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Note to Britney Spears:

It's possible to look sexy without looking trashy.

Christina Aguilera Nude for W

Don't believe us? Just ask former Mouseketeer pal, Christina Aguilera.

Here is the recent Grammy Award winner, posing for a photo spread in Maxim.

It's tasteful. It's attractive. It makes Xtina a role model for desperate women, such as Kim Kardashian, who think you need to put out a sex tape in order to gain attention.

Sheer talent is typically enough. Let's hope newcomers like Robyn Troup keep that in mind.

Let's also hope cameras catch the "Ain't No Other Man" singer on a Sunday next time. That would lead to some Christina Aguilera nude shots.

We're just sayin.


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No, this isn't the tagline for her latest tour.

Instead, it's what lucky husband Jordan Bratman gets to see at least once a week: Christina Aguilera nude. All day. In every activity.

Christina in Paris

"We claim ourselves to be coziest couple ever," the 26-year-old Grammy nominee tells Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show Wednesday. "We have something called naked Sundays."

"Excuse me?" DeGeneres asks, perhaps wishing to steal the idea for herself and Portia de Rossi. "Did you say naked Sundays?"

"You have to keep marriage alive, spice it up," says Aguilera, admitting that some added heat is required even though the two have only been married for "a big whole year."

"[In November] we just celebrated our first anniversary, and on Sundays we just do everything in the house, and we're just cozy and laid back," she says. "We don't need to go anywhere, we're just with each other." We do everything naked. We cook naked."

Sounds like this gal is nude more often tha Kim Kardashian on screen with Ray J.


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Christina Aguilera loves babies.

First, she sent a holiday package to Britney Spears and her two tykes: Sean Preston and Jayden James.

Xtina for Extra

Now, the singer has purchased a gift basket for the new loves in the life of Diddy: daughter D'Lila Star and Jessie James.

Aguilera contacted baby boutique Petit Tresor on Tuesday and had over $1,000 worth of girly things shipped to the music mogul's mansion, reports
The basket, which included two of every item for Diddy's kiddies, consisted of frog slippers, hand-embroidered clothing sets, musical teddy bears, pink cherry shoes, chenille pillows, mobiles, and leather diaper bags.

It's the sort of gesture that might make The Sports Gal actually like Xtina.

Beside being friends, Christina and Diddy share a business relationship; Christina is featured on Diddy's latest single "Tell Me," while his girl group, Danity Kane, will open for Aguilera on her upcoming tour.

Diddy and girlfriend Kim Porter welcomed the twins on December 21.

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Don't worry if Britney Spears is too busy with new boy toy, JR Rotem, to remember about her two actual boys at home. A former friend/rival has the commando queen covered.

Reports state that Christina Aguilera is playing Santa for the Spears' spawns, after ordering them Christmas gifts for them from a posh Los Angeles store.

Christina Aguilera: A Fresh Start!

The singer may be on tour in Europe, but she called hip celebrity baby boutique Petit Tresor to make sure the presents would arrive in time for the holidays.

Meanwhile, Britney is on tour of clubs with Paris Hilton and may not remember there even are holidays coming up.

Boutique owner Nina Takesh quoted Aguilera as saying: "I want to give them something adorable for the colder weather".

The star chose two blue cashmere schoolboy sweaters for $129 each for Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline.

No word yet on what K-Fed has picked out for his two kids, but hope Kendra Jade got a say in the matter. It's never too early to talk about the birds and the bees.

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The cover of Blender is about to get mighty dirrrty. In the best possible way.

Indeed, of one The Gossip's favorites, Christina Aguilera, gave the magazine an interview recently. Here are some excerpts from it:

Madrid Premiere Pic

On getting props from Guns N' Roses:
"Axl Rose was backstage in the greenroom at the VMAs … and I heard that he made everyone in the room quiet down so he could hear my performance. When I met him backstage, he shook my hand and said, ‘You are one of the greatest vocalists of our time.'"

On taking charge of her own career
"It's really true: With freedom comes a ton of responsibility. I'm the only one in charge of the ship now. And if it sinks, it's my fault."

On the inspiration behind her new look
(ogle over Christina Aguilera pictures now):

"I watched tons of old movies. Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn, some Fellini. It was a real risk for me to go to this more glamorous place. But I wanted a different take on sexuality: more coy, more playful, more light, more tongue in cheek.

If a makeup artist would have handed me a red lipstick a few years ago…how do I put this? I would have wiped it off right then and there â€" that's the polite way of putting it."

On her marriage to Jordan Bratman:
"It used to be, the only good relationships I ever had were with gay men. That was before I met Jordy."

On having Jewish in-laws:
"I've been learning lots of Jewish words … Schlep. Like, I have so much stuff I have to schlep with me. And oy. And, of course, shiksa."

