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Dr. Conrad Murray's girlfriend, Nicole Alvarez, is begging the court to let him out of jail pending his appeal, claiming he's a "good father" to their toddler.

Somehow we don't see it happening.

Nicole Alvarez, who testified during Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial last fall, filed a declaration of support for Murray Thursday, in which she says if Murray is released, he will live with her and their two-year-old son in Santa Monica, Calif.

Murray in Court

It's not the most powerful or emotional letter. Alvarez says, "Dr. Murray is the father of my child," adding, he "has been our primary source of support."

Moving stuff right there.

It's unclear how much support Murray can provide now, considering his medical license has been revoked and he's likely spent a fortune on legal fees.

Murray's hearing for bail pending appeal of his conviction is scheduled for Friday in L.A. The D.A. opposes bail, saying Murray is a danger to society.

Should be open and shut: No bail.

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The L.A. County D.A. is far from pleased that Dr. Conrad Murray wants judge to spring him from jail while he appeals his conviction for involuntary manslaughter.

Prosecutors assert that Murray, who was convicted and sentenced to four years in prison for his role in in the death of Michael Jackson, is a danger to society.

According to court documents, the D.A.'s office says Murray's shown zero remorse for "reckless and criminal conduct that directly caused Michael Jackson's death."

Dr. Conrad Murray Mug Shot

In other words, the D.A. says Murray just doesn't get it, a key point of their argument, as they say he could engage in the same conduct again if he's set free.

The D.A. also claims Murray is a flight risk who is terrified of jail and who no longer has strong ties to California now that his medical license has been revoked.

As for Murray's grounds for appealing the conviction, the D.A. claims they bogus - the judge's decision to exclude Dr. Arnold Klein's testimony in particular.

Klein gave MJ Demerol shots in the months preceding his death, but the D.A. says no traces of the drug were found in MJ's body at the time of his death.

Thus, there's no evidence to suggest Murray's conviction was unfounded, at least in the eyes of the people who put him away ... and probably everyone else.

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Michael Jackson's family has apparently realized the obvious:

As much as they want Dr. Conrad Murray to pay dearly for his role in the King of Pop's death, the physician is flat broke and the music icon is worth nine figures.

You can't get blood from a stone, and thus, prosecutors will no longer seek more than $100 million in restitution from Murray at the request of Jackson's family.


A rep for the L.A. County D.A.'s Office says prosecutors withdrew the motion and a hearing scheduled for Monday has been called off at the family's request.

Murray was convicted and sentenced for involuntary manslaughter last year.

Murray, who's already serving his four-year jail sentence for his role in the death of MJ, is basically broke, with a revoked medical license halting future income.

It's unclear how he plans to earn money once he's released, but he fought having to pay restitution and it appears MJ's family concluded it wasn't worth it.

The time and legal fees necessary to battle for scraps that wouldn't change the family standard of living, or more importantly bring MJ back, was fruitless.

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Dr. Conrad Murray wants the judge in his criminal manslaughter case to deny Michael Jackson's family restitution, arguing that MJ was responsible for his demise.

Murray was convicted and sentenced for involuntary manslaughter already. That is set in stone. However, he is still fighting the restitution the star's family seeks.

Murray is asking for evidence the defense never received during the trial - evidence he claims could show Michael self-administered the fatal dose of Propofol.

Conrad Murray Photo

Murray's lawyer, J. Michael Flanagan, argues that - guilty verdict aside - in deciding how much restitution the family gets, the victim's responsibility matters.

So Murray will concede he's partly to blame (he can't argue otherwise because of the conviction) but he still wants to prove that Jackson caused his own death.

The prosecution is asking for around $100 million in restitution, but the judge hasn't decided on a figure. The level of culpability will ultimately play into that.

Once the figure is set, if Flanagan gets his way and the judge were to decide MJ was 50 percent responsible, the judge would reduce restitution by 50 percent.

Also complicating matters? Murray is pretty much broke, and if anything, Jackson's family has profited from his death. So ... the judge has a lot to ponder.

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A cash-strapped Conrad Murray is asking for court-appointed attorney for his appeal process, and doesn't seem to be enjoying his jail experience so far.

Not that anyone would, but this is an extreme case, he says.

Murray's previous attorney, J. Michael Flanagan, is outraged and says that "it is crazy and unbelievable how [the sheriffs] are treating" Murray in jail. 

Flanagan says after waiting for over an hour to visit Murray, he arrived with his feet and hands cuffed, then was shackled to the table for their meeting.

Conrad Murray in Court

"I've never seen something like this before," for someone serving this crime, the attorney says, adding that his cell is next to a guy in jail for a gang murder. 

Murray filed an appeal yesterday. Michael Jackson's former doc stated that he is "indigent and respectfully requests the appointment of counsel on appeal."

He was convicted last month of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson and was ordered to serve four years in a L.A. County jail.

He intends to appeal his conviction, but does not have an attorney to work with to argue his case. Flanagan says he personally doesn't handle appeals.

Flanagan says he has offered advice about who should represent Murray, but says, "Whoever does it has a big undertaking" with all the evidence involved.

