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As expected, Christie Brinkley is officially ending her marriage to Peter Cook, the Eastern Long Island architect who cheated on her with his teen assistant earlier this year.

Cook's attorney, Norman Sheresky, has confirmed that his client has now been served with a summons, the first step in divorce proceedings.

"The next step would be for [Brinkley] to serve a complaint and/or for the parties to negotiate an amicable agreement," Sheresky told People in an e-mail.

Sheresky's partner, David Aronson, reports that Cook is distraught over Brinkley's decision to go ahead with a divorce.

"He was hopeful that they would be able to work through this and continue their marriage. He is saddened by the fact that she has decided to move forward, but he understands that's her right and he will respect that," Aronson said.

Asked if Cook hoped to reconcile, Aronson said: "Absolutely. He made no bones about that to her and the few times he's spoken to the press. He hoped they would work through their problems and continue with their life together. He loves his children and family."

On July 11, Brinkley, 52, announced she was separating from Cook, her husband of more than 10 years. She and Cook, 47, who lived in New York's posh Hamptons region, have a daughter, Sailor, 8. Her 11-year-old son, Jack, was adopted by Cook after he and Brinkley wed in 1996.

Christie and ex-husband Billy Joel have a 20-year-old daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, who is starting to launch her own music career.

"(Christie's) immediate concern is for her children, and she's hoping during this obviously difficult time that people will be kind enough to respect her privacy," Brinkley's rep said.

The breaking point in the marriage was not hard to pinpoint -- Cook had an affair with Diana Bianchi, an 18-year-old he'd hired to work in his firm.

The affair first came to Brinkley's attention on June 25, when she was told about it by Bianchi's stepdad, Southampton, N.Y., police officer Brian Platt.

Cook attempted a public reconciliation, telling New York Post columnist Cindy Adams through attorney Sheresky, "I love my wife. I have loved her since the day I met her. Please. I love her. For a lifetime, I've tried to prove how much I love her. This is an aberration. I'm sorry. I'm contrite. I'm stupid. Foolish. No excuse."

Brinkley declined to comment on the divorce.

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Despite a heartbreaking sex scandal involving her husband and his teenage assistant earlier this summer, you can't keep Christie Brinkley down. Here, the supermodel shows just how proud she is of her eldest daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, after the 20-year-old singer's performance Thursday in New York City.

Alexa Ray, whose debut CD has been released to critical praise, performed as opening act for pop singer Teddy Geiger. Mom wasn't the only cheering: The "Piano Man" himself, dad Billy Joel, also was there. As for that dirtbag Peter Cook? We have no freaking idea where he was.

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Where do you go when your husband cheats on you with his teenage assistant? Sag Harbor, New York. Then you go to the Happiest Place on Earth!!

Christie Brinkley And Kids

Christie Brinkley, 52, and children Jack, 11, and Sailor, 8, recently took a family vacation to Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando on Friday. In the absence of estranged husband Peter Cook (whose despicable affair with Diana Bianchi, 19, left the family in shambles this summer), Mickey Mouse joined the lovely Brinkley and her cute kids in a group hug.

Seems like a nice fellow, this Mickey. Charming, well dressed, likes kids. Wonder if he tried to get her number! In other news, Alexa Ray Joel, 20, Christie's daughter with ex-husband Billy Joel, just released her debut album.

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We've shown you the likes of the troubled Britney Spears and modern comedic genius Will Ferrell in this recurring feature. This time, however, we're going with a picture that is truly vintage. While the staff at T.H. Gossip finds Christie Brinkley to be as fetching as ever nowadays, it's always fun to take a look back at the prime of her career, when her Sports Illustrated swimsuit spreads were the highlight of every subscriber's winter.

  • Christie Brinkley Struts
  • Christie Brinkley And Alexa Ray Joel Photo

Nowadays, of course, Christie, 52, is involved in a nasty scandal involving her cheating husband Peter Cook, who was discovered having relations with his teenage assistant, Diana Bianchi. Christie has persevered through it all, however, and continues to be a wonderful mother to her two young children, as well as to daughter Alexa Ray Joel, 20, the progeny of her previous marriage to singer Billy Joel. We wish her the best.

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The daughter of Christie Brinkley and ex-husband Billy Joel is releasing her first album tomorrow, T.H. Gossip has learned.

Alexa Ray Joel, 20, has quietly been working on her music debut, Sketches, which will be released through her own independent record label. Fans will be able to buy it from her official site, as well as download it from all the usual places on the Internet.

Christie Brinkley And Alexa Ray Joel Photo

You can already hear three of the songs on Alexa Ray's MySpace page. They include "The Heart of Me," "Come Home to Me Do" and "Sapphire Night." They are all bluesy pop numbers in which Alexa accompanies herself on piano. She may be more Melissa Manchester circa 1973 than Billy Joel, but you can pick up Dad's influence in her recordings just the same.