On her new more mature image:
"When you get married, you tune out a lot of the old bull$hit that used to bother you."

On Jessica Simpson slipping a note beneath her hotel suite door when they stayed in the same hotel during the MTV VMAs:
"She said the sweetest things about my work. Women are so supercatty sometimes … But Jessica is supersweet and noncompetitive. I sent her a big bouquet of flowers."

Once again, we heart X-tina. Instead of remaining catty with her competition, such as Jessica and Britney, she gives them props ... and presents for babies such as Sutton Pierce Federline.

She's good people.


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If there was any sizzle left in the alleged feud between pop stars Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, it appears to have been put to bed.

The Gossip has learned that Christina took the high road and purchased a $570 gift bag for Sutton Pierce, the second little bundle of love Britney brought into this world recently.

A Spears Smile

The bag of goodies, according to MSNBC, includes a hooded towel, overalls, slippers, and a crockery set… though we're not entirely sure what a two-week-old child needs with a crockery set. This is one of those gifts that's more for the parents â€" we all know Kevin Federline's career is a crock.


The gifts will make a nice addition to the lavish room Sutton Pierce shares with his older brother, Sean Preston, which reportedly cost the Federlines $100,000 to redecorate in blue with nautical themes and a large SPF â€" the initials of both tykes (and perhaps a subtle reminder to always use sunblock?) â€" stenciled on the wall.

"Britney worked with two designers to make the nursery state of the art," said a friend of hers.

"She told the decorators to spare no expense. She's indulging herself and her new son. This is definitely the most joyous time of her life."

The most joyous time of our lives? When we saw this Britney Spears picture.

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Let us go on record:

We love Christina Aguilera. The beauty can actually sing, doesn't seem to desperately crave the spotlight and even married a kind of ugly dude.

Burlesque Premiere Pic

We also love Fergie. The solo artist and front woman for the Black Eyed Peas kicked an addiction to crystal meth and is now speaking out against the drug. She also enjoys the occasional London Bridge. Gotta respect that.

But here's the thing: Only one star can be the true princess of the pop world. As you can see from the image below, each singer is trying to wear this crown. Literally.

Let us know, readers: Xtina or Fergie? (And, no, you can't vote for Brooke Hogan.)

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Christina Aguilera claims her feud with former Mickey Mouse Club pal, Britney Spears, is history. The Dirrrty one also wishes to keep her private life behind closed doors, turning down reality show TV offers.

Yeah. We're gonna ignore both of those positions.

Not everyone is familiar with Xtina's husband, Jordan Bratman. But you may have heard of Spears' better ghetto half, Kevin Federline. We've pitted the couples against one another below.

Which pair do you think has the brighter future? And which is more likely to end up like Paul McCartney and Heather Mills?

  • Christina and Jordan
  • Kevin Federline and Britney Spears Photo
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Behind closed doors, Christina Aguilera and her husband, Jordan Bratman, may play dirrrrty, but fans will never know.

The singer evealed she was offered the chance to star in a reality TV series, but isn't willing to let the cameras into her and Bratman's home. We fail to see why anyone would turn down the opportunity to have every nuance of her life documented for public judgment.

Xtina for Extra

"We've been approached, actually, and it has been a question for some people, but my marriage and my relationship with my husband is something that I really want to protect," Aguilera told MTV News.

But that's no fun for us, Christina.

The singing sensation does have sympathy, however, for those that chose the reality TV path, such as Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey; Carmen Electra & Dave Navarro, especially as their very public marriages have now ended.

"My heart goes out to that whole situation," Aguilera said. "It's a whole different ballgame, I feel, when you do open yourself up to that whole thing, and it must be difficult. You're open to all the judgment in the world.

"At least now I can say, `Well, you don't know my situation and it's very private and special and sacred to me.'"

Well, we can still look at Christina Aguilera pictures. She can't stop us from doing that!


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Why is life so good for Christina Aguilera? First of all, look at the singer. She obviously cut the line in the looks department.

Delve beneath the sexy exterior, however, and this pop star has a new album coming out, has legitimized herself as a long-lasting talent in the business and is happily married to music executive Jordan Bratman.

Annoyed by the Paparazzi

Moreover, Aguilera recently discussed her one true love, that inanimate object that truly gets her motor running. Sorry, fellas, it's not what you probably were hoping for.

"I am a perfectionist by nature. I'm an organizational freak. My label maker is my best friend. It's to the point where sometimes it annoys even me," said the 25-year old.

With Back to Basics set to his stores on August 14, Christina also talked about the opposite career paths of herself and a certain other former member of the Mickey Mouse Club.

Just consider where this diva is in life compared to Britney Spears. Aguilera has maintained a low profile, a private life and earned an established, respected spot in the industry.

Britney is married to Kevin Federline.