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Dr. Conrad Murray is under suicide watch behind bars, according to reports. He was taken into custody Monday after being found guilty of involuntary manslaughter.

The cardiologist was found guilty in the trial stemming from the death of Michael Jackson. After the Conrad Murray verdict was read, he was denied bail.

Law enforcement officials tells the Los Angeles Times that they are taking no chances and will ensure Murray does not take his own life at L.A. County Jail.

Dr. Murray Image

In addition, Dr. Murray is a "keep away inmate," meaning jail officials will take precautions to keep him safe, including a single cell for his own protection.

Murray will also be assigned an "escort" to accompany him wherever he goes, including to the shower, and won't be allowed to mingle with other inmates.

That's both a blessing and a curse. He'll be safer that way, with no shot of anyone coming after him ... but it's gonna be a lonely stretch for the doctor.

Murray will be sentenced November 29 and faces four years in prison.

Superior Court judge Michael Pastor cited "public safety" as the reason why Murray was detained, rather than released O.R., until that date. He explained:

"Public safety demands he is remanded. With no bail in the interim he is to be kept in the care and custody of the Los Angeles County Sherriff's Office."

Conrad Murray's guilty verdict: Did the jury get it right?


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Michael Jackson's family members were understandably thrilled by Monday's guilty verdict against Dr. Conrad Murray, feeling that justice was finally served.

Throughout the doctor's six-week involuntary manslaughter trial, his brothers and sisters always felt his presence. Now they can take some solace in a victory.

MJ's family cried, shouted and finally gave a sigh of relief - literally, in the case of La Toya Jackson, heard in the video below - after the judgment was read.

"He was in the courtroom and that's why victory was served," La Toya told CNN Headline News while leaving the courthouse through a swarm of reporters.

Added his other, less ridiculous sister Rebbie: "I'm just happy it's over with. Nothing will bring him back, but I'm just happy (Dr. Murray) was found guilty."

Jackson's mother Katherine quietly dabbed tears, then went home to tell Michael's kids the verdict. As she did throughout the trial, she did not allow them to attend nor watch on TV, but provided them first-hand updates herself every day.

"We have been waiting for this moment for a very long time, and we couldn't hold back tears in the courtroom," Katherine, 81, told TMZ in a brief statement.

Did the jury get it right?


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The jury has returned a verdict of in the Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter trial. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson.

After less than two days of deliberation, the jury reached a verdict for the man who worked as MJ's personal physician leading up to his ill-fated This Is It tour.

The panel buzzed the L.A. Superior Courtroom three times from the deliberation room this morning, signaling it had made a decision after the six-week trial.

The verdict was just announced, and Murray was found guilty.

Dr. Murray Verdict

In the six-week trial, prosecutors hammed home the argument that Murray recklessly administered a lethal dose of the powerful anesthesia Propofol to MJ.

Moreover, they painted a picture of a man concerned for his own well being instead of his patient, and said all of Murray's decisions led to Jackson's death.

Also, his self-described timeline of events simply did not add up.

His defense attorneys claimed that Michael Jackson was in the midst of an irreversible downward spiral of addiction, and accidentally gave himself a fatal dose.

That always felt like a stretch, but they had to argue something.

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Dr. Conrad Murray's fate now rests with a jury.

Yesterday, the prosecution made its closing argument that Murray is to blame for the death of Michael Jackson any way you look at it, and justice demands a verdict of guilty. He faces four years in prison if convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

Murray's defense attorney, Ed Chernoff, then came out firing at prosecutors in his closing statement, arguing to the jury, "They want you to convict Dr. Murray for the actions of Michael Jackson ... they just don't want to tell you that."

Murray in Court

Chernoff was direct, saying "Dr. Murray did NOT kill Michael Jackson" and that Michael Jackson killed Michael Jackson by self administering prescription drugs.

Chernoff claims the prosecution failed to prove Murray hooked MJ up to a Propofol drip before the star died ... and without a drip, can't prove he put MJ in danger.

"They can't prove a crime, and they REALLY need to prove a crime" ... Chernoff said.

D.A. David Walgren is then mocked that idea in his closing statement rebuttal ... telling the jury, "Poor Conrad Murray ... everyone is just working against him."

Walgren said Murray's treatment of Michael Jackson was littered with, "bizarre, unethical, unconscionable behavior" ... adding, "That is why we are here."

That may what earns him a conviction.

Murray's timeline of events is sketchy at best, and the defense theory wrought with speculation. But Murray's medical decisions are nearly impossible to defend.

We'll see what the jury says. Your view?


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Closing arguments are underway in the Dr. Conrad Murray trial, and prosecutors are hammering home their case that the embattled physician is guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the untimely 2009 death of Michael Jackson.

The defense will get to state its case again too, but it's not looking good.

