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Apparently, the naked truth hurts. Literally.

Mischa Barton has parted ways with her loser boyfriend, Cisco Adler, after nude pictures of the latter surfaced on the Internets.

Barton's Bailing

Yes, you read that accurately. And can see it (censored) below.

This picture of Cisco Adler turned up in Paris Hilton's possessions when a storage locker of the heiress' was allegedly raided and the contents (which included sex tapes and other incriminating photos) sold.

His medicinal marijuana scam was one thing. But one can certainly see how the revelation that this was up in Paris Hilton's locker (and probably in Paris Hilton herself) would prompt Mischa to part ways with the dirtbag.

"They had a blowup," a friend said. "She was furious."

The former star of The OC had been with Adler since the fall of 2005, when she broke up with none other than Brandon Davis, a.k.a. Greasy Bear.

Prior to dating Mischa, the Cisco kid was engaged to Kimberly Stewart.

What is it about this guy that makes the anorexic hotties swoon? Is it his access to drugs? His personality? Maybe it's his absolutely enormous... hair?

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The former star of The OC, Mischa Barton, and her dirtbag boyfriend, Cisco Adler, came within minutes of being part of a search and seizure warrant being executed on a medical marijuana distribution center in West Hollywood on January 17.

Stoned Mischa Barton

Adler's visit to the center that day was no different than any number of times he visited it. As usual, Cisco parked his Mercedes on the busy street with girlfriend Mischa Barton waiting patiently in the passenger seat.

Cisco was buzzed in, and after less than five minutes inside, he appeared with a small white bag, and the two drove off.

As Badler left, they failed to notice that two nearby side streets were lined with police cars, and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) officers wearing bullet proof vests who were preparing to raid the small store front.

Just 15 minutes after Cisco Adler and Mischa drove off, the agents stormed in and sifted through documents, copied hard drives, and left with pounds of marijuana and other paraphernalia. Officials did not say whether Nicole Richie was also in there at the time. But it wouldn't be shocking.

Medical marijuana became legal in California in 1996, but while the Golden State technically legalized medical marijuana, the Federal Government still considers it illegal, and the Feds have all the power over the state. Local officials lately have been taking legal action as well as the DEA to crack down on shops.

We don't know what painful and life-threatening ailment has stricken Cisco and Mischa have that they need almost daily doses of marijuana, but we do know that he may have to find other avenues to fulfill their special needs.

Local officials in Los Angeles are now calling for a suspension of all pot shops until they can investigate if the pot shops are operating within the limitations of the law. Don't worry, guys - surely Kevin Federline can get you his dealer's pager number. 

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Stick-figure actress Mischa Barton steps out with her boyfriend at Beverly Hills restaurant La Scala on Wednesday. One can only wonder what she ate (and then threw up in the bathroom when she went to go "freshen up").

Quite Troubled

The former star of The OC, which is experiencing a renaissance of sorts since she was killed off, has a slew of films on the way in the new year, including the drama Virgin Territory, co-starring Hayden Christensen, and The OH in Ohio.

As for her beau, Cisco Adler? He has a slew of fries to serve up at Burger King.

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It's been a tough year for Mischa Barton.

She was killed off The OC, which is now creeping back to respectability after her departure. Ouch. Moreover, she lost about 15 more pounds in addition to her primary acting job. All that's left of her is a gaunt, skeletal frame.


We're talking Nicole Richie style.

But at least she has a man... not that she seems excited about that. For someone who's been dating the same guy for awhile now, Barton looks a tad apprehensive about being spotted in public with her dirtbag beau, Cisco Adler.

It's like she's nervous, just hoping no one sees how hard she's slumming it these days.

Bet her friends don't even know he exists.

As Chris Rock once said, "If you've been dating a girl for four months, and you haven't met any of her friends, you are not her boyfriend."

Not that we blame Mischa. You gotta take some action where you can get it, and this guy is like a cross between Brandon Davis and Kevin Federline. We're talking straight-up grease ball. Note to the Cisco kid - enjoy all the nude Mischa Barton you can get before she casts you aside for someone she's not ashamed of.

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You can't spell OC without Mischa Barton. But you can kill off her character. Here, the wispy Barton makes waves in ruffles at a dinner for designer Jenni Kayne at L.A.'s Curve boutique Friday, the closing day of Los Angeles Fashion Week.

Mischa Barton Bikini Pic

Alongside Mischa is her boyfriend, Cisco Adler. Asked why in the world he is dating Mischa Barton, Adler replied that Rachel Bilson is not available. Just kidding. No way that happened. Nevertheless, this picture confirms one of T.H. Gossip's age-old theories:

Mischa Barton is really thin.

Cisco Adler Biography

Cisco Adler Naked Cisco Adler just looks dirty. And he is. He plays in some band called Whitestarr, used to date Mischa Barton and is famous for having... More »
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