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Might we have a new American Idol favorite on the men's side?

With Phillip Phillips struggling a bit last night, Colton Dixon took to the stage and also took Will.I.Am's words to heart, making a scarcely known single ("Broken Heart" by White Lion) into his own.

Clearly comfortable on stage, Dixon brought the early 1990s rock anthem into the mainstream, perhaps earning a crush from Jennifer Lopez in the process, as he referred to him as a "lover" and commented on his look.

Steven Tyler was a lot more to the point, telling Colton the performance was "dope." We agree. Do you?

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Stevie Wonder. Colton Dixon.

Those two things may seem like oil and water, and vocally, the latter's rendition of the former's "Lately" was not up there with the likes of Phillip Phillips.

Nevertheless, he overcame any shortcomings in his pedigree and made do with effort and charisma ... and besides, he's got the heart throb thing down.

How much you like Colton Dixon likely depends on your age and gender, and how far he lasts this season will hinge on whether he can expand that appeal.

His "base" got him here, but he needs swing voters to carry him to the next level. Can it happen? An open question, but he's not going home after this:

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Congratulations are in order for both Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon. Each is a member of the top 13 on season 11 of American Idol.

But the celebration can only last for so long, as each of these finalists must now prepare to perform live again in a few days and fight for your vote. So let's get their competition started early, shall we?

Season 10 Panel

Compare the singers - Phillips, who reminds Randy Jackson of Dave Matthews; and Dixon, whose theatrics last Tuesday involved a piano jump - and try to forecast their future. Which contestant has the best chance of winning it all? Vote below.

And the Winner is?

They are two of 13 remaining American Idol hopefuls. Does Phillip Phillips or Colton Dixon stand a bettr chance at going all the way on season 11? View Poll »

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It's not hard to imagine Colton Dixon on Broadway, is it?

This American Idol veteran - who tried out for both previous seasons and hadn't even planned on giving it a third go until the judges convinced him during his sister's opening audition this year - covered "Decode" on last night's live audition show, leaping atop a piano to close the performance and looking like he belongs in "American Idiot" or "Rock of Ages."

That's not a diss. Just an observation. Jennifer Lopez told Colton he sings "from the heart," but she told that to pretty much every contestant last night.

Watch Dixon's performance now and decide how he compares to other season 11hopefuls such as Deandre Brackensick.

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American Idol has named its final 12 men on season 11.

Okay, yes, there will actually be 13 men, but if the show is keeping the final semifinalist secret until he performs on Tuesday night then he can blame producers for being left off this list.

While we still have a slew of live auditions to go through, it's never too early to start choosing sides. Are you going with the 15-year old dubbed the next Justin Bieber? The guy so nice his family named him twice?

Browse through the following promotional photos now and then cast a vote for your favorite...

  • Aaron Marcellus Picture
  • Adam Brock Photo
  • Chase Likens Picture
  • Colton Dixon Photo
  • Creighton Fraker Photo
  • Deandre Brackensick Photo
  • Eben Franckewitz Photo
  • Heejun Han Photo
  • Jeremy Rosado Photo
  • Joshua Ledet Photo
  • Phil Phillips Picture
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Colton Dixon really hopes the second time is a charm.

This Murfreeboro, Tennessee native came oh-so-close to the top 24 on season 10 of American Idol, and didn't even plan on trying out for season 11. But he showed up a couple weeks ago to support his sister, got roped into a song... and there he was last night, on stage in Hollywood.

Sitting at the piano and sort of making love to the camera, Dixon impressed the panel with his take on "What About Now," an apt selection, given his return to the competition. Think he has what it takes to advance this time around?

Great work here by Dixon, and also by Joshua Ledet on the same episode. Both advanced to the next round.

Colton Dixon Biography

Colton Dixon on American Idol Colton Dixon sang "Hanging by a Moment" by Lifehouse for his audition in Nashville and advanced to Hollywood as a result. A senior at... More »
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Colton Dixon
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