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Michael Jackson's daughter Paris is in love with Chris Brown, and the singer was more than willing to return the love last night at his L.A. concert.

Chris, a devout fan of the King of Pop, made sure his 13-year-old daughter got nothing short of the VIP  treatment when she came to see him live.

Once Chris learned Jackson would be attending, he invited Paris to the pre-show soundcheck, where he greeted her with a giant, friendly hug.

  • Chris Brown Rocks Out
  • Paris J. Pic

Nice to see Chris hook up one of his biggest fans.

After the warm up and meeting Chris, Paris Jackson made her way to her front row seat with her friends and rocked out to the sold-out show.

A ton of other stars were on hand to watch Brown rock the house, including Jamie Foxx, Damon Wayans, Sean Kingston and Kendall Jenner.

Safe to say Team Breezy was in the house.


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It's good to be Chris Brown right now.

Team Breezy has his back. Karrueche Tran is not pregnant. Even Rihanna says she's a fan. And the BET Hip Hop Awards just bestowed three honors upon him.

Most notably, Chris won Best Hip-Hop Video for "Look at Me Now." Brown was on tour and not present, but Tweeted: "Thank you BET but most of all TeamBreezy!"

Breezy Live

The show, hosted by Mike Epps and MC'd by Da Brat (yep, she's still around) opened up with a performance by T.I. (no word if the party bus took him there).

Wiz Khalifa, Heavy D and Tyrese, Rick Ross and the Maybach Music Group, Big Sean and even DMX alongside Swizz Beatz hit the stage and rocked the crowd.

Lupe Fiasco also took the mic and gave a political performance (big surprise) with a mysteriously masked female vocalist who turned out to be ... Erykah Badu.

Follow the jump for a list of BET Hip Hop Award winners:

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Rumors are circulating that Chris Brown is banned from the UK and thus unable to perform at the Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales this past weekend.

Not so fast.

Brown's rep says his criminal record played no role in his non-appearance and that rumors he was "banned" are simply false. So why didn't he perform then?

Chris B. Pic

He was invited. What got in the way was a simple scheduling conflict.

"His previously booked domestic F.A.M.E. tour dates didn’t allow him to accept the honor and therefore he never planned to go to the UK," said Brown's rep.

The rep reiterated to TMZ a second time that "He was not banned."

Brown spent the weekend performing in Tampa, Charlotte and Virginia Beach, dates that had been scheduled before he was asked to join the Jackson show.

In other fake Chris news, Karrueche Tran is not pregnant, either!

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Karrueche Tran is not pregnant.

Chris Brown took to Twitter to make sure his fans know that the rumor about his model girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, being knocked up with his baby are totes false.

But they are dating, for sure!

  • Karrueche Tran Picture
  • Chris Brown Topless

Karrueche Tran is Chris Brown's boo, but not his baby mama. Yet.

"And so we are clear @Karrueche is not pregnant!!! Lol," the singer wrote, about an hour after encouraging haters who don't like his new video to "EAT A D--K!"

Probably good he won't be raising kids yet.

The "2 Young to Give a F--k" singer's F.A.M.E. tour stopped in Indianapolis Sunday night, where Brown took a spill. He recounted that incident on Twitter as well:

"Bust my Azz on stage last night! Hella rain but we had a great time!!!! Damn near broke my arm! Lol," Chris said of his "Beautiful People" tumble.


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Giving the city of Indianapolis something to cheer about amid another Colts loss, Chris Brown went down hard during a rendition of "Beautiful People" Sunday.

Unlike his image, which never fully seemed to recover following the whole incident with Rihanna a few years back, Chris bounced back instantly this time.

It really is pretty impressive how he falls and how quickly he goes right on with it.

Keep grindin' it out, Breezy. Keep your eye out after the three-minute mark ...

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Chris Brown made good on his promise to reward the fan who returned his $22,000 watch. An Ohio girl named Alisha got the VIP treatment last night!

Team Breezy rolled through the fan's hometown of Cincinnati, where he gave her two great seats to his concert at the city's Riverbend Music Center.

Chris also met with Alisha to thank her, then invited her to hang with him and his entourage before the show and signed a picture for good measure.

Chris Brown Sings

Good thing he didn't lose that gold wrist thingy.

If you missed it, Chris accidentally tossed the diamond-encrusted Rolex into the crowd at the MTV VMAs last month during his ree-diculous performance.

Incredibly, it landed in the lap of an honest person. Alisha ended up with the thing, then amazingly came forward and gave it back to Brown's bouncer.

Good to see her do the right thing, and that Chris treated her to a heckuva time as a result. Keep your eye out and you can see it go flying here:

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Chris Brown just scored a win in the case against his neighbors.

The controversial singer had a whopping 95 (out of 117) parking tickets he accrued in recent months dismissed, saving him at least $15,000 in fines.

Brown was ticketed time and again for parking in what appeared to be handicapped spaces at his condo. But he wasn't being that guy - face it, we've all thought about it ... they get all the best spots! - the spots were deeded to Chris.


Sources at the City of West Hollywood confirm that the spaces were in fact assigned to Chris' apartment from the beginning, which Brown had maintained.

Chris may or may not be the neighbor from hell, but he wasn't doing anything wrong by parking there, and 95 infractions for doing so were tossed out.

He still has some work ahead of him, however.

Sources say "22 citations remain open” for other parking offenses, and his neighbors are still trying to get his probation revoked for his conduct.


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Chris Brown is surprised, impressed and eternally grateful to the female fan who somehow returned the $22,000 Rolex he lost during his acrobatic VMA routine.

The singer's performance was so energetic, the crowd erupted (everyone except Jay-Z at least). But Brown inadvertently flung his watch into the seats.

Chris' bodyguard went looking for it afterward, and shockingly, someone turned it in. Now Chris wants to reward that honest fan with the VIP treatment!

The watch apparently got lost within the first minute of his routine.

Brown's rep said that unfortunately, Chris' bodyguard didn't get the name of the girl who returned the watch, but are hoping she will now contact them.

Chris wants to personally thank and express his gratitude for her returning the piece with some tickets and backstage passes to his new "F.A.M.E." tour.

Sometimes, it pays to be honest. And a member of Team Breezy.

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Chris Brown's VMA performance was, by all accounts, one of the highlights of the night, and one that left most people in the crowd on their feet.

Jay-Z is not most people, however.

Everyone from Kanye West to Justin Bieber stood up and cheered, but Jay-Z just sat there expressionless, not even smiling as Brown did his thing.

Of course, Jay has other things on his mind - what with Beyonce pregnant and all - but he remains tight with Rihanna, a singer he made famous.

Think his decision not to applaud (around the one-minute mark) was motivated by some lingering animosity? Or is Jay just too cool? Or maybe tired? You tell us ...

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So often embroiled in controversy, Chris Brown is making headlines Monday morning for the reason he'd like - his performance at MTV's Video Music Awards.

Dressed in a white formal suit, the performer gyrated to "Yeah 3X," then further showcased his moves to the 1993 Wu-Tang classic "Protect Ya Neck."

His routine then moved even further back in time with a surprise dance number to Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Anybody see that one coming?

Chris Brown finished his performance with his current hit, "Beautiful People," elevating high above the crowd via invisible wires. Peep it below ...