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What is this, April?

Lauren Conrad was seen leaving Hyde late Monday night right behind American Idol reject alumnus Chris Richardson. Romance rumors were brewing last Spring when they were spotted together during Chris' 15 minutes of fame.

At the MTV Movie Awards, Lauren Conrad reportedly said that Chris Richardson is a "Very sweet kid, but just a friend of mine... I'm not dating anyone."

Are they dating now? Who knows! But check out these pics of Lauren Conrad and Chris Richardson taken separately last night in and around Hyde.

Lauren Conrad in Maxim

Lauren Conrad. Chris Richardson. Richrad? Lauris? We give up.

Sadly, The Hills was a repeat (lame catch-up show to be exact) last night, so we don't have our usual recap for you. The drama returns next week, though!

Follow the jump for another Lauren Conrad picture of The Hills' leading lady at the club, along with a rare sighting of beautiful, underused co-star Whitney Port!

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Blake Lewis who?

After being linked with her American Idol runner-up romantically, Jordin Sparks appears to be moving on... to his best friend from the show!

The celebrity gossip mill is working overtime on this one, as word is spreading that Sparks has a serious crush on Chris Richardson.

Yes, the same Chris Richardson that almost definitely tanged Lauren Conrad a couple months ago after a night at Les Deux.

TMZ says Jordin and Blake are just friends, but Sparks' family members are trying to keep a handle on her feelings for C-Rich.

After all, girlfriend has a burgeoning career ahead of her, who has time for love?

Just ask the original American Idol about that, as Kelly Clarkson has done less than stellar in the dating department.

Of course, it's hard to say which, if any, of this Idol talk is legitimate.

Blake Lewis was supposedly dating Antonella Barba for a bit, but that was never verified. How cute that former finalist is, however, cannot be denied.

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It was an awkward moment on American Idol this week: two best friends. One goes home. One continues to pursue his dream.

Unfortunately for Chris Richardson, he was forced to pack his bags and exit the FOX reality show stage. But don't feel too bad for him. As the Justin Timberlake look-alike explains, life could be worse ...

How did you and Blake Lewis become close?
It started during Hollywood week. We had a lot in common: music taste and style, loyalty of friendship and common interests.

How did you feel about the producers pitching you against Blake since they know you two are such good friends?
They have to make a good show. They are smart producers. They know what will get people interested and get people watching.

What were you saying to each other up there?
I was just telling him to go ahead and sit down because I knew I was going home.

What was going on in your head?
Me and Phil came to peace with it and we figured out we were going home... I knew. I think you should go out there hoping for the best. I think everyone knows Blake is my best friend, I was glad he was staying in my place [along with other finalists such as Melinda Doolittle and Jordin Sparks].

You are definitely charming. Are you single?
I just got out of a three-year relationship. That's about it. All the other things [i.e. Lauren Conrad shagging] are just rumors. Other than that I am pretty much right now single but still respecting the fact that I just got out of a relationship.

Are we ever going to see the Blake and Chris variety show?
You will all just have to see!

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At least he'll have more time to spend with Lauren Conrad now.

But he will need to be far away from best friend and cuddling buddy, Blake Lewis.

AI Crew

So it goes for Chris Richardson, one of two contestants voted off American Idol last night. The other was Phil Stacey - but he's bald, scary and hasn't seen Lauren Conrad nude. We can't think of anything to say about him.

With these two eliminated, the competition is down to its final four. Lewis is among them. So are three ladies: Melinda Doolittle, Laskisa Jones and Jordin Sparks (who The Hollywood Gossip staff is grateful to all for voting for).

Despite the fact that Antonella Barba was in the audience Tuesday night, she isn't being invited back onto the stage. Sorry, fellas.

So, who will follow in the footsteps of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood? Our money is on Sparks. Literally.

Until the winner is accounted, though, we'll just be thankful we aren't engaged to Tameka Foster. Sounds like that would suck.

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Past celebrity look-alikes may have been a stretch. In fact, we apologize to Jay Leno for the comparison to Rumer Willis.

But the any fan of American Idol could've seen the following comparison coming weeks ago.


After all, judge Randy Jackson compared Chris Richardson to a famous pop singer on the very first day he auditioned. Which one?

The man who has been bringing sexy back like it's his job, Justin Timberlake. Check out the photos below to get an idea of where American Idol's resident dawg would've come up with this idea:

Easy to see the similarities, isn't it? And we haven't even gotten to the same smooth stylings of C-Rich and JT yet.

Perhaps Lauren Conrad thought she was going home with Timberlake when she snagged Richardson a few weeks ago.

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As if the love life of American Idol contestant Chris Richardson hasn't been talked about enough.

First, he was rumored to be an expert on Alaina Alexander nude ... if you know what we mean.

Finale Trio

Then, talk of at least a one-night stand with The Hills hottie, Lauren Conrad, was prevalent after these two were spotted outside a night club together.

And now? It looks as though Richardson has found comfort in a fellow Idol hopeful, Blake Lewis.

Granted, it's possible this picture was actually photoshopped to just appear as though these two singers were as tight as Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag - but is it so hard to believe that a couple of males might also just cuddle up for warmth from time to time?

That being said, we'd have chosen Haley Scarnato over Blake for such a purpose, Chris. To each his own, though.

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Chris Richardson.

The hot American Idol contestant is already rumored to have seen fellow singer Alaina Alexander nude, remember.

Lauren Shows Her Stripes

Now, there may be a new reality romance brewing for C-Rich away from the Idol set.

TMZ peeps caught Richardson and MTV reality TV star Lauren Conrad in the middle of a hard core flirting session with outside L.A.'s hot club Les Deux Friday night.

Moments before the two hooked up, Lauren was spotted solo on her cell outside the club, playfully telling whoever was on the other line (presumably the weak Justin Timberlake knock-off), "I'm so mad at you right now, hurry up!"

Moments later, one of the final remaining male hopefuls on American Idol arrived, much to the delight of the giddy blonde cutie.

Well, there may not be a Lauren Conrad sex tape in existence, but from the looks of things, these two appear to be hitting it off. They were flirting real hard.

Oh boy. Jason Wahler can only sit back, dream of his ex-girlfriend and vow revenge against Chris Richardson from the cold, dank confines of his jail cell.

Once they met up, Lauren Conrad and Chris Richardson were then ushered into Les Deux, bypassing the huge line outside, where more people recognized The Hills star than the Idol crooner.

Which isn't altogether surprising. Would you rather be seen at the club with Heidi Montag and her new fake boobs or with Blake Lewis' phat beats? Enough said.

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Looks like readers of The Hollywood Gossip may not be the only ones to have seen Alaina Alexander nude recently.

The sexy American Idol castoff top ten finalist Chris Richardson may have sparked more than just a friendship on the show, if reports from are to be believed.

An inside source revealed that the pair "hit it off instantly," and even after the busty songstress was voted off American Idol, their relationship is afloat.

The spy said that what these two share is "beyond just friends." That would certainly help explain why Alaina has a picture of herself and Richardson on her MySpace page.

Also adding fuel to the romance rumors: last week when FOX panned the audience to show Richardson's adoring friends and family, Alaina just happened to be in the crew. While it's obvious this beauty is after Antonella Barba-like attention, it's also likely her appearance in the crowd was in support of C-Rich.

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