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Colbie Caillat is aiming to inspire with her new music video.

The artist, who shined a spotlight on natural beauty with the lyric video for "Try," is doing so again with the actual video itself.

It features everyday women with and without makeup, along with Caillat herself slowing stripping away everything on her face that clouds her “real” beauty.

The Grammy winner co-wrote the ballad with Babyface over a year ago, doing so during a time when she was feeling tired from the pressures of being a woman in the entertainment realm.

"The song was from experience. I do try very hard," she recently told Glamour. "I think all girls - especially in this business - have to be polished, and if you don't then you're the one who looks bad. It's a lot of pressure."

Somewhere, Demi Lovato is nodding along in approval of the video. Check it out here:

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Colbie Caillat has come out with a very cool new video for her track, "Try."

Featuring the lyrics to this self-empowering ballad across the screen, the following footage depicts some very familiar faces (Hayden Panettiere, Katharine McPhee, Natasha Bedingfield) in a not-so-familiar manner:

They're going all natural, as Caillat opens the video by explaining how she asked regular folks and celebrities to "wear little to no makeup," for the video, "whatever they were most comfortable with."

The goal, as the song itself also relays, is for women to realize they don't need to try so hard to look beautiful.

"There’s so much we have to do in order to make ourselves beautiful so we feel accepted in the public eye," Caillat recently told The Today Show. "This is an anthem for women to accept who they are and be comfortable showing it and not hiding it."

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