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Michael Jackson's personal assistant has filed a class action lawsuit against AEG, claiming he lost big bucks because of the company's hiring of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Michael Amir Williams Picture

Williams and the rest of the employees connected with MJ's ill-fated "This Is It" tour stood to rake it in three years ago, but obviously did not in the wake of his death.

Thus, they want compensation from AEG. Like yesterday.

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The L.A. Sheriff's Dept. is brushing off Dr. Conrad Murray's lawyer, saying claims that the physician is being treated inhumanely in jail are simply untrue.

Dr. Conrad Murray Mug Shot

Murray's lawyers claim that the 5' x 7' cell in which Murray is confined is so small, given his 6'5" height, that he may have developed permanent health problems.

In this week's Conrad Murray jail house phone call, the doctor told a friend about "uncorrectable blood circulation" issues that could lead to a fatal embolism.

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Dr. Conrad Murray says jail is killing him, sort of literally.

The man who killed Michael Jackson (unintentionally) has suffered serious injuries behind bars and he wants out, according to this phone call he made to a friend:

Murray says he was rushed to USC Medical Center this week after fearing he was suffering from blood clots in his legs. He described the experience as such:

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Dr. Conrad Murray is writing a tell-all book. Hey, he has to pass the time wasting away in jail somehow. The number of publishers who care is not high, however.

"Dr. Murray spends most of his days writing what he [says] is a tell-all book about what really happened in the final days of Michael Jackson's life," a source to him says.

"Murray believes that the public will want to hear about the time he spent with Michael ... he says that Michael confided his inner-most secrets about his true feelings."

"[MJ talked] about his family, the child molestation trial and his three children. Murray contends that Michael's kids viewed him as a family member and loved him."

True or not, it all boils down to Murray's boredom. And cash flow problems.

Murray in Court

"This is all about money for Murray though ... he is flat broke and desperately needs the cash," the source adds. "He feels that the book could help rehab his image."

Jackson's former physician was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the death of the music great and was sentenced to four years in jail.

Attempts to portray himself as a sympathetic figure would be hard enough, but add in the fact that Murray has shown no remorse and it's darn near impossible.

Dude even ripped Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother, for not being there for him.

"Conrad Murray is extremely arrogant and doesn't accept responsibility for the death of Michael Jackson. He truly believes he has done nothing wrong," the insider says.

As a result, when contacted by reps about potential interest in releasing the book by Murray, publishers' collective response so far has been, "no thanks."

Let's all cry a river for that, shall we?

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Michael Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, has dropped his wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray in a rare break for the imprisoned physician.

The suit was dismissed at his request. Murray's attorney, Valerie Wass, said:

"I was pleased ... It was always my opinion that Joe Jackson lacked standing to bring this action, and that eventually the case would be dismissed."

Joe and Connie

The case was dismissed without prejudice, meaning Joe can refile the lawsuit if the circumstances allow. Not sure how they would change, but so be it.

The 84-year-old Jackson family patriarch sued Murray in June 2010, adding concert promoter AEG Live and a Las Vegas pharmacy as plaintiffs.

Now that the former doctor was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to four years in jail, Joe apparently felt more at ease.

He initially claimed Dr. Conrad Murray and others were negligent in failing to provide adequate care, treatment, diagnosis, and resuscitation.

MJ died in June 2009. "As a result of that failure, Joe Jackson was deprived with the loss of companionship of his son," the suit charged.

Companionship. We're sure that's what he's feeling deprived of.

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Dr. Conrad Murray, the terrible physician convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson, is still not showing remorse.

Moreover, he's taking new shots at MJ's mother.

In a phone interview, Conrad Murray accuses 82-year-old Katherine Jackson of letting him down and "failing to be there" while he was alive.

  • Dr. Murray Image
  • Katherine Jackson Photograph

Asked if he'd ask forgiveness from Katherine for giving the insomniac star a cocktail of drugs that led to his death, Murray was incredulous.

"Mrs Jackson does not have to forgive me because I am not responsible for his death," he said. "There is nothing for her to forgive me for."

"I would say this: Is anyone willing to ever forgive Mrs. Jackson for failing to be the mother she could have been for her son? Would Michael forgive his mother for not being the mother that he wanted to be there all the time?"


Now serving four years at Los Angeles County Jail, Murray said he would be more than happy to sit down and talk with Katherine Jackson.

