Colby Donaldson? He's the former Survivor contestant that is breaking into scripted TV now. Handsome guy.

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Sorry, Jeff Probst.

Colby Donaldson has a new best buddy.

Chef at the White House

The former Survivor contestant will be a regularly featured "content buddy" in the televised kitchen of Rachael Ray, hanging out with the lovely cook and dishing on what men really want.

Here's a hint: it's Britney Spears nude, not Britney Spears bald.

Other topics will also be covered. Last week, for example, it was: "Is chivalry dead?"

The Survivor star will also do interviews and set visits for Entertainment Tonight.

"Audiences first got to know me being myself on TV having a wild adventure," Colby said.

"I'm thrilled to now be with Rachael Ray enjoying this daytime adventure with real people. I love hanging out with Rachael and the food perks are pretty great too! It's good to know my days of eating bugs are over!"

It's true. Now he can eat burgers while Ray walks around topless. Not a bad gig.