He did have dancing experience prior to Dancing With the Stars, of course, but so did Berkley and you can see how far that got her. Votes are votes.

Bleu will likely get them. Amber Riley should as well. That means, somehow, that Leah Remini, Bill Engvall or Jack Osbourne will make the finals.

So it goes. While it's too bad Elizabeth, Christina and Snook aren't around to vie for the Mirror Ball and showcase their talents, vote in our poll:

Who do you think should win DWTS Season 17?


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Some Dancing With the Stars critics are hammering the show for the perceived unfair advantage of trained dancers Corbin Bleu and Elizabeth Berkley.

The Dancing With the Stars cast was revealed yesterday and includes Snooki, Leah Remini, Valerie Harper and even Bill Nye the Science Guy.

But it's Bleu and Berkley who have already sparked some controversy due to their due to their extensive dance training and Broadway experience.

“It’s not fair!” one stage producer said. “They have the muscle memory about the ways to do this. I think it’s dishonest that [DWTS doesn't] level the playing field.”

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