Somehow we don't see that invite being extended.

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Conrad Murray is sitting in prison after being convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

Yet this doctor somehow thinks he's the one who can fix the ongoing Jackson family saga, which has centered around contention over the late singer's will and the whereabouts of his mother, Katherine Jackson, for nearly two weeks now.

Katherine is now back at home with her grandchildren, but even young Prince Jackson is suspicious over why she was taken by other relatives in the first place.

  • Katherine Jackson at the Mic
  • Murray Trial

"I've been told that she has a desire to speak with me before she departs this life," Murray said in a statement released to CNN through his attorneys. "Seeing that she is up in age and in questionable health, and the fact that she is the mother of a very dear departed friend, it would give me great pleasure to sit with her one on one and answer any questions she might have."

Katherine Jackson spoke out this week and claimed she simply needed a vacation, but major questions still surround the situation, namely: Why didn't she contact her grandkids while away?

"I do not want Mrs. Jackson to suffer. She remains as dear to me as my own mother, unbeknownst to her," Murray added, saying Katherine is on his prison visitor list and referring to her as "extremely sad."

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Dr. Conrad Murray is pleading with a judge to let him out of jail because it's been taking an extreme physical toll on his body and he will die behind bars.

This guy and Floyd Mayweather should form a support group.

Murray's not asking for house arrest, Mayweather style, but ironically is asking to be sent to a state prison, where he believes he'll get better care.

Okay ... this guy and Amber Portwood should form a group.

Dr. Conrad Murray Mug Shot

Murray's lawyer tells TMZ he wants to serve his time in the big house because in county jail, he's being treated like the absolute scum of the Earth.

Getting fresh air monthly, fresh underwear weekly, etc.

As a result of the alleged deprivation, Murray's health is failing, he says; he notably receives no medical attention for acute, persistent headaches.

Murray told his attorney, "I may not make it out of here alive. This is a very dangerous place. I'm in here dying. The system is intent on killing me."

The L.A. County Sheriff's Deptartment had no comment. Murray got four years in jail for involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson.

Dr. Conrad Murray in jail: A fair sentence?


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James DeBarge, the ex-husband of Janet Jackson, has reportedly settled his major beef with Dr. Conrad Murray ... after the two talked things out behind bars.

Singer El DeBarge, James' brother, said that he and Murray buried the hatchet regarding Michael Jackson's death and all it took was an honest conversation.

James, understandably, held a serious grudge with Murray because he blamed the doctor for killing his friend Michael. Apparently, not as much anymore.

Conrad Murray Photo

The two men managed to have a confrontation behind bars at the Men's Central Jail facility in L.A. in the past few days, and they "squashed the beef."

James' wife says that he was very impressed with Murray and that James has not only "made peace with what happened to Michael" but respects Murray.

DeBarge no longer believes Murray is an "evil" man or a murderer ... instead he told his wife Conrad is a "kind man" who made mistakes. So, that's that.

Either way, he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, so the two will likely have more time to chill. James is in for drug and assault with a deadly weapon charges.

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Dr. Conrad Murray was just shot down in his request to be freed on bail while he appeals his involuntary manslaughter conviction in the 2009 death of Michael Jackson.

Number of disappointed people not named Murray or Nicole Alvarez: Zero.

During today's hearing, Judge Michael Pastor said Murray is still a flight risk as he does not have significant property or family ties in Los Angeles.

Judge Pastor also believes Murray is a danger to society, citing the MSNBC documentary in which Murray fails to show any remorse for MJ's death.

Dr. Conrad Murray Pic

Pastor said "it scares me" that Murray believes it's okay to use Propofol in a home setting and insists he could pose a danger to the safety of other people.

Murray had previously asked for bail so he could spend time with his family (girlfriend Alvarez and their son) while he awaits the outcome of his appeal.

He is hoping to overturn his manslaughter conviction on grounds he never had a chance to prove MJ killed himself due to stress ... among other reasons.

Murray's appellate attorney Valerie Wass says she believes Murray is a "scapegoat" blamed for Michael's death because there's no one else to target.

A judge, jury and the general public almost unanimously disagree. Jackson was not without fault, but Murray also wasn't convicted of murdering him.

His actions as a doctor fit the crime of involuntary manslaughter to a T.

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