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Christina Aguilera's wild pink braid was the talk of The Voice Monday.

Well, aside from the amazing live playoff performances. Check it out:

Christina Aguilera Braid

Always known for her outrageous hair, the 31-year-old rocked one of her most buzzed about looks yet, with long pink extensions and a braid wrapped around one side of her head.

Somehow, given that it's her, it works ... right? You tell us:

What do you think of Christina's crazy pink braid?


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Christina Aguilera's music video for the song “Keeps Gettin’ Better” premieres October 30.

We have a still image from it below, however, and we need to know: does this singer's look keep getting better?

Christina Aguilera Blue Hair

What do you think of Xtina's hair color in the following photo?