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News producer turned comedy writer Jenny Johnson makes fun of Chris Brown on Twitter a lot ... and earned a vulgar, sexist response from the singer.

Johnson has had a field day with Brown for years, but it wasn't until she tweeted a response to one of his musings Sunday that she got his attention.

Chris Brown, Champagne

Chris wrote, "I look old as fuck! I'm only 23..." Johnson re-tweeted that with the comment: "I know! Being a worthless piece of sh!t can really age a person."

Brown responded in typical fashion ... hurling sexual, graphic insults at Johnson. See below:

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Rihanna's relationship with Chris Brown continues to make headlines thanks to the former's own activity on social media. "Nobody's Business" or everyone's?

On Saturday, she shared an Instagram photo of her "lover" lying shirtless in bed. Brown's many tattoos and Bart Simpson jacket are clearly visible.

Chris Brown Shirtless in Bed

The two have spent a lot of time together recently, in and out of bed. She boarded a private plane to jet to Berlin, Germany, for Brown's Thursday concert.

"All alone in my big ole jet!!! See u soon lover," she tweeted en route to the European city, where she spent Thanksgiving with her "lover" and went clubbing.

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It's been a good Thanksgiving for Chris Brown.

The polarizing singer spent the actual holiday hooking up with Rihanna, and then awake this morning to positive legal news:

Neither he nor Drake will face any charges for a brawl that broke out in a NYC nightclub this summer between their entourages.

  • Chris Brown Shirtless Photo
  • Drake in Concert

According to TMZ insiders, the investigation into the bottle-throwing fight that broke out on June 14 is complete - and there is no evidence to charge Brown, Drake or anyone associated with either singer.

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They are clearly doing a lot more than just collaborating on music these days.

On Wednesday afternoon, following her controversial 777 tour, Rihanna Tweeted a photo of herself alone on a private plane, accompanying the image with the following caption:

All alone in my big ole jet!!! See u soon lover.

Rihanna 777 Tour Pic

The destination of the flight? Berlin, Germany. The act performing in that city yesterday as part of his Carpe Diem Tour?

Chris Brown.

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Happy Thanksgiving to all from The Hollywood Gossip!

What would this holiday be without family, food, football and reflection upon the things we appreciate most ... in the case of THG, that means turkeys of a different sort.

On this 22nd of November, we're paying tribute to stars we had the honor and the burden of covering in 2012. We are talking fowl individuals here ... real bird brains.

Without further ado, THG's Top 10 Turkeys of 2012 ...

Spencer Pratt is a Turkey

Who will win the Sixth Annual Spencer Pratt Thanksgiving Turkey Award!?

10. Mitt Romney and Courtney Stodden (tie). One's a relentless fame whore married to a man three times her age. The other cost himself a good shot at the presidency thanks to 47 percent-style gaffes and never deciding what kind of candidate he felt like being. Really, we just wanted to make web history with the first-ever use of Mitt Romney and Courtney Stodden in the same sentence.

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Whether or not he's been thrusting on top of Rihanna is open for debate, but Chris Brown's career continues to thrust upward into the musical stratosphere.

Love him or hate him, there's no bigger name in R&B today.

Fittingly, he took the stage at the 2012 AMAs, an event whose nominees and performers were determined by popularity. Chris teamed up with Swizz Beatz and Ludacris.

Watch below and see what you think of the trio's "Everybody Birthday":

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Chris Brown and Rihanna would like you to know what whatever their relationship may have been, or may become in the future, it is nobody's business.

"Nobody's Business" but mine and my baby's, to be specific.

Just last week, the duo's musical collaboration on her upcoming album was teased (and erroneously titled "Nobodies Business"). Now the full song is here:

The Michael Jackson-inspired tune off Rih's Unapologetic has a disco feel and a catchy beat. Speaking of beat ... never mind, that's nobody's business.

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Chris Brown is embarking on a new phase of his career.

The controversial, 23-year-old singer signed a modeling contract with Wilhelmina, WWD reports, in hopes of landing new fashion and beauty endorsements.

Chris Brown Modeling

"Art and style has always played a significant role in my life; it's evolved with me throughout my career," Brown said of his new gig in a statement.

Three years after assaulting then-GF Rihanna, and despite a string of questionable actions since, Breezy is considered a marketable brand these days.

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Rihanna claims in a new interview that she is "not together" with former boyfriend and "Nobodies Business" collaborator Chris Brown, despite reports to the contrary.

  • Rihanna at VS Fashion Show
  • Chris Brown Yo

The pop star was speaking to Andy Cohen on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live when he asked outright if they were dating. She said simply: "No. Not together."

Of course, as T-Boz notes, that doesn't mean she's not ... forget it.

Rihanna wouldn't divulge many details, but did address the issue indirectly by talking about the controversial duet with Brown on her new album Unapologetic.

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Posters featuring Rihanna's battered face have been plastered around Stockholm, Sweden, protesting Chris Brown's concert in the city November 19.

Point, Stockholm:

Rihanna Beaten Face Poster

The posters feature the Rihanna photos taken by police after Brown's 2009 arrest for felony domestic violence. It's not known who is responsible for the "advertisements."

The objective, clearly, is to compel concert organizers to cancel Brown's show because of his violent past; this is not the first such opposition he's encountered.

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