Columbus Short is an actor. Choreographer. Star of "Stomp the Yard." One-time Britney Spears fling. What a talent!

by Hilton Hater at

Columbus Short, a star on ABC's Scandal, has gotten himself into a very scandalous real-life situation.

The actor has been arrested on felony battery charges stemming from his involvement in a bar fight on March 15.

Columbus Short on Scandal

As previously reported, Short was in a Los Angeles bar when a fellow patron allegedly made insulting remarks about his wife. 

The star subsequently punched the man, sending him to the hospital.

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by Tattle Taylor at

Uh oh! A scandal's brewing! Someone call Olivia Pope!

Scandal star Columbus Short is under investigation for a bar brawl earlier this month. The reason for the offense? Defending his woman's honor.

Celebrity gossip sites are reporting that Short was in a bar in LA when another patron made condescending remarks about Short's wife, Tanee McCall.

McCall filed for divorce in late 2013, but the two have reconciled and decided to work things out.

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by Free Britney at

So to speak. If you thought Isaac Cohen had a stranglehold on the "Random Dudes Linked Romantically to Britney Spears" category, well, you best think again.

Britney, Sean and Jayden

Sir Isaac might be her most recent fling, but according to TMZ, back in 2003, actor Columbus Short was involved with Britney - and while his wife was 7 months pregnant.

Sound like anyone you know?

The choreographer-turned-actor, who is promoting his new film, Stomp the Yard, was recently asked by entertainment reporter Jawn Murray how it feels to have a life that didn't go the way of Kevin Federline.

So to speak.

Noticeably taken aback by the inquiry, Columbus Short replied:

"I believe in my talent ... not to diss Kevin, he's a boy of mine ... I'm grateful in the career decisions that I've made and God directing my path."

Wow. You heard it here first: God hates Britney Spears.

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