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Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe is putting the team on blast for his release, saying his vocal support of pro-gay causes is why he was cut.

Ever since he was let go after the 2012 season, he's been asked if he feels his outspokenness on marriage equality was the reason, or one of them.

He said he wasn't sure, as he wasn't present in those management meetings, but said he'd write about his experiences with the Vikings someday.

Thursday was that day. Kluwe wrote for Deadspin a piece titled "I Was An NFL Player Until I Was Fired By Two Cowards And A Bigot," and it's compelling.

Kluwe, 32 is straight, and married. No active NFL player has come out, as we know from the recent Aaron Rodgers gay rumors (which Rodgers denied).

But Kluwe believes strongly in gay rights, and says it cost him his career.

"I honestly don't know if my activism was the reason I got fired," Kluwe writes, looking back at the events. "However, I'm pretty confident it was."

He blames a trio of "cowards, former coach Leslie Frazier, general manager Rick Spielman and special teams coach Mike Priefer, for the dismissal.

Kluwe also writes that he wants to make sure Priefer never gets another coaching job again. Here are some of the accusations made by Kluwe:

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