Clint Eastwood is not exactly known as the most compassionate, empathetic soul. In fact, his interest in others generally starts and ends with whether or not they're feeling lucky.

So perhaps it's not surprising that Squinty Clint doesn't have the most enlightened view on the topic of Caitlyn Jenner's transition, and a joke that the movie icon made while filming the Spike TV Guy's Choice Awards will reportedly never make it to air.

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Well, this is unexpected.

In case you're somehow unaware, the new Clint Eastwood-Bradley Cooper film American Sniper is a massive hit with audiences, but its also drawn a good deal of criticism, in part because large portions of Chris Kyle's memoirs - on which the film was based - are believed to be fabricated.

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Man, Seth Rogen had just won a bunch of right-wingers over to his side thanks to The Interview-North Korea controversy, and now he's gone and squandered that good will by bashing 'Murica like some sort of pot-smoking Hollywood liberal, or something.

Okay, it's pretty small potatoes compared to the Sony hacking scandal, but the actor's recent comments about the Oscar-nominated Clint Eastwood-Bradley Cooper certainly seem to have ruffled some feathers here in the US of A.

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He's one of the few big-time celebrities who is also a big-time Republican.

But Clint Eastwood has veered from the viewpoint of many Conservatives in one regard: the actor signed the American Foundation for Equal Rights’s “Friend of the Court” brief this week.

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