The D.A. reiterated the list of evidence he says proves Murray's guilt:

  • Dr. Murray Pic
  • Michael Jackson Trial Pic
  • Murray violated sacred doctor-patient trust "each and every day."
  • MJ was on his game June 24 in rehearsal, then dead June 25.
  • MJ was a creative genius striving for perfection, a living legend.
  • MJ had long term plans cut short for himself and his children.
  • He wanted to go on tour one last time for his kids and his fans.
  • Murray's failure to do his job caused the death of Michael Jackson.
  • Criminal negligence is not about having an intent to cause harm.

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Just hours before closing arguments in Dr. Conrad Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial, a documentary about the embattled physician is being shopped to networks.

Murray, who faces up to four years in prison in the death of Michael Jackson, has been a part of filming the documentary since being charged earlier this year.

Dr. Murray, as we know, has decided not to take the stand at his trial, but has given long in depth interviews to the film crew ... for whatever that's worth.

Conrad in Court

"This project has been in the works since Murray's arrest," says a source. "It was originally conceived to help him get his reputation back following the case."

"However, another primary driving force of it is to generate money so that Murray can pay his lawyers and experts," the source close to Murray confided.

The N.Y. Post broke the story and says Dr. Conrad Murray is hoping the documentary will earn at least a million dollars. That may be wishful thinking.

Our source says, "Dr. Murray and his lawyers were hoping it would sell for a million, but it looks like the max a network would pay is around $250K."

If Dr. Murray is convicted, that price could go up ... or down.

Closing arguments are set to begin tomorrow morning at 9.

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The Dr. Conrad Murray involuntary manslaughter trial is just about over.

The defense has rested its case - or what little it seemingly had - and is now gearing up for closing arguments, which are scheduled to begin Thursday morning.

According to reports, the defense won't be submitting any new evidence, so if they haven't needled the jury with reasonable doubt yet ... it will take a miracle.

  • Bad Conrad
  • The Late King of Pop

Murray faces up to four years if convicted in the death of Michael Jackson.

After closing arguments, the jury will begin to deliberate immediately, and it seems likely they'll reach a verdict by Friday, assuming closing arguments don't drag on.

The prosecution rested its case over a week ago, and while you can't rule anything out as far as what juries will conclude, their case felt awfully close to air tight.

The D.A. hammered him over his medical decision making, and put a pretty strong damper on the notion that Michael Jackson killed himself, as Murray claims.

Murray's star witness was also held in contempt today.

What do you think? Dr. Conrad Murray ...


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Dr. Conrad Murray's defense received yet another blow Monday when his most important witness was held in contempt of court and fined $1,000.

Charged with involuntary manslaughter in the June 2009 death of Michael Jackson, Murray sought the help of Dr. Paul White, an expert in anesthesia.

White repeatedly violated court orders to by testifying about his private conversations with Murray, however, and the judge came down on him hard.

Dr. Conrad Murray Photo

"Quite frankly, this constitutes direct contempt of court," Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael E. Pastor told White, the defense team's final witness.

White told the jury he believes that Jackson took extra doses of two drugs, including the powerful anesthetic Propofol, while Murray's back was turned.

White suggested on Monday that while he thinks Michael Jackson killed himself, it wasn't a suicide attempt and MJ didn't know the "potential danger."

Monday marked the second time Pastor held White in contempt – the first was October 21, when White called a member of the prosecution a vulgarity.

Yesterday's sanction was ordered after an intense exchange between White and D.A. David Walgren, who grilled him about Murray's medical decisions.

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Dr. Conrad Murray will no longer be taking the stand to testify in his own defense in the involuntary manslaughter trial stemming from Michael Jackson's 2009 death.

This marks a reversal of his original plan to testify.

Murray told his lawyers from day one that he wants to testify and tell his side of the story, but his lead attorney, Ed Chernoff, believes it's not worth the risk.

Dr. Conrad Murray, Ed Chernoff

His reasoning is simple: Murray wouldn't be able to withstand a tough cross examination that the DA would subject him to, and would hurt his own cause.

"Clients always want to testify, but in this case, the D.A. would wear him down, and Murray just wouldn't be able to overcome the basic facts," says a source.

To name a few: "not calling 911 right away, failure to tell ER doctors and EMTs that he gave Jackson Propofol, not having the proper monitoring equipment."

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The late Michael Jackson likely helped himself to extra doses of potent drugs while Dr. Conrad Murray's back was turned and accidentally took his own life.

That's according to the defense's final witness, who finally came out and said, under oath, the theory that Murray's defense has been floating for months.

Murray's lawyers long have asserted that Jackson caused his own death, even as the likelihood of such an event has been discredited by the prosecution.

Dr. Conrad Murray Pic

Still, White told the jury, in Jackson's last minutes of consciousness, the insomniac took several pills of the sedative lorezepan, then injected the Propofol.

"You think it was a self-injection of propofol between 11:30 and 12?'' defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan asked. "In my opinion, yes," White responded.

White, like the prosecution's star witness, Dr. Steven Shafer, is an anesthesiologist and Propofol expert. The prosecution will cross-examine him next week.

After that, it's up to the jury to determine if there is reasonable doubt to acquit Murray of involuntary manslaughter, or if the prosecution made its case.

It goes without saying that Jackson's family feels they have.

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