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So often embroiled in controversy, Chris Brown is making headlines Monday morning for the reason he'd like - his performance at MTV's Video Music Awards.

Dressed in a white formal suit, the performer gyrated to "Yeah 3X," then further showcased his moves to the 1993 Wu-Tang classic "Protect Ya Neck."

His routine then moved even further back in time with a surprise dance number to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Anybody see that one coming?

Chris Brown finished his performance with his current hit, "Beautiful People," elevating high above the crowd via invisible wires. Peep it below ...

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We reported earlier this summer that a bunch of West Hollywood condo owners believe Chris Brown is the neighbor from hell. Well, that's not all.

The Chris Brown domestic battery case (a.k.a. the Rihanna case) just took a bizarre turn after Chris' neighbors are trying to get him in trouble.

How? They contacted his probation officer over what their West Hollywood condo feud, where residents have complained at length about Chris.

Angry Chris Brown Picture

The neighbors have complained that Chris Brown parks in handicapped spaces, blares music at all hours, races dogs down the hall and vandalizes property.

In court, the prosecutor told the judge that the homeowners association will send a letter to Chris' probation officer, claiming he's violated various laws.

Henceforth, they say, by his conduct in the building, Breezy violated one of the terms of his probation. That term is the simplest of all: to obey all laws.

Chris' lawyer, Mark Geragos, called the biggest complainer "a nut," adding that Chris is a victim of management, who misled him over the parking spots.

Geragos said he's met with the West Hollywood City Attorney, and believes citations Chris received for parking in a handicapped spot will be dismissed.

For now, he's not in any real trouble. But stay tuned there.


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Snap. Chris Brown just got called out hard core by Fox News' Andy Levy, first on Twitter, then in an on-air apology (term used loosely) we've posted below.

After Brown Tweeted last week "No more planking for me unless it's on a sexy lady! Lol," Levy re-Tweeted it, adding "You spelled 'punching' wrong."

Brown responded much like how he responded to Anderson Cooper's swipe this month: "Children conduct themselves better! Much love and success!"

Humbled, Levy then decided to apologize to Brown and Team Breezy on Fox News' late night program Red Eye. Here's his oh-so-sincere mea culpa:

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Chris Brown or Justin Bieber. That is the eternal question.

The musicians, friends, frequent collaborators and mutual lovers of girls, money and fast cars come from different upbringings, but have much in common.

Obsessed fans, for example. Beliebers on one side, Team Breezy on the other. Either army would lay it all down for their man/boy. So THG asks you this:

Who's the hotter star? Cast your vote and be heard now!

And the Winner is?

Who's hotter, Chris Brown or Justin Bieber? Vote! View Poll »

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Chris Brown's F.A.M.E. tour may soon be coming to a city near you!

The singer shared his tour schedule with fans, Tweeting yesterday: “Kicking off the #FameTour with @tpain @kellyrowland @tyga!!!”

Pondering His Next Move

“This tour will allow me to paint a picture musically. I want to bring energy and excitement to the fans. It’s going to be a great show.”

The tour kicks off September 12 and ends October 30.

Chris is a busy guy these days. He's writing songs for Justin Bieber’s and Brandy’s new albums, and even scored a rom-com movie role.

Despite their memorable collaborations, the Bieb won't appear with Chris in concert, it sounds like, but T-Pain and Kelly Rowland will.

His complete list of F.A.M.E. tour dates appears below:

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Deservedly or not, Chris Brown continues to bear the brunt of media scrutiny over an event that took place almost 2.5 years ago now. Case in point:

He got a role in a romantic comedy. Good for him, right? Sure, but Anderson Cooper still took a shot at him and referenced the Rihanna incident.

"Ladies and gentlemen, particularly ladies, Chris Brown has been cast in a movie. And not just any movie, it's a romantic comedy based on a self-help book about relationships," Cooper said recently on CNN's AC 360.

  • That Silver Fox
  • Team Breezy

"And I, for one, can not imagine why this did not happen sooner because if there's one thing you can say about Chris Brown, who's currently on probation for viciously assaulting his then-girlfriend Rihanna, he just oozes romance."


Cooper went on to point out one of Brown's early YouTube apologies to Rihanna and fans as another point of conflict. To Chris' credit, he responded to the CNN anchor's comments on Twitter in the best possible way.

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Justin Bieber and Chris Brown have teamed up once again. This time, though, the duo has left the cheesy world of "Next 2 You" behind and focused on what's really important:

Girls, money and fast cars!

“My bad, I’m sorry, I’m double-parked, Yeah, that’s my Bugatti," Brown raps in "Ladies Love Me," sampled below, to which Bieber responds: “Baby, I’m not crazy, I got swag like Patrick Swayze."

The track will be included on Brown’s new, rap-based album "Boy in Detention." Give it a listen now:



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How can you hate from outside the club / You can't even get in!

Yellow model chick / Yellow bottle sipping / Yellow Lamborghini / Yellow top missing / Yeah, yeah / That s--t look like a toupee

I get what you get in 10 years, in two days / Ladies love me, I'm on my Cool J / If you get what I get, what would you say?

Most kids don't sport a vocabulary as hip as this, but that's what makes three-year-old Jayden so ... smart? Fly? Gangsta? Poorly-raised?

It's hard to say. Watch the youngster Chris Brown's hit song "Look at Me Now" in mid-grilled cheese below and decide for yourself ...

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Chris Brown is hitting back at allegations that he's the neighbor from hell, saying peeps in his building are trying to smear him and make him look bad.

Specifically, he claims one of his neighbors scratched the initials "C.B." into an elevator in an effort to make the singer look like a "reckless punk."

Chris' West Hollywood neighbors are not fans, complaining to the manager about noise, parking violations and the aforementioned vandalism.

Now, Brown has FIRED BACK on his Twitter page.

C. Brown Photo

"My neighbor carves my name in our elevator to incriminate me so it looks like I'm a reckless 22 your [sic] old," the star writes.

As for photos showing Brown parking in handicapped spaces, Brown says, "My parking spaces in my building that were assigned to me when I [bought] this crib are now painted over with handicap and no Parking signs."

His lawyer echoed this sentiment earlier in the week, saying the spaces are clearly Brown's and that he is taking legal action.

"A person should be able to live in his or her own company of their house!" Brown adds, pleading once again for the haters to leave him alone. "I'm barely even home so these stories and accusations are so childish!"

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In yesterday's THG Caption Contest, we asked you to come up with the best one for this photo of Chris Brown and Justin Bieber outside the studio.

Our winner is Keri. Nice work! The winning entry appears below.

Honorable mentions go out to E and molly. Thanks to all of you for playing as always, and best of luck in THG's Caption Contest next time.

Chris Brown, Justin Bieber Pic

Justin: Dude, Rebecca Black just asked me to do a song with her. I may "Never Say Never," but I told her never EVER ever!
Chris: Ohhh, PWNED!

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