Given how his a$$ was handed to him at trial, that's putting it mildly.

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Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in Michael Jackson's death, but the late singer's former dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein is under investigation by the Medical Board of California for his past treatment of his famous patient.

Klein has been accused - by Murray and others - of fueling MJ's addiction to prescription painkillers, and has been subpoenaed by the Board for questioning.

He just posted a letter on Facebook, apparently sent from his ex-lawyer, showing that officials are probing allegations that Klein over-prescribed Demerol.

Arnold Klein Pic

The Board reportedly wants to grill Klein about the possibility that he self-prescribed narcotics, used false names on narcotics prescriptions, illegally handed out samples of dangerous drugs to his famous patients such as Michael Jackson.

By doing so, Klein, who has multiple sclerosis, may have committed gross negligence.

Also rumored to be the biological father of Prince and Paris Jackson, Klein has always strongly denied any wrongdoing and is not accused of any criminal conduct.

Time will tell if that changes and/or if the board takes any disciplinary action.

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Following the maximum four-year sentence handed down on him this week, Dr. Conrad Murray has filed an appeal to challenge his conviction for manslaughter.

Murray, as you almost know, was implicated in the death of Michael Jackson and was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter this fall after an exhaustive case.

The embattled physician filed the document in pro per, which means he's representing himself instead of using a lawyer. In his trial, he used multiple lawyers.

On the portion of the document where a lawyer will usually state his or her firm's contact info, Murray lists "Men's Central Jail" and includes his booking number.

While he is representing himself in the appeal, Murray is still communicating with one of the lawyers who repped him in the manslaughter trial, Nareg Gourjian.

Gourjian says of his chances, "This case presents a gold mine of issues for any appellate lawyer. Dr. Murray is confident the Court of Appeal will vindicate him."

Mmmyeah. Not so sure there. Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, not murder, and four years in jail seems fair. Some say it's not long enough.

The prosecution also provided so much evidence linking Jackson's death to Murray's medical misconduct that it's hard to see the jury's verdict being thrown out.

Did Dr. Conrad Murray receive a fair sentence?


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Despite its role in earning him a four-year prison sentence, Dr. Conrad Murray doesn't regret for a second filming the now-infamous documentary about his trial.

In said documentary, he said he didn't regret his actions because he didn't do anything wrong ... a jury disagreed and convicted him of involuntary manslaughter.

The making of the film, which was released after Murray's conviction but before his sentencing, in the Michael Jackson death trial, infuriated Judge Michael Pastor.

Doctor Murray

Murray's lawyers freely admit he needed the money, but the Conrad Murray documentary was made primarily so that the public could hear his side of the story.

Maybe he should've tried testifying trial OR sentencing then. Eh, whatever.

The 56-year-old physician told friends and family that he knew he was going to get the maximum sentence, and that the documentary didn't play a role.

Thus, it didn't bother him that Pastor lambasted him over the things he said in the film, in particular, trashing MJ and not taking blame for his actions.

Moreover, Murray is "surprisingly upbeat" about the sentence, telling a friend, "I'm just relieved it's over," adding, "Don't worry, I'm fine, I'll be out soon."

Too soon, according to Michael's family.

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Dr. Conrad Murray was sentenced to four years behind bars today, the longest possible prison term for involuntary manslaughter. Needless to say, Michael Jackson's family is adamant that he deserves every day of that sentence, and then some.

His mother, Katherine Jackson, made that abundantly clear in recent weeks.

In Murray's official Probation Report, Katherine lashes out at Murray for his documentary, in which he lays blame on Michael and denies any wrongdoing.

Katherine feels Murray's four-year sentence is "insufficient."

Dr. Conrad Murray Mug Shot

The report says, "During filming, he repeatedly stated that he did nothing wrong. Ms. Jackson feels this adds insult to injury, and shows he is clearly not remorseful."

The Jackson family matriarch also says she's "deeply insulted" that on the anniversary of Michael's death, Murray arranged to be photographed at the cemetery.

Michael's parents, siblings and children issued a joint statement begging Judge Michael Pastor to make Conrad Murray pay for his crime, which he did today.

At the same time, the family insists revenge is not their motive.

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Judge Michael Pastor just sentenced Dr. Conrad Murray to the maximum allowable term of four years in prison following his involuntary manslaughter conviction.

Murray will likely do his time in L.A. County Jail, and may end up only serving half the sentence due to overcrowding. But he's been sentenced to the maximum.

Judge Pastor said in his ruling, "There are those who feel Dr. Murray is a saint. There are those who feel he's the devil. He is neither. He's a human being."

One whose actions led to the accidental death of Michael Jackson. Period.

It's irrelevant, the judge said moments ago, whether Michael's own actions were reckless or whether he might have met this fate with some other doctor.

The fact is, Michael Jackson died because of the actions of Dr. Murray.

The judge said he looked at Murray's whole life, and he was impressed. But he added Dr. Murray's recklessness with Jackson overshadowed any good deeds.

He called the treatment of the pop star, "a cycle of horrible medicine" and said, "Dr. Murray engaged in a recurring, continuous pattern of deceit and lies."

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