Alexa Ray is here to stay, and she's serious about her career. She joins a not-so-select group of second-generation pop stars like Julian Lennon, his brother Sean, Ben and Sally Taylor (Carly Simon and James Taylor's kids), the Wilson Phillips gang, Ricky Nelson's sons and Sting's son Joe Sumner.

Interestingly, most of those artists have opted not to sign with big record companies and instead put out their own CDs.

Of course, the tabloids will pour over Alexa's lyrics to see if there's anything about her mom's soured marriage to philandering architect Peter Cook, who is now separated from Brinkley after he did his assistant, Diana Bianchi, a year younger than Alexa Ray.

Regardless, something tells us that the message â€" if there is one (the sex scandal broke only weeks ago) â€" will be fairly hidden. The girl has more important things to sing about.

Like life! Go Alexa!

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If the cheating S.O.B. who screwed up his marriage to Christie Brinkley is hoping for a reconciliation, he shouldn't hold his breath, says the supermodel's mom.

"She is not wavering ... or taking him back. She is not planning that. Not true," Marjorie Brinkley said.

Christie and Marjorie Brinkley Photo

As the New York Daily News revealed on Tuesday, the still-stunning model and mom filed a "summons with notice" against Peter Cook in Suffolk County Court in Riverhead, N.Y., preparing the legal grounds for a divorce.

However, Brinkley has yet to formally serve her philandering hubby with the summons, the crucial next step in beginning the divorce proceedings. The summons expires 120 days after the filing date.

Cook's lawyer has said the 47-year-old architect wants forgiveness and to put this behind him. But that's not happening, said Marjorie Brinkley, who says her 52-year-old daughter has already been asked out by several men.

At least for now, she's turned them down.

"I have no idea if she will date again," the elder Brinkley said. "Of course, I would like her to. I don't want her to be a recluse, which she would never be because she is too vibrant, too alive."

Christie Brinkley has not been spotted outside her $22 million Bridgehampton, N.Y., mansion since Monday, when she drove one of her children to a day camp in nearby Sag Harbor.

She has been generally gracious toward reporters in the days after Cook's affair with his 19-year-old assistant, Diana Bianchi, became front-page news. But the environmentally conscious cover girl appeared flustered by the presence of the media on Monday.

Cook and Brinkley have been speaking in the past few weeks, but those discussions have centered around their children.

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Christie Brinkley visted the rustic Long Island village of Sag Harbor on Saturday for some relaxation. And shopping.

According to the New York Daily News, the ever-dazzling cover girl blew in like a cool summer breeze, wearing a white lace sundress, sandals and that killer smile known worldwide. As she sauntered down Main Street, smitten Sag citizens stopped and shouted support for the strolling, shopping supermodel.

Brinkley smiled and waved back to the admirers standing in front of high-end boutiques and restaurants. As she walked toward the Sag Harbor Variety store with an unidentified young woman in her 20s, the clearly taken passers-by nodded their approval.

Christie Brinkley Struts

"She's gorgeous," they gushed.

"Beautiful," said one.

"A goddess," said another.

No one uttered a word about the beauty's recent trouble with estranged husband Peter Cook. The Hamptons architect has publicly apologized for doing his assistant, 19-year-old Diana Bianchi, and met with Brinkley late last week. Christie has yet to say a word about the affair publicly.

The 52-year old certainly didn't seem to be weighed down by marital misfortune yesterday, looking carefree, upbeat and happy as ever.

In fact, when she saw Daily News photographer John Roca, she took time to compliment him on an exclusive photo of her he took for Thursday's paper.

"That was a nice picture," she told Roca.

At the variety store, the supermodel was like any other mom, checking out and buying a plastic water slide, float and pump for her kids to use in the pool at her $22 million Hamptons mansion.

As Brinkley left the store, she laughed out loud when Roca gestured to the fans watching her every move.

"It's kind of like a runway," he said.

"Yeah, it is, but the wind's blowing the wrong way," replied Christie. "I'm sorry you got stuck with this assignment again. It's such a heat wave."

The Daily News escorted her to the Lexus, which she pointed out was a hybrid, not a gas-guzzling SUV. She then drove off, leaving everyone breathless.

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A scorned Christie Brinkley met with her estranged husband on Tuesday, the New York Daily News reports.

"I'd rather not comment," Brinkley, 52, told the paper as she left her $22 million estate on Long Island's Hamptons after the visit from her husband, Peter Cook, and his parents. "I just don't want to fuel this anymore."

  • Peter Cook Photo
  • Christie Brinkley Photo

Although Cook has been photographed recently wearing his wedding ring, Brinkley was not wearing hers on Tuesday. The appearance marks Brinkley's return to the region, where the couple lived until Brinkley discovered Cook's year-long affair with Diana Bianchi, 19, whom he'd hired as an assistant at his architecture firm.

Apologetic as Cook might be, the Gossip remains perplexed that anyone would be dumb enough to cheat on Christie Freaking Brinkley with an 18-year-old girl, and is delusional enough to think he won't be outed eventually. The man clearly has a screw or several dozen loose.

