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Dina Eastwood has filed for divorce from husband Clint Eastwood, her husband since 1996, and this time it looks like the legal separation will stick.

After previously withdrawing papers she'd filed in September requesting a legal separation, Dina Eastwood, 48, has made it official this time around.

In the papers, filed in Monterey County Superior Court, Dina is requesting physical custody of their only child together, 16-year-old daughter Morgan.

She's also asking for him to pay alimony and her attorney fees.

The separation was announced in August, with Dina filing for legal separation September 9. However, she withdrew the separation papers two days later.

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Scott Eastwood, Clint Eastwood's 27-year-old son, is a spitting image of the acting legend from his younger years, as he proves in a new photo shoot.

A rising star in his own right, up-and-coming actor Scott is featured in the October issue of Town & Country in a series of nautical-themed pictures:

"People assumed that I would have everything handed to me, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I was on my own just doing the grind," he said.

"I want to be a man's man - not a kid actor or a glitzy pop star but a no-bulls--t leading man."

Sounds familiar. As for what advice Clint passed on to him?

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Another famous couple is officially separated.

Following news that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones split, multiple outlets confirm that Clint Eastwood and his wife Dina have been living apart for some time.

Insiders confirm to TMZ that the 83-year old actor and the 48-year old Dina remain close, but have not been acting as man and wife for months now.

In April, Dina even entered rehab due to anxiety and depression over the relationship.

The Eastwoods have been married since 1996 and have a 16-year old daughter together. The iconic actor/director is the father to seven kids in all from past relationships.

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Clint Eastwood's wife, Dina Eastwood, has checked herself into a rehab facility for help with depression and anxiety issues, according to a TMZ report.

Dina Eastwood Pic

Dina, who stars in her own reality show with Clint's daughter Francesca Eastwood, Mrs. Eastwood & Company, entered an exclusive facility in Arizona.

She is not being treated for any substance abuse.

Clint and Dina Eastwood have been married since 1996 and have a 16-year-old daughter, Morgan Eastwood, who also stars in the E! reality show.

We wish her the best in the recovery process.

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He's one of the few big-time celebrities who is also a big-time Republican.

But Clint Eastwood has veered from the viewpoint of many Conservatives in one regard: the actor signed the American Foundation for Equal Rights’s “Friend of the Court” brief this week.

In doing so, the actor became one of over 100 prominent Republicans to support this gay rights organization's document, which it has filed with the Supreme Court.

Clint Eastwood Image

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Clint Eastwood doesn't need an empty chair to make his point about Barack Obama in a new commercial.

Playing off his controversial Chrysler Super Bowl ad, the actor once again says America is at a crossroads, but this time he makes his political allegiance very clear.

"When someone doesn't get the job done, you got to hold 'em accountable," Eastwood says in the video above. "Obama's second term would be a rerun of the first, and our country just couldn't survive that."

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Clint Eastwood stopped by Ellen Monday and spoke out about his now-infamous "Invisible Obama" speech at the RNC. He called the response "interesting."

"The Democrats who were watching thought I was going senile," he said, smiling. "The Republicans knew I was... I was actually just trying to enjoy myself."

The former mayor of Carmel, Calif., went on to stay that his political views are more Libertarian - "where Republicans used to be" - than strictly conservative.

"You're socially liberal, leave everybody alone, but you believe in fiscal responsibility and you believe in government staying out of your life," he explained.

For that, the crowd gave the Trouble With the Curve star a round of applause:

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Clint Eastwood is speaking out to his hometown newspaper about his bizarre appearance at the RNC and "conversation" with an "Invisible Obama."

The 82-year-old Academy Award-winner tells the Carmel Pine Cone that he came into the night with three things he wanted to communicate:

  1. That not everybody in Hollywood is on the left
  2. That Obama has broken a lot of the promises
  3. That people should vote out failed politicians

Mission accomplished, he said. As for the empty chair, Eastwood made it clear to Mitt Romney's campaign early on that he planned to wing his speech.

That is what he did. The empty chair was a last-minute idea.

"There was a stool [backstage], and some fella kept asking me if I wanted to sit down," he says. "When I saw the stool sitting there, it gave me the idea."

"I'll just put the stool out there and I'll talk to President Obama and ask him why he didn't keep all of the promises he made to everybody."

Eastwood then asked a stagehand to place the stool on stage.

Clint says he was initially unaware of the media criticism or the "Eastwooding" meme he sparked, and heard only positive reactions from RNC attendees.

Eastwood believes those shocked by his speech "are obviously on the left," though he is willing to label himself "crazy," at least in a joking way.

"They've got a crazy actor who's 82 years old up there in a suit," says the former mayor of Carmel, Calif. "I was a mayor, they're probably thinking I know how to give a speech."

"But even when I was mayor I never gave speeches. I gave talks."

Who was the winner of this particular "talk"?


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President Barack Obama says he doesn't take the unexpected ribbing Clint Eastwood gave him at the RNC personally. In fact, he remains a big fan of the actor.

“I am a huge Clint Eastwood fan,” the president told USA Today.

“He is a great actor, and an even better director,” the Commander-in-Chief continued. “I think the last few movies that he’s made have been terrific.”

Clint Eastwood, Chair

At the Republican National Convention, Eastwood roused the crowd with a 12-minute oratory that included a satirical interview with an invisible Obama.

The 82-year-old berated the President in the form of an empty chair. "Eastwooding" gave way to countless parodies and earned a place in the pop culture lexicon.

Coverage of Eastwood's speech in recent days eclipsed that of even Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who took the stage shortly thereafter.

Most observers considered the routine bizarre (for better or worse), with some critics calling it borderline vulgar. Obama, however, was not offended by it.

“One thing about being president or running for president - if you’re easily offended, you should probably choose another profession,” the president said.

Obama, who did Tweet a response to the RNC speech, said not to expect any similar acts at this week's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

“I think we’ll be playing this pretty straight,” he said.

Who won the debate Thursday night?


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The biggest story to come out of Thursday's conclusion of the Republican National Convention was not Mitt Romney's acceptance specch, but #Eastwooding.

Eastwooding being the Twitter hashtag for parodies, jokes and memes at the expense of acting legend Clint Eastwood's unusual, yet highly entertaining speech.

The 82-year-old debated an invisible Obama in an empty chair in what had to be the strangest endorsement of Romney all week, and the Internet went nuts.

Here's the original photo - angled so Invisible Obama still uses a teleprompter (subtly hilarious) - along with some of our favorite celebrity-based parodies:


Clint expressing utter disgust with Keanu Reeves' first term:

Clint Eastwood and Keanu Reeves

Clint debating Paris Hilton (basically an empty void of air):

Clint Eastwood, Paris Hilton

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