In any case, after Brinkley's July 12 announcement that she was separating from Cook, her husband of 10 years, the devastated supermodel relocated to Los Angeles with the couple's children, Jack, 11, and Sailor, 8. She has been staying with her parents there and has kept an extremely low profile.

Cook has publicly issued an apology for his infidelity through his lawyer, but arrived at about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday to do so in person at the gated home he shared with Brinkley. He is said to want a reconciliation with her if at all possible, and brought along his elderly parents, Harry and Jean, who were driven in a town car from their Long Island home.

After a 15-minute visit, Brinkley led the caravan out of the estate in her tan Lexus SUV, but did not comment on what had transpired.

An hour later, Brinkley returned to the house with 20-year-old daughter Alexa Ray Joel (whose father is Brinkley's ex-husband, Billy Joel). Showing she's still upbeat about life, when pulling into her driveway, Brinkley paused and handed the Daily News photographer a box of Popsicles.

"Here, this is a little gift for you. I want you to take this," she said. "It's very, very hot out."

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If Christie Brinkley can't find a good man, the New York Daily News poses, what does that mean for the average American women over age 19?

Does the plight of one of the world's most gorgeous people mean that the rest of the population is even more doomed? Or is this the story of the summer for the opposite reason -- because it bodes well for the rest of womankind?

Christie Brinkley Photo

Yes to both.

Normal-looking women will never have the pool of guys to choose from that Christie had, and probably still will, once she officially discards Peter Cook. And yes, the average woman is luckier for it. For many men, marrying a swimsuit model is a universal goal, up there with reeling in a 20-pound bass. It's a way of proving one's masculinity.

Does the man care if the fish is smart or funny? No. All he cares about is whether he can be seen with it. Then, when that gets old, he can dump her for a cuter, younger fish (Diani Bianchi) who wants to sing and has no idea there's anything wrong with sleeping with married men two and a half times her age to jump-start her career.

The point? The guys who actually go out and pursue models are generally not thinking of these women as individuals. Maybe Brinkley was doomed from the start. Those people who aren't as glamorous, however, know that when a man is interested, it's because of who they are as people. And that means they stand a better chance of being allowed to get older without being cast aside.

In Christie's case, she's not 19 anymore. She's 52. Anyone who finds that to be a detriment (and who actually thinks that Samantha Cole is a better catch, in spite of the fact that she's 23 years younger) is the kind of guy it's best to avoid anyway.

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Peter Cook can beg all he wants, but his scorned, supermodel wife isn't ready to forgive him, the New York Daily News reports.

"She's still very hurt, very shocked. He carried on a two-year affair," a family member said yesterday, laughing at the notion that Christie Brinkley will reconcile with the bastard who cheated on her with a teenage singing aspirant who also happened to be his employee.

  • Diana Bianchi Picture
  • Peter Cook Photo
  • Christie Brinkley Photo

"She has to be careful because they did a prenuptial agreement. She can't say anything bad because the prenup will be broken. It's not in her personality to say anything bad anyway," added the relative, who asked not to be named.

It would be one thing if Cook, 47, was guilty of a meaningless one-night stand. But according to the source, the fact that his philandering was a prolonged, devious relationship with teenage assistant Diana Bianchi is inexcusable to Christie.

"You think when there are kids involved, maybe you can find forgiveness. But this girl [Bianchi] was on TV saying all this stuff about Peter pursuing her. It's really hurtful," the source said. "I can't say for sure what [Brinkley will] do next. But whatever it is, the family will totally support her. I think she'll find love again. Everything is possible. She's very strong."

Cook is now on a public relations offensive, expressing deep regret over his dalliance with Bianchi through his laywer and asking Brinkley, 52, to forgive him. His lawyer Norman Sheresky, says he is in communication with his estranged wife and speaks to their daughter every day. Brinkley gave birth to daughter Sailor Lee in 1998, and her adopted, 11-year-old son from a previous marriage also lives with the couple.

Trish Bergin, a TV news anchor and friend of Cook's, and who once dated Brinkley's ex-husband, Billy Joel, rushed to Cook's defense yesterday.

"Peter is not a cad. He is a good man who made a very bad mistake. I am hopeful they will now be given the privacy to work through this," Bergin said, describing her friend as distraught and remorseful.

Bianchi's lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, called Cook's attempts to rehabilitate his image fine if they are limited to apologies, but warned the Long Island architect about portraying Bianchi untruthfully.

"If he's going to take a position not based in reality or truth, then [Bianchi] may wind up in a position to have to file a lawsuit," Tacopina said, specifically disputing Cook's statement that he never took advantage of Bianchi.

"No one ever said Diana was forced physically. The question is whether or not the advances were welcome and whether she believed there would be collateral consequences if she didn't give in to his advances," Tacopina said. "She was making $12 an hour at a toy store when they met, and she became financially dependent on [her job at Cook's architecture firm]. She was put in a difficult position, one that the law frowns upon."

Tacopina said he had no immediate plans to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against Cook as a result of the sex scandal, but certainly left the door open.

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